The look for less in a surprising place.

I’ve always loved the little side table sitting next to Tia Zolden on the left of this picture.

(Image via Little Green Notebook).

The other day I went in to Kohl’s for socks and came out with this side table.

Check out how much I paid…

I was also surprised to spot some other chic finds:

The best part is these are all at least 40% off right now.

Kohl’s…who knew?!


  1. Ok…I’m no longer anti-Kohl’s. I’m heading there this afternoon. Thx for the lovely pics…

  2. Michelle,
    you definitely scored. Love the new find (and can’t believe you passed up some of those other diddy’s…or did you?)
    Glad you had your handy camera on alert to pay it forward and tempt us.

    Great going.
    A little bit green with envy.


  3. oh… thank you for sharing, I’m heading there tomorrow for sure, I need that white garden stool!!!!

    Northern Light

  4. That is a great find! I recently found one online at Target for a bit more, but still a fabulous deal in a bronze finish. These small directorie tables are very versatile!

  5. Oh my gosh, I need to get over to Kohl’s. I love this find!

  6. Oh my. It’s so pretty. And the price is unbelievable.

  7. Holy cow. I’m going after work. I have been looking for that table! NICE FINDS!

  8. Love your little table. It is fabulous. What an unreal price. I love the other bargains also. I need to go. Hugs, Marty

  9. the deals you come across (even when not looking!) are insane! love everything… maybe the toddler and i will head there today. 😉

  10. oh boy…i think i may be making a trip to kohl’s today after work! these are some fabulous finds!! thanks for sharing :)

  11. Kohl’s definitely has some surprises up it’s sleeve at times… it’s so fun to stumble across something awesome at a great clearance price!

  12. Love Kohl’s. Especially when I can pair their sale prices with a 30% off coupon.

  13. oh snap! kohls?!?!

  14. I’ve found some great things at Kohls but have never seen those tables! What I really want are those antlers! Headed there today. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Wow! That table is an awesome score!

  16. Are you kidding me!? What a great find! I wish we had a Kohl’s here.. I love the little owln too:)

  17. Kohl’s? Who knew is right! I may have to pay them a visit! great find!!

  18. I haven’t been in a Kohl’s store for years, that all changes today.

  19. Oh wow, what great finds! Love those antlers!

  20. great finds! I love your little side table. I might have to make a trip to kohls now!

  21. OMG. great finds!! Too bad my hubby and I are on this strict shopping budget. Waaah

  22. I believe I have a $50 giftcard burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks for the tip & that table is fab!

  23. We need a Kohls in Canada – stat!

  24. Just thought I’d let you know I’m headed to Khol’s now after seeing this post (instead of studying!). :) Thanks! Hey, I had to peek at which books you had on that new nightstand. Who reads “Leadership and Self-Deception?” EXCELLENT book! 😉

  25. Ohmigosh. Love, love, love!!! I’m also obsessing over that little owl sitting on the table. Perfection.

  26. OMG Michelle, that table is fabulous! I always head straight for the Vera Wang collection at Kohl’s and then leave. Now I’m gonna have to check out the home goods as well…uh oh! LOL.

  27. Drat – no Kohl’s in Canada. Not only do I love your table, I, too am obsessing over your owl!

  28. Oh Goodness, you found such a great deal!! I may just have to run to Kohl’s! I have that same little owl sitting on a stack of books in my living room :)

  29. Omg! I am going to Kohl’s now! haha I need that little while vase; it matches a set of jars I have been collecting!

  30. I too bought one of these tables awhile back from Target. I saw this photo on LGN when she showed the before and after of this living room and was bummed when I saw the designer got rid of the table, to me its one of those classic pieces! I had to laugh when you said Kohl’s was having a sale because some of my girlfriends actually try to get me on the Kohl’s bandwagon by telling me about their sales and haven’t quite caught on Kohl’s is always having a sale! In your case though these are actually great prices. Don’t tell anyone but I may have to scope some of these items out!

