Weight off my shoulders.

This is about how my hair story goes always goes…
It’s short then I want it long, it’s long then I want it short, I go through some life blah’s so I dye it a different color.
I’ve experimented a lot with my hair over the years. I even cut it just like Demi Moore after I saw her in Ghost (big mistake).


Over the past couple of years, Pinterest made me dream of long hair with beautiful thick curls.  Little did I realize how long it actually took to curl all that hair which my four men highly protested.  As a result, 26 days of the month it was in a ponytail.

This is my attempt at a selfie…a very bad action selfie, totally blurry, bad lighting, which I obviously haven’t mastered.  But oh that hair.  (I’m missing it slightly).


Goodbye long hair.


It’s all gone.
It took a few days to adjust but I’m over the shock an so glad for the much needed change (thank you Rachel).
(BTW, did you see our new counter and faucet are in?…another other much needed change).
The good thing about hair is it always grows back (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).


Some have asked if I donated my cut hair. Locks of Love accepts hair that has been colored but not highlighted/bleached which my hair had been so I wasn’t able to donate it.  You can read all of Locks of Love hair requirements here.

Later addition: There are several hair donation organizations that all have different regulations for donating hair.  You can check in to:
Children With Hair Loss.

Wigs for Kids.


  1. Love the haircut. I’m feeling a little bit of the itch myself!
    Bathroom looks great!

  2. I just cut mine in a similar style 2 weeks ago. Is that your natural curl?

  3. i’ve been growing out my hair pretty much since i started dating my (now) fiance six years ago…we’re getting married in 11 days and i cannot wait to cut my hair off! i might even do it on the honeymoon…i’m that anxious to cut my hair! yours looks fantastic and is really pushing me to cut it off! =)

  4. Awww..you’e cute & your hair must grow fast…cuz that it super long!!!! Looks good either way.

  5. Love the new cut.

    Try this for your wavy hair. I love it.

    John Frieda Frizz-Ease Style Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray


  6. fijiangirl says:

    beautiful cut & style! for future reference Pantene hair products has a program similar to locks of love but they are a little more lenient on their requirements. When my daughter made her donation to locks of love I sent mine to Beautiful Lengths


  7. Wow – the new style really suits you! Makes me want to go get my hair done.

  8. I totally understand the back and forth! My hair has been short the last few years and I’m ready for it to be longer! You look great – your cut is adorable.

  9. Sooooo chic!!!!!!!! Looks awesome!

  10. Dangit! There’s a group that takes processed hair in good condition called Children with Hair Loss. I donated mine in January. Next time you can give it to them! http://www.childrenwithhairloss.us

  11. We’ve also used Pantene Beautiful Lengths and love them. I have some concerns about donating to Locks of Love after reading news like this: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/locks-love-accused-failing-account-million-hair/story?id=19192601 That said, your hair is darling and I love the new look!

  12. I like your hair short!! I was always thrown because your bio picture on your blog you have short hair then I would see you on Studio 5 w/ long long hair…and it always made me do a double take. Cute hair either way, but I am on the short hair team!!

    • Heather, Thank you for your kind words. I’m loving the short do again. You’d think after all those years I would change that profile picture! As soon as I change the “Happy Valentine’s Day” chalkboard sign on my front porch I’ll get a new headshot taken. :) Thanks gal.

  13. Love love love it!!! I’m in the same hair boat as you – if it’s short, I dream of it long. If it’s long, I dream of short hair! I’m currently in the loooooong stage. I haven’t cut it in over a year (eek – it needs a trim so badly!), and after my brother’s wedding in August, I’m dreaming of whacking it all off. In the meantime, I’m going to ogle your beautiful new ‘do. It’s such a flattering look for you! I love the curls.

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