Room sneak peak and a giveaway.

 Here’s a sneak peak pic of my bathroom wall.  
Frames and art pieces just went up and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.
These paintings were done by Jesse Miller and have special meaning to me for two reasons.  
#1 I spent a few years of my college days at BYU-Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu.
These scenes bring back a lot of very found memories.
#2 My cousin, Jesse Miller, painted these.
Not only is he a very talented artist but is one of those hot surfers and California lifeguards that could be right out of scene from Baywatch.  (Weird to call your cousin hot)?
In fact he taught me how to surf 
(so, I’m not taking barrels at Pipeline but I can stand up on a board and in my definition that makes me a surfer…wink).
Jesse has been called the Norman Rockwell of the North Shore, and the Andrew Wyeth of the west coast.” He does amazing scenes from of the ocean.
Check out some more of Jesse’s work:

So now for the exciting part…
You can own one of Jesse’s matted 11X14 print pieces by leaving a comment on this post.
To enter:
1. Go to Jesse’s website HERE and shop.
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite piece.
3. For up to three additional entries, Tweet, Facebook and/or Blog about this giveaway.
Winner will be chosen via on Monday, April 30th at midnight.
Good luck!
*Only U.S. Entries eligible.*


  1. Geez, you have a talented gene pool in your family! Awesome stuff!

  2. I love the carefree feeling of his artwork, I especially love Oceanside Pier. It makes me feel a little sad to be stuck in landlocked Iowa!

  3. Seriously next to impossible to pick, but his Cobbles print struck me. I will definitely FB about this not just for the give away, but simply because his art rocks and needs to be shared! Hawaii is on my bucket list…someday…but for now, maybe Jesse’s artwork:).

  4. wow, those are awesome! I love them all but if my hand was forced, I must say the cove is my favorite.

  5. I love the sea turtle print above! I didn’t see it available on his website but I love that one! I am going to get it whether I win or not!

  6. I love the sea turtle print above! I didn’t see it available on his website but I love that one! I am going to get it whether I win or not!

  7. I love the sea turtle print above! I didn’t see it available on his website but I love that one! I am going to get it whether I win or not!

  8. I love the sea turtle print above! I didn’t see it available on his website but I love that one! I am going to get it whether I win or not!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I love “Race” and I think my sons would too – especially the one who wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up! :)

  10. I really love the underwater pieces, such as “Between Sets” and “Nate’s Arm.” One of his prints would be PERFECT in my bathroom… seriously hoping I win!!

  11. So many great prints…what a talented guy! So many great prints….I really like the 3rd one on your blog, but didn’t see it in the shop.
    BTW, your bathroom pics and tile and color look amazing!

  12. I like Race.

  13. I love the blacks bubble!

  14. I’ve been reading your blog like a lurker for a while and I was going to comment for the first time about how beautiful your cousin’s art is before I saw that this was going to be a giveaway. I can’t decide which I like best out of Trestles, Waimea Light, or 10 Feet. All of the pieces are so gorgeous.

  15. I love the cruising turtle! All are so beautiful! I’m going to hope I win, but if I don’t, I’ll have to check them out again… So pretty!

  16. Wow. Very impressive. I think my favorite is Waimea Light.

  17. hi again. just fb’d about it. never even been to twitter, so that’s out:), but I will give a shout out on my blog tomorrow.!/pages/Plumberry-Pie/380037962011497

  18. Noway!? BYUH? Small world! WHat years were you there? I went from 1999-2002. But my hubs kept us there an additional two years. Best time of my life!
    xo Becca

  19. Amazing stuff. Waimea Light speaks to me

  20. Sunny afternoon is gorgeous!

  21. Love these! My favorite is Pier sunset, but my husband the golfer loves Torrey pines. If we win we will have to flip to see who gets to pick.

  22. My favorite is the starfish!

  23. OH my gosh! He is extremely talented!
    I am LOVING “Hospitals”…there were a few others that i love as well “Jetty Morning” & “Bird Rock” …man! Gorgeous work!

  24. While they are all gorgeous! I would have to say I have 2 favorites…the Waimia Light and the Piersunset. Very talented!

  25. I think they are all very creative, he has talent. My favorite one would have to be Race.

  26. I love them all! I think my favorite would be Bathrub Rock fro his oil paintings.

  27. says:


  28. Wow, very talented! I think I would choose….Trestles.

  29. says:

    SUMNERLEFT!!! I want want want! He really is an incredible artist!

  30. My fiance was born and raised on the big island, it was him and his 4 sisters. I know the 4 friends print PERFECTLY captures their famil (I also love the guy surfing … it represents my hubby to be surfing and his sisters watching him) … FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  31. WOW!! His work is awesome and conveys a sense of calmness. It’s really hard to pick one, but I would have to go with Waimea Light.

