Yes, please.

I’m composing this post at 8:00 Thursday evening…
No, I still haven’t gotten dressed for the day,
No, I still haven’t brushed my teeth for the day,
Yes, I’m deliriously tired from feeding baby at all hours of the night (not complaining),
and yes, I used the 10 minutes of free time I’ve had today to look at other people’s blogs.

Sorry to repost something you may have already seen in blog-land but this kitchen has taken ahold of me. The skylight, the mirrors, the chandy, I want it all in my next home.

Found it via Gorgeous Shiny Things.


  1. I love it!! I love kitchens that are bright and inviting like that one–amazing!

  2. The kitchen is great! Now on to you….Hang in there! I have had those not brushing teeth until way late days, it does get better, as you already know!!!

  3. it was new to me and I saved it to my files for my dream house

  4. That is a beautiful room. I’ve been where you are, hang in there girl and try and get some rest.

  5. Here’s to things getting better for you! Happy weekend!

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  7. The designer’s name is Sera Hersham Loftus – I had to get out a magnifying glass to see it! She uses middle influence in most of her designs. I also found out what the window covering panels are called – mousharbia. Want them, need them, gotta get them.

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