Spray paint = good.

Continuing on with my DIY guest room… Next up, SPRAY PAINT, my B.F.F.
I spied this lamp at a thrift store for $5.00 a while ago. I kept thinking about it and to my suprise it was still there a couple weeks later (that NEVER happens to me).

I first gave it a quick (and sloppy), light sanding.
Next a coat of spray primer.
To tie in with my brown, white and green color scheme I sprayed it green.
It tied in nicely but not “pop”-y enough.

Then I thought a brighter green might give it the “pop” I was after.
My husband took one look at it, picked it up, set it on top of the garbage can and said, “looks great it your going for the Waste Management look.”

I finally decided if I wanted a “pop” of color then fire engine red would hit the mark.
Third time’s a charm.
Red it is.

Next, re-purpose the changing table from IKEA in to a bedside table.
This required taking the legs off to reduce the height and removing the top rails.
Light sanding, coat of spray primer, 3 coats of white spray paint.

Last to get a new coat of paint was this shelf I found at an estate sale months ago.
(My husband has hated this thing ever since it came to live with us).
Light sanding, coat of spray primer, couple coats of white spray paint, yadi, yadi.

Spray paint, I love you.


  1. Love these finds!! spray paint really does work wonders. you have gotten me in a diy project mood haha. i’m already experiencing major nesting right now with this pregnancy!! but our house is up on the market so i just have to wait for our next house before i go all crafty on the place! hehe. lovely job michelle!

  2. Oh yes, spray paint is like a little miracle in a bottle. I always find that even the tackiest item looks better with a shot of spray paint.

    I had to do a double take when I saw the change in the bedside table. It looks like a completely different piece.

  3. Thanks for the tips…I am so gonna start doing this stuff!

  4. I love the shelf!

  5. i really like that shelf in white! that’s interesting you used white krylon, because i have a post about that coming up–when you read it, let me know what was wrong . . .

  6. The red is def. the perfect pop of color. I too love spray paint and the miracles it can perform.

  7. Stacy Jean says:

    I just love how you see potential in EVERYTHING….it inspires me to have a more open perspective when I look at objects. Thanks for letting us have a sneak peek into your adorable home.

  8. spray paint=freaking awesome!
    LOVE the red!

  9. You worked magic with some spray paint, they look awesome now !

  10. You gals with the spray paint. I can never get the results with a can of paint I see here. It looks great, red was definitely the right choice, Love your guest room,Kathysue

  11. Michelle, I have 2 lamps that are the same shape that my grandmother donated to me. the problem is, they are brass on the top and bottom and navy in the middle. I HATE them as is, but they have potential! What is your take on spraying them silver metallic? Or do you have another suggestion? The room is sage green, light blue, tan, and bright white. I would LOVE your take on it!

  12. Lisa Rogers says:

    I love that you posted the pic of your bottles of spray paint. I get overwhelmed looking at all the paints when I go to Home Depot. Now I know what works! I feel project weekend coming on. :)

    And you did an amazing job, as always.

  13. I really like the red with the green bedding. It’s a nice jolt of an accent color without feeling too jarring. Great job, as always!

  14. Everything is great and you are so creative with spray paint!

  15. You did an awesome job on everything. Red was definitely the way to go. Your going to make it very hard for your guest to leave.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration. I never think to shop for stuff that only need a quick fix. I really love that red lamp.


  17. this is great :o)
    i love spray paint too…


    you just gave me an idea for my sons old changing table :o)

  18. Love your lamp. My next to nothing stipulation @Andermatt was to do nothing…
    Hey, worked for me!

  19. Spray paint is really life changing :o) Have you ever thought about doing wipe-on poly on your lamp? I did it to some I put in my bedroom. They look like shiny lollipops now. I couldn’t even imagine what red would look like!