  32. Michelle, I HONESTLY cannot choose a favorite piece of art…I LOVE them all!! Will certainly buy one even if I don’t win!! :-)

  33. Anonymous says:

    I loved the turtles Race. schmidba at hotmail dot com

  34. I really like the WindanSea.

    carolinejaco at gmail dot com

  35. many of those are painted so well they look like photographs!! i LOVE the Cruising Turtle print!!

  36. Beautiful, all of the photos are unique! I like so many of them. One that stood out for me the, Piersunset.

  37. My favorite is silver almond. They are all lovely and I wish I could go back to the islands for that beautiful peace the water brings you.

  38. Too hard to have one favorite but I loved building left & silver almond.

  39. So great! It’s honestly a tie between Kneepaddle and Between Sets. I love the composition of the first, and the surreal viewpoint of the second.

  40. Anonymous says:

    As I sit here on my lunch hour at my desk, these paintings take me to a different level. Total relaxation!

  41. One of my favorites was the title of BP Point.

  42. I love the silver almond seascape! Beautiful!

  43. love his work. thanks for sharing. i love wet cobbles and love even more “between sets”. he is very talented indeed.

  44. Gorgeous work!! Makes me want to go on a tropical vacation! :)

  45. My husband was born and raised in Hawaii…he would LOVE one of these! I’d let him choose if I won but I love Waimea. That’s exactly what it looks like in my memory with everyone sitting and watching.

  46. Michelle, I think I’ve told you this through a comment a while back. I recognized you and your husband from BYU-H and have been following your awesome blog. Your cousin is talented. My favorite is the pic of the lifeguard post next to the coconut tree. It reminds me of a pic I took at Wamea Bay!!!

  47. Love The Woodies!!!!

  48. I love quad & float.

  49. Sumnerleft…but there are too many to choose from so I might change my mind.

  50. The talent is strong in this one….lol. I love Jesse’s work. I’d love to win but even if I don’t I’ve got my eyes on his “Four friends” piece. I’ve never surfed and I’m over 40 now, but if I was 20 and I had my girls back in the day together…..we’d be them, there. :)

  51. Haha! I went and pinned a piece of his work to remind myself to buy it for my husband, then came back here and saw that it was a giveaway. Excellent. “Between Sets”, “Nate’s Arm”, and “kneepaddle” are all high on my list.

  52. “Piersunset” is one of my favorites, it reminds me of our trips to the beach here in southern California.

    What beautiful work, I sure hope I get to win one! :)

  53. I’d have to go with Shack. I love that one. It would go in my son’s room.

  54. Beautiful art! I would have to pick either Waimea Light or Pier Sunset.

  55. I love Sunny Afternoon! Nice work!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  56. I’ve never wanted to win something so badly! My son was born in Hawaii, and I feel like it should be more a part of him since it was so much a part of us as a family, but we moved a month after he was born.

    It was hard to pick one that I like the most but I think I like the Cove the best. Thanks for this giveaway!

  57. Wow -Beautiful work- sohard to decide … I think I’d go with “Woodies” -“Race” came a close second though!

  58. I just shared on facebook.

  59. Wow, he is really talented! Just wondering – where did you buy your white frames from? I would love to get them too! Thank you.

  60. Love them all!! Reminds me of my years in Hawaii watching the surf. I love Waimea I think the moody blues suit my mood right now.

  61. I’ve been looking for the perfect art for my sons room. I finally found it!!

  62. Ummmazzing! So beautiful. That is some crazy awesome talent.

  63. Sunny Afternoon is my favorite. My whole bathroom is seashells and sand from all the different places we have lived and visited.

  64. Wow! He is crazy talented! I would LOVE to have a copy of, “Race.” I’m a bit of a sea turtle freak. Of course, my parents grew up in Huntington Beach, CA so “Woodies” or “SurfnSea” would be fun too.

  65. I love Tower 25!

  66. love tower 25!!! his art is gorgeous!

  67. beautiful paintings ! like a lot of them. cove sunset, coconuts & race with the turtles are a few of my favorites.

  68. I love The Cover – gorgeous!!!

  69. The sanderling are cool. I can see them running on the beach

  70. Being a Huntington Beach girl these made me home sick for the ocean. I love tower one and also the girl surfer that was not on the website because of I have a house full of girls.

  71. Beautiful, beautiful work.

    My favorite is ‘Landing’ …the pelicans.

  72. I just love art of all kinds. My great grandfather worked with Andrew Wyeth, of which I have several signed pieces. Such a compliment for your cousin to be compared to AW.

