Oh how I wish I had unlimited funds to play with. I’ve been dreaming of this recycled aluminum table for months now but I’m afraid $99.00 it too steep for something I may tire of next year. Who am I kidding? I highly doubt I could tire of it…I’m just a cheepskate.

My little man and I visited a lumber yard yesterday and picked up this wood stump for a couple of bucks. I spray painted it with a coat of Smoke Gray (Krylon).

My new little side table.

I topped it with a mirror just the right size from Target.


  1. I think it’s really lovely!

  2. Michelle – I absolutely love this! My grandpa makes ones with the stump and then branches for the legs but I really like this one alot too. I may have to head to a lumber yard. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. PERFECTION! It works effortlessly in that room. Adds nature with some chic-ness added. Just like the room. I am TOTALLY stealing this idea, thankyouverymuch!

  4. I love it! Rustic elegance!!

  5. I LOVE it!! I’ve always wanted to do that but I thought the wood had to be specially treated before you brought it into the house. Doesn’t it have bugs in the wood?? I guess the primer seals anything from coming out. I’m so doing this.

  6. i like it! i wonder how it would look if it had some kind of high gloss finish on it?

  7. Genius! I love those stump tables. Never would have occurred to me to visit a lumber yard to make my own. Great idea!

  8. Fabulous. Keep it simple and omit the glass top. Change the color anytime you feel like it. I’d use shiny white!

  9. Hi Michelle, I just started reading your blog. Is there anything you and can of spray can’t tackle! lol It looks great.

  10. Ha! Great job…Janell

  11. Ha! Great job…Janell

  12. Ha! Great job…Janell

  13. Ha! Great job…Janell

  14. Ha! Great job…Janell

  15. Love!! I think the mirror top could be cool if u got it made to size, otherwise u cld leave it out? Or a simple glass top made to siZe at a local glass store? I’ve been meaning to go one to get a custom-made glass top for my drawers – no idea how much money that wld cost, tho…

  16. bovagoods says:

    love it! my dad has a bunch of these stumps out at his farm. i’m bringing some back to SC next time i go. i never thought of painting them. great idea!

  17. LOVE!

  18. perfecto as always.

  19. What a great idea! It’s so earthy and glamorous all at the same time!

  20. Um, genius!

  21. Gorgeous. It looks super spendy.

  22. It’s a perfect ‘manly’ touch for the room. Love it!

  23. Pretty cool…when ya get tired of it, just throw it in the firepalce and be rid of it! I like it.

  24. I like the juxtaposition of the rough texture of the wood with the drapes just behind.

  25. fabulous! Absolutely love it…
    pk @ Room Remix

  26. Love the little bit of rustic! You do the best projects!

  27. You are SO clever! I love it.

    Come do my house?

  28. Thrifty and elegant!


  29. This has got to be one of the most creative side tables that I’ve ever seen—way more unique and stunning than the aluminum one in my opinion—plus you saved a ton of money! I love the nature vibe that it brings. Simply beautiful!


  30. Brilliant! as usual. I’m off to the lumber

  31. Now that’s a price I can get behind. $5 + a little spray paint. Clever, clever.

  32. What a great idea .. you’ll never tire of that one.


  34. I gave you an award (no trophy though, sorry) on my blog. Stop by when you have a chance!

  35. You are so crafty! I am so inspired by your blog. Thank you for sharing all of your projects– they’re all stunning!

  36. This is the best DIY idea ever! I just have to get the hubby to get me a piece of wood! <3

  37. Looks great! Is it kiln dried?
    – Danielle

  38. So cute!! BTW, I was all over your DIY this morning. Unreal projects lady!! Wish you lived in my hood!

  39. Great idea! I like the real wood stumps more than the fake ones anyway and that dark gray works beautifully with your chair (really brings out the contrast welting).

  40. This is a great idea and I’ll be copying it immediately. I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did!

  41. This is my first time visiting your blog, and after seeing this, you are for sure going on my favs! How creative!

  42. I love the look of the stump. Makes me want to run out to the lumberyard and get a couple and paint them white for my house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  43. Oh heeellll yes! That stump looks better than the (admittedly sexy) reflective side table you were lusting after. I LOVE the quirky feel it brings to your little sitting corner. Tré chic.

    I too have been wanting to do this for a while, and I’ve been eying the stumps in my neighbors yard, but they look kind of grizzled…

  44. What a fantastic idea! It looks great, and you can’t beat the price of that stump with a stick (heehee)!

  45. Gorgeous side table. I want one!! I love your blog and just started following!


  46. Ooooh what a fabulous idea! Gosh your home is gorgeous! :)

  47. i absolutely love this idea!

  48. This was such a cool idea! Now, I’m starting to get envious. 😉

  49. That’s GREAT! What a great idea! Stopping by from Mrs. Limestone.

  50. New follower…your style is SO awesome! I love this stump table. What an amazing idea! I’ve thought about that EVERY time I drive past a person’s yard with a cut down tree in it…I’m always tempted to ask them if I can steal a section to use as a side table! Now I’m FOR SURE gonna stop!

  51. Such a simple yet show-stopper DIY!!Congrats for the idea!! And that matte black does it all! I’m just gonna havd to try it!! Hello from Romania!!

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