Remeber this Craiglist beauty? It’s really not all that bad (but it’s really not all that good either).
I found this lamp several months ago. When I saw it, it was love at first sight. The color was all wrong but that’s no problem.

Here is my DIY custom art project (read about it here). I sprayed the lamp base a cream white and also sprayed the dresser my yellow accent color.

Updated the hardware.

Your’s truly with her arm stuck behind the dresser. Our tiny little tv had to go for the pictures so I slid my arm behind the dresser to unplug the lamp and got it stuck. No. Really. Got. It. Stuck. Kind of like a kid who sticks their head between the stair railings. Easy to get it in, hard to get it out. So instead of grabbing the Crisco, my friend grabbed her camera and LOL’ed. I have a nice bruise to show for it. Thanks a lot M.


  1. Look at those cute buns!


    Your hubby!

  2. That Dresser looks awesome! What type of paint to you use? Oil Based, LATEX, what brand?? Love the lamp too.

  3. KellyH-I used Behr Laytex. I was pretty impressed with the results.

  4. I LOVE this! Yellow and grey is my current color-combo-obsession! That dresser looks great. ~K

  5. Great project. well done. So sorry about the bruise.

  6. Where and how did you get the glass for the dresser to go so perfectly? It looks AWESOME! LOVE love the yellow!

  7. Yes, it’s me AGAIN! As for the paint- did you use a spray gun or brush? The finish looks amazing! And what type do you use to paint your lamps? Ok, I think thats it! hehe.

  8. Wise Owl,
    I used Laytex Eggshell on both the dresser and lamp. I use a spray gun attachment that connects to my air compressor, bought both at Home Depot.

    As for the glass on the dresser…it came that way. Although I do know that Ace Hardware will cut glass and plexiglass. You can also go to a specialty glass company and have it done. Hope that helps.

  9. Girl that dresser is nice… are the bomb! And to piggy back off your comment about friends…when your a mom with kids friends without them just dont understand when you cant spend time with them….and then there are the moms that arent that into family and have the same attitude…I live and live by my family and my home…I have a few friends but none as wonderful as my best friend THE HUSBAND.

  10. Tamara-


    Thanks again.

  11. It all looks great! Love the color combo.

  12. I like your dirty feet. They look like mine :)


  13. looks amazing! (the finished product… not you stuck!)

  14. Love the new color combo and dresser is amazing!! I have to ask because I’ve been coveting at your best bedroom pictures…where did you get your bedding?!…I adore it!

  15. wow! very impressed!

  16. So pretty. I love the color. Love the picture of you stuck too. By the way, my 5 year old son says he wants striped walls in our house like yours. I’m having a giveaway for the next week. Stop by and enter if you get the chance.

  17. Ah, yellow, my favorite color…brightens everything up…the project is first class!
    Way to score again!

  18. My hubs and I have been looking through your DIY projects–may have to do some 😉

  19. My sister just told me about your blog, and I loOove it!!
    Tons of cute ideas. You don’t mind if I steal them, right 😉
    Added you to my blog roll.
    p.s. Love what you did with the dresser. That yellow is perfect.

  20. I just found your blog! I love your dresser… I am not a yellow person at all, but it looks great… makes me want to paint something yellow. Then, I scrolled down and saw your fabulous little marble bistro table…I love it!!!! I became a follower as fast as I could so I could remember to check out your projects!


  21. Hey Michelle,
    Where in the world did you find the awesome silver hardware…lovelove love them! I am looking for some for a project. It looks great by the way- I wish you weren’t on the far side of town or I would have you help me spray a dresser:)

  22. Becky: Bedding is from Crate and Barrel.

    Krisn’lil: Hardware is from

  23. I’m in love! That yellow against the grey is simply stunning. You did a beautiful job!

  24. Loving your bedroom pics, can’t wait to see the whole thing! I think your bedroom is the same exact color as mine, but then the wall behind your bed looks so much darker… camera trick or two different colors? Guess I’ll just have to wait and see. It definitely makes me want to bring in some yellow though.

  25. Lindsey,
    The room is two different colors. Behr-Evening Hush and Glidden-Granite Gray.

  26. OMG I’m in love! With the dresser, of course! Gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the finished room. You are so talented.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Where is the Joshua Tree art from?
    I love it. I grew up in and around Joshua Tree Nat’l Park and the Mojave Desert.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Okay, nevermind the “where’s the art from?” comment. After looking around your totally awesome blog (you rock) I found the post where YOU MADE IT YOURSELF in a very creative and fantastic manner. Sadly, this means I can’t have one like it. But go you!

