Treasure Hunting Tuesday – Etsy Art.

I told you about my gallery wall conundrum yesterday. I think part of my problem is that I don’t have a huge collection of art to choose from.  I want the wall to be an eclectic mix of color pieces of art and photos but it’s hard to find pieces that are also affordable.  I’ve been combing galleries and the internet searching for art…way out of the price range I’d like to spend.  Then last week I happened upon Etsy.  Duh! Of course, Etsy is a huge treasure chest of all kinds of art.  I hate to admit I’ve spent way too much time shopping for art on Etsy but here’s a few pieces that I’ve fallen in love with…
Blank Doc for Picmonkey1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Do you have any favorite artists that I must check out?

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  1. Hi I subscribe to ‘Hard to FInd’ and today this dropped into my mail……

    thought you might like to look. No affiliation . just coincidence…..
    You are so brave in your decorating choices. I admire that!

  2. I am a little in love with the indigo deer….. He looks like he has something he wants to contribute to the room ………

  3. Hi Michelle. I love your choices, especially # 5. I actually did a post on finding low priced art on my (little) blog not too long ago. Along with etsy, I’ve found a few more sources, like 20×200.

  4. Hi, love your choices! I usually purchase my wall art from Hard to find and Redbubble. I live in Australia so my postage options may be differant but they are worth checking out…. Love Redbubble!

  5. Nice choice. Yes, I have my favorite artist too :) check Yuri Pysar´s etsy shop

  6. Hi all! I just pop in your blog, travelling around pinterest. I recognized some of the artworks you have chosen because I do treasuries in etsy everyday. Seing your art-taste I think you may like my work

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