The new Windows Phone.

I’ve finally moved in to the 21st century and upgraded my phone from a flip phone with no bells and whistles to a new Window’s Phone that is essentially a mini computer.   Seriously, I’ve been living in the dark ages and just learned to text about a year ago.


One of the things that makes a Window Phone different is you can personalize the color, size and location of the home page tiles to your taste.


You can even set it to pull pics from your Facebook account to use as desktop wallpaper.


Here’s a quick shot of  how I’ve personalized my homepage tiles.


What I love MOST about this phone is that your kids will have their own screen full of their games, music, etc.  Once they are in the “kid’s corner” page they can’t access anything else but their own stuff which means no messing up your settings, “bum” calling people by accident, or mistakingly texting your boss.

I’ve been given the opportunity to review this new Windows Phone so over the next month or so I’ll be sharing all the fun things you can do with one of these babies!

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Windows Phone.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Windows Phone.


  1. I just upgraded from an Iphone to the new windows phone and I love it!! The only thing I really really really miss is that there is no instagram application for it. Isn’t that just odd??? But I love how fast it is compared to the iphone. My instagram is on hiatus (sniffle) until I can figure out something. If you do, let me know.

  2. I upgraded to the iphone 5, from iphone 3 and am happy with it, but the next phone will definitely be the windows phone. I’m also looking forward to getting a second generation windows pad when it eventually comes out.

    ( ps, if this shows up all in caps, then it might be something up with my keyboard)

  3. Studio One says:

    Is this phone really thin and sleek? That’s among my ‘requirements’ – has to be modern thin and sleek. It should still do everything else that the others do – but it also has to look good while doing it…

  4. LOve love love my windows phone!!! I had the version 7 (Nokia 900) and loved it until I killed it, but I just got the HTC 8x last week and I am crazy about it! I love that I can make the small live tiles in addition to the larger ones on my home screen. And it’s just gorgeous. And it takes amazing photos.

    If you haven’t explored ONe note (in your Office app) you should. I get so much satisfaction from checking the boxes on my to-do lists. (Which I also pin to my homescreen.)

    Once Pandora arrives (soon i hope) then my life will be complete.

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