  20. You know what?
    Spraypaint is my BFF too…:)
    Love your blog!
    Love your pics!
    Greetings from Germany…

  21. thank you so much for sharing a pic of the paint you used! the whole time i was reading i kept thinking, “like, does she mean the spray paint in the can?” – i know, what other spray paint is there – but i just couldn’t believe you got those results with spray paint! so thank you, thank you, thank you! you have inspired me to finally pick a room in our house and go for it – decorate it! you are adorable!

  22. So glad that you went for the red, it looks great. I would never have thought to do that with the changing table. It looks like a whole new piece of furniture! What does your hubby think now about your find?

  23. You can never, ever go wrong with red.


    Great choice and execution!

  24. Those are all great!! I esp. love the shelf. This week our town is having a massive garage sale at the fairgrounds…I CAN’T WAIT!! Hopefully I too will find a great little romantic(y)shelf like yours!!

  25. That little shelf/bedside table is perfect! Don’ know how your hubs could hate it… I love it! And, red was clearly a great choice for that lamp- well done!

  26. That little shelf/bedside table is perfect! Don’ know how your hubs could hate it… I love it! And, red was clearly a great choice for that lamp- well done!

  27. That little shelf/bedside table is perfect! Don’ know how your hubs could hate it… I love it! And, red was clearly a great choice for that lamp- well done!

  28. That little shelf/bedside table is perfect! Don’ know how your hubs could hate it… I love it! And, red was clearly a great choice for that lamp- well done!

  29. That little shelf/bedside table is perfect! Don’ know how your hubs could hate it… I love it! And, red was clearly a great choice for that lamp- well done!

  30. I just love all your DIY projects. You’re so inspiring!!! Great job!

  31. I need more spraypaint in my life. Great DIY tip! Where did you find your lampshade?

  32. Found the lampshade at HomeGoods!

  33. Amazing amazing amazing!! I think I have put the krylon kids through college by now with all the spray paint I’ve bought!

  34. That shelf from the estate sell looks awesome! What a great find.

  35. You have such great style – love this room. Also taking many notes on the DIY’s. Love reading your blog!

  36. Charlotteannette:
    Email me.

  37. I would have never thought of it, but the red is perfect. Keeps everything from being too green.

  38. Thank you so much for showing everything in detail. It is great to see pictures of everything…even spray cans! I am about to work on my guest room and I am going to try to make this headboard! Great blog! Really awesome and fun!

  39. How do you like the krylon paint? I normally use valspar but they dont carry it everywhere so I bought the Krylon for wood surfaces, the coverage was ehh, and it ran a lot. Seemed as if it was mixed w water instead of having that opaqueness that I’m used to from the valspar. Do I need to prime w it first?

    And being on the spray paint topic, I want to paint my front door, which is metal, not wood would you recommend to do it w spray paint or a foam roller brush? Im not planning on taking the door off its hinges just taping around.

  40. Kashya,
    Sorry to hear about you troubles with Krylon. I’ve been very happy with it and haven’t had any problems.

    As far as your door goes…probably best to seek advice of a professional. Because it’s metal I would ask if there’s a special paint to use for that. I always recommend priming first. Your paint will hold to a primed surface much better. I’m certain you more than likely could spray paint it but with such a big piece I might roll it. Check with your local paint store to see what they recommend.
    Happy painting!

  41. You should post your dresser makeover on ikea hacker, that is so awesome, I can’t believe it was a changing table!

    You’re inspiring me for my own makeover projects for my next apartment :)

  42. I keep coming back to this post on some lamps I have purchased at thrift shops! I have one that is a dark brushed brass. I want to do it a bright fun color..will all these types of paints and primers work on it??


  43. That shelf is so pretty! Not sure if I would have seen the potential in that one. And the bed is awesome!!

  44. In This Wonderful Life:
    Spray paints these days are suprisingly versatile. They will adhere to virtually anything…plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, etc. If you read the label it will tell you exactly what they will work on. I’ve used it almost everything and really haven’t had a problem. Happy spraying…be sure and share your pics!

  45. you’re a magician!

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