Two tone painted bench.

Over a year ago I found this little bench at a consignment store and brought him home with me.

It’s one of those little treasures that is completely beat up and rough around the edges but has tons of character.
The weather was finally warm enough and kiddos were occupied with the sprinkler and popsicles so I gave it a rough sand.


I ran inside to get a few supplies and came back out to witness my little man serenading the neighbor girl on the bench with a song so off key yet so innocently sweet.

4men1ladyShe didn’t seem to mind.

Back to business…


I gave the whole bench a quick one over with my Mouse Sander.  My plan was to do a two tone effect with partial stain and partial paint.  I paid special attention on stripping the legs as much as possible so I had a semi-clean slate to apply the stain.

I applied some stain with a rag to the legs and let dry.  I must have been in the zone because I completely forgot to take a picture of the next step which was taping a level line with Frog Tape to mark off where I wanted to paint. I’m sure you get the idea.

I then used a cheap, throw away brush to apply a coat of white glossy oil based paint.


The benefit of using oil based paint is that is has a tendency self level really well and leaves you with a pretty even surface.


IMG_2416 logo


Click to see instructions on building the shelf with hooks.
Click to see instructions on cement planters.


  1. A little girl hit Benjamin in the head with her lunch box at school yesterday. He walked away, no big deal (he does have BROTHERS), but it bled all over the back of his shirt. He didn’t notice, but the other kids did. Into the nurse’s office, call to home, and all he was thinking was that he was missing his “cast party” (they had a performance the night before). He said this little girl hits him all the time….Singing to your friends is much more appealing…..That little guy is the cutest ever.

  2. sAILINI KING says:

    Bodie, you are so precious – love you tons, Gramma

  3. In love with your post twice today–one for the cutest little boy–and one for the cutest little bench! I really like the look of the white paint with the stain. You are always so creative!

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