Oh you beautiful blog banner, your time is up. Don’t think of yourself as being replaced, just a little cosmetic surgery. It will hurt just a little but it will be better when it’s all over, I promise.
Surgeon Erin will take good care of you. In fact she’s already come up with a few updated looks.
Don’t worry, she’s the best in the business, a true artist who will sculpt your new look.


  1. I like the first one with the grey stripes!

  2. I am such a techno idiot! Allie has to do this stuff or it just stays the same! Love the yellow and gray
    xoxo pattie

  3. You should totally do the stripes, it’s your brand! :)

  4. Change is always a good thing if i were to choose it would between the first and second nothing beats yellow and grey combo.. 😉

  5. I’m torn, They all look great.

  6. #2!!

  7. If I were to choose it would be between the first and second. Love the yellow and grey combo. Nr. 1 is my ultimate favourite.

  8. The top one is my favorite!

  9. I like the first one, but I may be a bit bias b/c I have similar stripes on my website

  10. Grey stripes for sure! But use the second to last yellow part with it. I’m liking the update. I just love you! And when am I going to get to see that guest room makeover? I’m dying to see it since I looooooove green. Hurry hurry! 😉

  11. grey stripes for sure!! Love it

  12. Ohhhhh my word. I’m digging the chevron & especially the grey/yellow combo. Can’t wait for the unveiling!

  13. I love the first one. It’s classic looking. Don’t you have similar stripes in your home too?

  14. My vote is #2! I hate the font in #1, it’s SO overused. I love the font on your side bar. The one that they use in Martha Stewart baby magazine. Love it.

  15. The first one reminds me of your house so it’s seem fitting although I am a sucker for green. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  16. i like the first one :o)

  17. Great new look!

  18. Love it!!!!

  19. love the new banner! super cute!

  20. Love the new look! So hip!

  21. I am loving number one but I also love the pink and green that you have right now. Too cool!! Kathysue

  22. i like the new look…but i must say i am still partial to blue and brown…does that mean i am dated?

  23. Love No. 1 — it is you! Also love the font of the wording…but have you seen the mock up with the wording in navy? Might pop more?? Either way, it’s gorgeous!

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