Skate Party!

Two of my little men’s birthdays are just a couple weeks apart so we always do a joint party.
This year they were all about a Skate Party.
Invitations were sent out with instructions to bring roller blades, a skateboard, scooter, bike or all four
(helmets required).


Taking some inspiration from Pinterest we made these boards for less than $10.00 and in under an hour!
I liked them so much I’m thinking about making one for each little man for above their bed.
I searched high and low for containers that I could use as individual lunch boxes for each boy.
I finally sourced some but I’d have to purchase them in bulk at 500 for $40.00.  No thanks.
So I made my own out of poster board.
Each box was lined with a napkin then a hot dog, bag of chips, chocolate milk and a sleeve of carrots and celery.


They were a hit (well maybe not the veggies…oh well, I tried).
So get this…for two hours we were able to rent out  the whole skate park for less than the cost of a pizza/arcade place or one of those jumpy/bouncy/pump it up places.
I know, right!?
We did, however, have to act as our own bouncers and tell skaters the park was closed until 2pm for a private party.  You want to see some colorful language, tell a skater they can’t skate for 45 more minutes.
These boys could talk some big talk until you get them at the top of the tallest hill trying to convince someone else to go down first.
The boys showed off their best tricks.
I’ll be honest, I was really nervous about someone getting hurt.
It’s a whole other story when you all the suddenly become responsible for the safety of 24 boys.
To my surprise no one got hurt!
Then came time for the pinata.
Let’s blindfold a kid, give him a metal bat,
get him dizzy and let him go swinging out of control while dozens of kids sit near by.
The real danger of the day wasn’t boys going down steep hills on wheels, it was the pinata.
Happy Birthday my little men!


  1. super cute party!!

  2. Super cute party.

    Just a side note, I try all the time to leave comments on your blog…love it and you are so clever. However I usually fail after three trys because the words to type to prove I’m not a robot are too difficult to read (sometimes impossible to read). Maybe this will get through, but is there any way to make it easier?

  3. Great job, I would have been petrified :) But I am a momma to boys as well….. I get the cool-factor of parties. Cheers, the lunch boxes were brilliant!

  4. Fab idea of the lunchboxes!!! So were the hotdogs served cold?

    also agree with karen, the captcha is really bad.. also need to make your ‘Post a comment’ bigger as im always searching for it. (its smaller than the date!!)

  5. Extremely C-O-O-L party with a very neatly decorated table. Mark my words: your little men – and all those other little men will always remember with sincere fondness what a terrific effort you made in their behalf.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Love the letters! They turned out great. Wish we had a skate park nearby because it looks like ton’s of fun:)

  7. What a great party! I’m sure the boys were obsessed. Well maybe not with the veggies :)

  8. You have a talent to throw parties! Sure kids got a lot of positive emotions! Many mothers have only to learn!)

  9. Excellent idea for the lunch boxes! I’ll be throwing a 5 yr. old BUTTERFLY party soon and like the idea of having the whole meal in the box! Any tips, links? Thanks so much! The whole SKATE party idea was great:) P.S. I agree with above post about the “robot… enter the code” deal…I’ve been frustrated with that before when I try to post…it can take several tries 😉

  10. This is SUCH a cute party idea. You should upload to a friend of mine’s new website called We Heart Parties. It’s basically a place to share party ideas with others. :) It’s for DIY parties just like these and not over-the-top-I-hired-a-party-planner types. Just a thought. The URL is

    Anyway, been a follower for awhile and love what you’ve been doing to transform your home. :)

  11. I would love the patterns for the string and nail letters! I am new to blogging, so I don’t know how to find the info. Can you please let me know how I can get these patterns for the whole alphabet? Thanks so much!!

  12. Hi. Could you please please, please tell me how you made the lunch boxes and the skate sign? Mostly the lunch boxes! My son is having a party this saturday (8/31/13) so if I have time left after making the lunch boxes I’ll try the sign. Everything I try looks funny or not the right shape or size. Thank you soooo much!

    • I made the lunch boxes out of poster board. I really just fiddled with it. I would google box templates then you can customize your own size. As far as the sign…SUPER easy. Just hammer in nails outlining the points of a letter. Then wrap string around each point. Best of luck with your party! Please share pics! :)

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