  31. Guess where I am heading this weekend!!!

  32. Oh yes Kohls and Stein Mart fabulous decor accessories.

  33. I’m lucky to work about a mile away from a Kohl’s. I saw this, thought ‘early lunch today’, ran over there and am now the happy owner of two of these lovelies. Plus I had a 15% off coupon and it’s Kohl’s cash time.

    THANK YOU so much for posting!

  34. I am sooo disappointed! I Just visited my local Columbus, OH Kohls and they don’t carry the Elle Decor line. Where else can I get this?

  35. Good to know! And there are always coupons for Kohls out there….

  36. Wow, I love the stuff you saw! I feel a strong need to go to Kohl’s… even though we are experiencing a crazy snow/ice situation in Dallas right now…

  37. Zoinks! I haven’t been to Kohl’s in over 5 years. Now I see the error of my ways!

  38. Don’t laugh…I searched all day around C-bus, OH for this table only to be told the ‘Elle Decor’ line is only really avail. on the West coast. So…a nice Arizona store is transferring them to me! Hooray.

  39. Holy Moly, you have to be kidding me. After seeing that photo on LGN, I have been searching CraigsList for a similar side table. Guess who’s heading to Kohl’s tonight? Thanks, Michelle!

  40. I love the table you found! I have a few posts in which I’ve blogged about Kohl’s home decor. They really do have stylish pieces. Check out their seaside decor I posted last month. I updated it for current coupon codes. Here’s the link:

  41. WOW! Kohls that is surprising! Just found your blog and love it!

  42. 84wow! and I’m glad you gave her! because it is beautiful!
    and these markets are great! here in Spain do not know who ELLE something, but inform me, because it really worthwhile.

  43. Looks like I’m make a run to Kohls today. Although I know they wont have it. Lol.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  44. LOVE that table! I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for anything at Kohl’s but I’ve never gotten such a great table their either! Awesome score!

  45. yeah, i had never been to kohls until my mother-in-law took me. their home decoration section is incredible!! always on sale, always great things… love love love it

  46. What a deal! Looks fantastic!

    P.s. I have the same brass owl, looks so good on that table.

  47. So glad I went! They were out of those great tables, unfortunately. I did, however, buy some of the white owls ($5 now!! – – great gifts), an orange artichoke candle holder, and the antlers. 5 items for $30!!

  48. I ran out to Kohls this morning within an hour of reading this post, fully ready to throw some elbows if needed to compete for a single clearance table. To my surprise they had tons! At least 25+! (Gresham, OR store) And what a deal! Thanks for the tip, I love my new table!

  49. I love Kohl’s and have found great deals there!

  50. Omg… I drive all around Atlanta and couldn’t find this beautiful table, PLEASE PLEASE if someone is lucky to find more than one could you please get me one and I will be willing to pay for shipping and extra charge if I need to. I will pay you throug pay pal. PLEASE HELP ME…. I will leave my email address just in case that one of you could help me.
    I hope I’m not doing wrong by posting this here, I’m sorry and I apologize.

  51. NO Waaaaay!
    You STOLE that thing, guuuurl!

  52. I’ve never been to Kohl’s…now I’m going today!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Kohl’s doesn’t advertise it, but they will ship inventory from one store to another.

    Meaning, if you can find a Kohl’s store anywhere nationwide that has this table, you can ask them yo ship it to your local store. It takes a loooooong time (say, 3 months), and when it gets to the local store they’ll call you and when you go to pick it up, that’s when you pay.

    So, for folks that can’t find it locally, if you can find it at a Kohl’s elsewhere, this table could be yours!

    Good luck!

  54. I had no idea Kohl’s carries things like this. It’s my favorite place to buy shoes but I never realized they had more than dishes and comforters in the home section. I will be heading that way at lunch today. Thanks for the tip!