  29. Gorgeous! Love the yellow against the grey!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me the color you used on dresser?

  31. Okay I am spray painting tomorrow!! I will do a before and after as well!

  32. PS Love the yellow!! The dresser is totally updated.

  33. Hardware is from

  34. Great bright dresser, love it.

  35. This is VERY strange. I just moved into a new apt. painted my walls grey, a little lighter than yours.
    and YESTERDAY- my parents brought me their old dresser…its EXACTLY the same as the one you got on craigslist. I was thinking last night of how to make it better, I looked at design sponge this a.m. and there is your post! I think i may go yellow.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I just logged in to write that my parents have the exact same furniture – purchased when they got married in 1952!

  37. Hello! I wanted to know if you primed or sanded the dresser at all before painting or just sprayed it right on?


  38. Elizabeth,
    I did nothing but prime and paint.
    Good luck! Let me know when your project is completed!

  39. also, how many coats of yellow were needed?


  40. What color is the yellow? I love yellow, but it is so hard to get the perfect shade. I love how you have carried the same shade throughout your house.

  41. Love the dresser AND the lamp! Great job! This is my first visit to your blog but I’ll definitely be back!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Love your re-do! You have great combinations all around! I have the same dresser and have lost 2 of the handles in a previous move…any interest in selling the handles you removed?? Sonya

  43. Sonya,
    Email me again at I accidentally deleted your email.

  44. love the dresser where did you get the painting????

  45. OK, I’m in distress seeing your projects. I love your style…. I love every single bit. I have sooo many pieces in my apartment that I would like to paint but just to think of all the sanding turns me off. (No exterior – so a challenge to paint anything!) Did you do all the sanding, and what tools did you use, step by step, materials and details if possible, so I can literally copy you? You have just earned the title of MY Creative role model!
    Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational ideas. Just what I needed today….

  46. I love it! Very creative!That’s actually really cool.


  47. Hi,

    I’m new to blogging and have just found your site. I LOVE everything you have done. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely come back for more ideas!


  48. Hi,

    What is the Behr color you used on the dresser? Thanks!

  49. Michelle,

    Such a great job!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    How did you fill the holes where the old hardware use to be?

  50. Quite beautiful! A blast of sunshine when we most need it.

  51. Anonymous says:

    What is the name of the yellow paint? It was never answered. Thanks!
    Love the dresser!


  52. Rebecca,
    Yellow dresser color was a homemade mixture of colors. Which I had a better answer.

  53. I absolutely LOVE the color you chose for the dresser; it takes guts to go yellow :) I’ve really enjoyed all of your tutorials, you have the diy knack!

  54. I love this redo! It looks amazing. Well done.

  55. Anonymous says:

    What is the exact color of yellow you used? I found a couple that I think are close (from Behr) but none as perfect as the yellow you chose!

  56. just picked up a dresser that looks just like yours!! I am so excited to redo it :) Couple questions, do you know the name of your tassel pulls? I checked and cant find them…also, did you put the new hardware in the existing holes or did you change them? Thanks so much! LOVE what you do

  57. Anonymous says:

    Hello Michelle from your new fan!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE WHAT YOU did with your room and home…. it’s beautiful… my mom has the same dresser and she is painting it blue, if you don’t mind me asing.. did you fill the old holes from the previous and just drilled new ones for the new knobs?? if so can you please with cherries on top share what is your measurements oon how far apart to drill the new holes and what size dril bit you used?? thanks sooo much…


  58. You know this is a great upcycle when I can look at it years after the original post and think it is still relevant! Well done.

  59. Hi! I know you did this a few years ago, but I absolutely love it and your home. Your style is so fun. I’m looking to refinish a craigslist piece myself. Did you sand and prime the piece before paining? Did you hand paint or spray? Was finish was the paint (high gloss etc.)? Did you use any kind of protective coat or polyurethane? Thanks so much!

  60. Did you sand the dresser before painting? I’m looking to paint this exact dresser, but don’t have a spray gun and will have to paint by hand. Wondering if the sanding will be too big of a project? (I’m also 7mo. preggo so don’t want to get too far in over my head w/ a DIY project)!

    • I didn’t sand first but wish I would have. The paint has been flaking off in a few places (but has also been moved 3 times and beaten up by little boys). I would also suggest using oil based paint if you’re going to apply by hand instead of a sprayer. It’s will even out better and not leave as many lines. Happy painting!

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