What’s on our chalkboard this month?

I’m getting a jump on the Valentine’s spirit and have decorated our chalkboards with a little love.

I found this great Valentine printable over at Nest of Poises that was too cute to pass up.  So I quickly printed it up on a transparency and used my overhead projector to transpose it on to my chalkboard where I traced it.




I then made up another one for our outside chalkboard.


You can view our other chalkboard projects using an overhead projector here and here. If you remember I scored my overhead projector at a school auction.  A friend remarked that she wished she had one too so I was able to score another one for her.  In my haste, I thought I was buying one but I bought 4.  Oye.  Read the fine print!  Anyway, if you’d like to buy one I’ve got 4 for sale at $20. – $25. each (these babies go for $250.-$450. at office supply stores).  Local pick up only (Salt Lake City) at this time. (ALL SOLD).



  1. Where is local? I have been looking for one.

  2. ohmygoodness! this is fabulous! what a great idea. wished i lived in the area, i would take one of those babies off your hands.

    thanks for the shout out!!!


  3. I love your outdoor chalkboard. Can i ask what you used to hang the board with? I am trying to recreate this but can’t tell what type of bracket you used to secure the rope to.
    Kari B.

  4. How do you print onto transparencies?

    • Just like you would print on paper with your printer. Just stick the transparency in your printer and print. You can also email your file to some place like Kinkos and they’ll print it for you. Hope that helps! :)

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