Thanks Erin!

My husband’s 6 siblings are incredibly talented and creative.
You need a new fantastic hairdo? There’s a sibling for that.
You want your yard landscaped? They’ll help you with that too.
You need a Chinese translator? No problem.
And when you need the blog design hookup…Erin is your gal!
She recently whipped up some new buttons for my sidebar.
She also blinged up my post font. There ain’t nutin this girl can’t do.
Chere her out here.


  1. Add to that: if you need someone to transform your home…call Michelle!

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  3. Ditto what TucsonBrowns said! You’re awesome Michelle. Thanks!

  4. I agree…call michelle for home decor…i love those stripes you did…and would love to try that.

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