Today on Studio 5.

 Was invited to share the Gentleman’s Tea Party and Living Room reveal on Studio 5 today.


  1. yay! very cool.

  2. Congrats! That’s awesome!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the stripes!
    Lotsa hard work, keep it and enjoy it for awhile before you re-do…..
    I love COLOR and I love the surprise when you walk around the wall. :)

  4. Such a classy lady! Love how your new house is turning out. Can’t wait for more reveals

  5. How funny, I was reading a blog yesterday that mentioned Studio 5, so I clicked the link and on their main page I thought I recognized your boys, but wasn’t sure. Too funny! Now I know it was them. Very cute.

  6. I love white and I love our white living room. I have white sofas, two kids and dog (who will only sleep on the white sofas). I also have slip covers so I can keep them clean. I say, do what you love and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Your home is beautiful.

  7. What a great experience! Congratulations!

  8. Great interview! I LOOOOVEEE your new living room/kitchen/dining – & everything else you do!

  9. Kelly Todd says:

    Great interview and way to stay so composed & classy when your choice of color was challenged (really, why are they challenging you?). It was a pleasure to watch and I look forward to your weekly tips, updates & crafts. Cheers from Indiana!

  10. Awesome show, and I loved your Gentlemen’s Tea Party…seriously, don’t worry too much about what your readers think, it is YOUR home and you can re-do whatever you don’t like any time! I loved that you blogged about it anyway. I made a terrible mistake once with stripes, too! Hahaa!

  11. congratulations on your feature! really loved the gentlemen’s tea party :)

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