Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.

It’s no suprise I’m in love with this Recycled Aluminum Table.
I’ve only blogged about my obsession half a dozen times.

I first saw it at Pottery Barn, sadly, no longer available.
Way outta my price range and a definite irresponsible purchase anyway.

Then a few other retailers carried similar versions including this lovely from Z Gallerie.

I had heard urban legends that they were popping up all over the country at various discount stores. I visited and called them all. My investigation would always come up cold.

Today I was browsing Tuesday Morning and ran smack in to these:

I’m pretty sure they are the Pottery Barn versions.
What are the chances that there were two?

It’s a great markdown but I still couldn’t pull the trigger.
I know I will do “Woulda, coulda, shoulda” on myself tomorrow…and then, they’ll be gone.


  1. eek! those are really cute! do you have a spot for them?

  2. I know what you mean about the price, but those tables are supppppppper cute, almost like you won’t find them anytime soon again. I think that I would have purchased them.

  3. I just saw three at my local homegoods for $20 each. Keep looking, you’ll find them.

  4. They are beautiful. I might pull the trigger on one and look for a related but, not twin for the same room. I love it though.

  5. Found similar ones on amazon

  6. Valeria,
    Great tip. And two together…lovely.
    Thank you!

  7. Would you believe I saw these at TJ Maxx last year for clearance $49.99 I did not know anyone that needed it but knew it was a great deal. Maybe that will happen again, keep your eyes open at Tj’s Good luck, they are really cool.Kathysue

  8. Really, really pretty! I once found a Pottery Barn floor sample chair being sold for $400, and I thought the price was way too high. I just couldn’t get the amazing print and lines out of my head, so I went back and it had been sold. Shoulda coulda woulda!!

  9. don’t do it! homegoods has it cheaper per the posts above. It’s true, they’re out there. good luck!

  10. Karen (http://www.petiteflower.wordpress.com) says:

    I agree with your decision not to buy. The tables are beautiful but would you still be happy with them if you clunked down $150 for each one? That thought might have taken the shine off.Who knows, maybe they will still be there and get marked down later. You could always find a simiarly shaped table and spray paint it a shiny aluminum. Temporary fix until the real thing goes on sale!

  11. Those are really neat.

  12. Haha…or if you’re like me, you’re going to think about it all night long and and wonder how much better life would be with [insert desired item here]. Then I’ll buy them, claim that I am now truly happy, and three weeks later I’ll see them for an even cheaper price. Such is my life.

  13. the comment julia made is so my life. good thing you passed, you’ll find them cheaper and love them even more!

  14. I also saw some at homegoods and on clearance at Z gallerie.

  15. Love the tables! But still WAY too pricey for me!

  16. Ah! Love them-great mark down-but yea, still hurts :) I always do the woulda-coulda-shoulda but didnt bit!

  17. It is still a lot cheaper than PB, but I’ve seen them for less at TJ Maxx. Maybe let them know you are wanting some and they can call you if they come in? Or go ahead and buy them but keep the receipt so you can look around to find them for cheaper. Good luck!

  18. Phillips Furniture used to sell them for $48 ea. I went to their website and they are no longer there. But maybe they have them in a store that will ship them to you. http://www.phillipsfurniture.com/contact.php

  19. augh i have the next day anxiety for you!

    just came across your blog. obsessed. (like everyone else.)

    you’ve made me frantically search craigslist for an old antiquey dresser to paint yellow. Ill thank you for that.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Go back and buy them!!!!!!! you must!


  21. I’ve seen are very similar version at Tj Maxx! Just just never know, I hope the one near you has them :)

  22. I love these!

  23. a lady behind me in line at tuesday morning was buying 2 yesterday and she asked if she could get a discount for the (verrrry minor) scratches that were on them–and they cut them another 30%. so if there are any scratches and you really want em, you may want to ask. (just tell them they discounted them in SC, so they should for you, too!) :-)

  24. I did the same thing with a smaller version of those tables that I found at a TJMaxx for $50 a piece. Dragged them all the way to the checkout and back. Finally bought them.

  25. Diese Tische sind schön, ich wurde die kaufen 😉 margaretha

  26. I love this table, too, and recently saw them at my TJMaxx for $75. I feel your pain, though. Even at that price, I just couldn’t do it for a small accent table. . . Maybe I’m too practical.

  27. test.

  28. I love that table. I just found it at Homegoods in Sacramento two weeks ago and blogged about it here: http://thedesignrn.blogspot.com/2010/07/homegoods-shopping.html

    It was only $49.99!

  29. Did you have any luck finding it?!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I found a few of these in one of the Houston Homegoods store for $19.99 each. I think I might go back and get them!

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