  55. Kohls?! Who knew! Great, great finds!

  56. I bought the same table online for about the same price before Christmas. I think it was $36.00 but I got 20% and free shipping. I am still messing around with where to put it but you can see it in some pictures in this post –

  57. Wow great finds!

  58. I’ll definitely be going to Kohl’s tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up! Oh, and I posted a comment about this on the Young House Love blog since Sherry loves ceramic animals!!

  59. These are some fabulous finds! Thanks for sharing!

  60. After reading this I am going to Kohls this week. Love the table I am in the market for a side table. Thanks for sharing.

  61. I went there this past weekend and wouldn’t you know my kohls didn’t have any of this stuff! Bummer. They had other cute stuff but not on sale. Oh well, maybe next time.

  62. My Kohls in Cali had a stack of tables! I was so excited! Super find!

  63. So I finally made it to Kohl’s last night after reading your post. No such luck … my store bearly had anything. But honestly I never knew they had furniture until this post, so I will keep my eye out. Love that table!

  64. Lauren in Detroit says:

    Hi all, as Anon Feb. 6th said, Kohls will ship this from another store to your store. In the midwest here no stores have this table but the manager at my store found the UPC code for it by looking up Elle Decor on their system, then “metal side table.” She printed me a copy of the tag so if anyone needs the multiple #s off it, comment here and I’ll post it. Then she typed in the store codes for the west coast (I asked her to use Arizona stores but, from the comments here, it sounds like other states have it), and up came the # in stock. Then she called the store and arranged to have them ship it to my store. So don’t give up and if you act fast it can be yours! One last thing: while I’m waiting for it to arrive, can anyone here tell me what the diameter of the top of it is, as well as the height of the table? Thanks again to Michelle for “paying it forward” and sharing this find.

  65. Lauren from Detroit,
    I was searching in metro detroit too… can you share with me how to obtain one of these beauties?! hearttreehome {at} gmail {dot} com.


  66. When I ordered mine from the west coast the store manager asked me about dimensions. Since I didn’t know, when he figured out which table I was talking about he told me it’s 16″ diameter and if I remember correctly 28″ tall. Someone else that might have it in hand can do better, but I know the top dimension is def 16″.

  67. Yes the table is 16″ diameter and 22″ tall….I went and bought two for only around $20 a piece….I got an ADDITIONAL 30% off the sale price for opening a Kohl’s account. It might also be helpful to some readers to know the table comes in a box as there is assembly required. Sadly, I will be returning mine as they are just plain too small to use anywhere in my home. if anyone in Tucson can’t find one, let me know, but soon as I will be returning mine in the next few days.

  68. What?! I didn’t know! Fantastic.

  69. What great finds. My Kohls is hit or miss.

  70. Michelle –

    What a great blog! I’m your newest follower :)

    After seeing this post I RAN over to Kohl’s to see if I could find this table. Ubber bummed, they didn’t :(

    I wanted to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to you! If you’d like to accept, you can visit my post for the award rules here:



  71. Michelle, I love these finds. I always want to purchase them. But I live in an all tile house with a bad dog and 3 mischievous cats. What would be a non- breakable suggestion? It is also a rental, so we can’t put in shelving. Anyone that has advice:

  72. I am heading there now! I have been looking for a table just like it!

  73. Yes, Kohl’s will ship from one store to another (if you’re lucky enough to get someone willing to do it for you), but it takes upwards of 6-8 weeks. I was fortunate to find one (which happened to be the last one apparently in the state) that was a display model, and to sweeten the deal, they gave me an additional 50% off! A table originally priced at $149, on clearance for $29.99, and sold for $15! I’m still tinkering around with where to put it. And for all of you who want the detailed UPC and Style # info, here it is:

    UPC: 0400911055296
    Style#: MIB9108

    Also, if you call Kohl’s online customer service with this information, they will be able to tell you exactly which stores have them in stock. Good luck and happy shopping!

  74. Knight Moves wrote a great post about these (called Campaign Tables) here:

    What a great find! Love how it looks next to your chair.

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