Stylish vents.

 I stopped at Home Depot to pick up a new vent, aka floor register.
This is what I set out to get…a plain-jane, boring, white vent.
To my delight they had several other stylish options.
Where have I been?


  1. Hey, Michelle, I love these vents too, but just FYI, if they are in high traffic areas, they may get bent up quite easily. At least they do in our home. Your house is looking gorgeous by the way.

  2. It goes to show if we as consumers wait long enough the market will start fulfilling our design needs at affordable price points. Kathysue

  3. The vent you chose looks gorgeous. Just this weekend while at a friend’s place, I noticed their fancy looking vents, similar to yours, in their washroom. Makes me want to change all of mine to these much nicer looking ones.

  4. nice!! love it.

  5. I have those ones but in the matte black finish! I replaced all of our floor vents (as they were rusty and had mis-matched finishes). :)

  6. They look wonderful! And I also love the tiles.

  7. Ummm…cute!! Hopefully they have some for the ceiling also, I would love to get some.

  8. great choice!! it looks wonderful with those beautiful times!! LOVE IT!

  9. What a nice surprise! I love it when that happens. The one you picked looks fantastic on your tile floor!

  10. I have these same vents… very nice in low traffic areas but keep them away from chairs… not so nice after that.

  11. Love love that vent picture!!! I’ve come back to your website a few times just to get another dose of the metal, together with the subway tile and the circle/penny tile. Gorgeous!!!! Please hurry -I need to see your whole house very soon. Love so much of what I’ve seen so far!! The entrance light….sigh. :)

  12. Great idea! But do they allow for opening/closing like the standard ones do?

  13. I love the vent that you chose! :) It is very stylish and looks pretty well with your kind of floor. :)

  14. michelle – i just found your site via another blog and i’m loving everything you are doing!!!! great job there, i cant even imagine putting a house together literyally from scratch. my fave has to be those soapstone countertops. while i love the marble, i’ve lusted after some serious soapstone for a while.

    nice to meet you, cant wait to watch more progress :)


  15. That makes me wish my house had floor vents!! Oh, and that tile is to DIE for!

  16. Looks great! Love it.

  17. I just did this the other day thanks to a double pack at Costco. Such a nice touch.

  18. I love it!

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