Treasure hunting Tuesday – Art supply holder.

While out and about at a consignment shop recently I ran in to this candle holder.
Instead of using it for candles…
So long tattered shoe box that all our crayons, pencils and markers were stored in.
You’ve been replaced.
 This would be a really easy diy project.  
Pick up a block of wood from the hardware store and drill out some deep circle cups. 
Instant art supply center!



  1. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Awesome! My mom has an old sugar mold too, but she’s just using hers for votive candles. :) This is a great idea though!

  3. Really smart and totally beautiful. Function and design!

  4. You have a darling blog and this is a great idea!!!

  5. they sell those at the craft fairs here in the south (arkansas). My mom came out to visit last summer and fell in love with them, so I bought her one. When she got home, there was a “made in mexico” sticker on the bottom! Sad! Such an easy and cute craft that we didn’t DIY simply because she thought it would be fun to have one made by one of my local artisans. LOL!

    She uses hers to hold all the plastic forks, knives, spoons, etc at family gatherings. Cute idea to put art supplies in it!

  6. Um…brilliant!

  7. My daughter sent me a picture of a crayon box similar to this one. She said she’d love this for her boys. I’ve searched Online for more pictures of it but I’m not having any luck. Could you please provide me with other pictures and dimensions and perhaps my husband can construct it.

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