SteamMachine Review.

No lie, I have band aids on three fingers because I swear the alcohol based wipes I’ve been using to clean with has been breaking down my skin.  Couple that with the cold, dry winter air and my skin has cracked so badly it hurts to even type on the computer.  I’ve been looking for an alternative to using chemicals then low and behold I was asked to review the SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Power Steamer.

This is a pretty cool machine because it comes with several different attachments that allow you to “use pressurized, high temperature, steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and kill bacteria. Its many uses include; kitchen counter tops, ovens, stove tops, bathroom fixtures and barbecue grills.”


Despite all the gizmos and gadgets it comes with it’s actually quite easy to start up.  You simply fill the tank with water, turn it on and wait for the orange light to turn off…then you’re ready to start cleaning.  (Extra points given if you can pour the water in with your left hand and take pictures with your right hand all while in floral pj’s).


Time to test it out.


You pull the lever on the steam gun and the steam shoots out.  No seriously.  This steamer is not messin’ around.  It really packs a punch.  It’s kind of like a smaller version of a pressure sprayer at a car wash.  It really cleaned and sanitized quickly and well.

I have very popular floor steamer that is not that great.  You really have to pump the thing and do a lot of waiting for it to produce steam.  The SteamMachine is MUCH better and keeps a constant amount of steam coming.


The thing I loved most about it is that it uses NO chemicals.
No toxic fumes, no harsh residues.
Another bonus is that you can use it to steam your walls to remove wall paper.

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My only forsee-able problem probably has to do with my own laziness.  As much as I love the idea of chemical free cleaning, it’s much more work than a spray bottle, spray and wipe.  I wonder how much I’ll actually use be willing to pull it out, fill it up with water, drag it to each space each time I need to clean something?  It’s probably going to end up being a spring and fall deep cleaning chore.  At any rate, if you’re shopping for steam cleaner, I would highly recommend this one.

I was give this product to review.  Thoughts are 100% mine.


  1. So, once you steam around the toilet, do you wipe it too? Where does the dirt filled steam go?

    I am like you, I think this would get used for deep cleaning and special projects.


  2. I am on my second steamer and have been using one for over 10 years. Saying I love it would be an understatement. I do not have this particular brand, however it appears to have similar features and functions. The best use for a steamer is cleaning grout in floor tile. If you think your grout is clean try going over it with the nylon brush…you will be amazed. Also, I get the bulk pack of micro fiber towels to use as I clean, they are the most absorbent and yes, you do need to wipe as you go. A steamer works great too for cleaning base boards, stubborn sticky messes in your refrigerator, refreshing your mattress…I could go on forever.

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