    I love the pier artwork. Such a peaceful feeling ….

    What a great giveaway!!!

  73. Very talented!
    I love the Pier at Sunset print!

  74. Love his work! I LOVE Honu! We just went to HI in March and when snorkeling we saw a sea turtle. This print is an awesome reminder!

  75. Extremely talented! Love the “Between Sets” print.

  76. Such a talent! I love the Starfish and the Moorish Idols.

  77. I love the turtle print!

  78. Gorgeous!! What an amazing talent! Jesse truly capture the spirit and warmth of the coast. I love “Hospitals”. There are so many that catch my eye and spark something inside. lovely

  79. I’m not usually one to enter giveaways, but couldn’t pass up a chance at this! I love the 3rd from the top. Gorgeous work.

  80. Oh, wow! I love them all and would take any one of them. They would be perfect at my Mother’s beach house.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Very hard to choose. So many that I like. It’s a tie between 10 feet, Casa and Sanderlings. But I would not be disappointed with any of them!
    PAppel (blog fan, not a blogger).

  82. Hard decision, but I love the soaring pelican…the colors are so soothing. Talented artist!!!

  83. Big Rock!

  84. Big Rock!

  85. Big Rock!

  86. Big Rock!

  87. i love “take off” — such movement!!

  88. How do I even choose? So many great pieces! I’ve been to the North Shore a few times- there’s nothing like it! I especially like the pipe photographers or 8a (North Shore sign).

  89. Love Wet Cobbles…instant serenity

  90. Beautiful work!! I love Tower25 w/ the ocean and pop of orange. Great piece!

  91. Sanderlings, definitely!! Hard to pick though :)

  92. Trestles.. and I agree, hard to pick!

  93. Those are so great! I esp. love the the last one with the guy playing the guitar looking out at the ocean (sitting on post). My son loves to surf & his name is Jesse too :)

  94. Beautiful! My favorite is PB Point.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. It is hard to pick one that I like the best since they are all good, but I think I like the man playing the guitar the best. BTW, love the bathroom wall!!

  97. Put a little blurb on my blog today about the giveaway.

  98. Starfish is my favorite! Thanks!

  99. I love the wind and sand print, so pretty!!

  100. Jaime R. says:

    They are all so amazing but Orangeboard was my favorite painting and Woodies was my favorite print. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  101. Anonymous says:

    These ar awesome! My favorites, “Sumner left”, “Race” & “Cruising Tutle”

  102. Such wonderful prints!!
    I am having a hard time deciding between Jetty Morning, Call Box, and Shores Sunset :-)

  103. I really like all of his prints but the 10′

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  104. He really does do a good job! I had a LITTLE crush on him in my younger years!!!!!

  105. Lovely work! I really like “Between Sets”.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great pics. Turned out really well on your wall. Can’t wait to visit & see the house. Looking GOOD. Kay

  107. Scuba diving in Hawaii is one of my most favorite things in the whole world and I love the turtles so I would choose “Race” or “Honu”. Love his work!

  108. Catherine Pirisky says:

    I love Cruising Turtle! It’s in the oceanic colors that I love, AND it has turtles which are the fav animal choice of my significant other. 😉 It’s perfect!

  109. Wow, your cousin is one talented artist!! I love all of the beautiful colors in his art, its stunning!! If I won this amazing giveaway it would be hard to pick just 1 that I love. Right now the top contender is Trestles

  110. I’m in love with the Torrey Pines. My husband and I lived in San Diego when we first got married….and I’m pretty sure I’m going to to buy it and possible the PB one even if I don’t win.

  111. Hard to narrow it down to just one. I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA and these paintings make me home sick. Some of my favorites were the tower 1 the seascape “splash.”

  112. I love ‘pier at sunset’. The colors are just amazing!

  113. Your cousin is such a talented guy! I love all his work!
    I have many favorites, but, if I had to pick only one it would be Cardiff Reef because the girl in the painting looks just like my daughter who has surfed these beaches for 10 years.

  114. Design and artistry clearly runs in your family! Love the art and how wonderful to have it in a special spot in your home! I particularly like Jetty Girl. Thanks for sharing this!

  115. I love his print Trestles b/c I live right there!

  116. WOW!!! Love love these paintings, they are brilliant! One of my favs is the Silver Almond….hard to choose just one!!!! :) Thanks!!

  117. Shared on FB @ kari.schmidt1

  118. Jennifer K says:

    I like the Red Toenails print over on his website. I am a sucker for red polish! Awesome work. It makes me wish I could surf.

  119. He is so talented! I love the Trestles print. Gorgeous!

  120. Beautiful work! I like Tourmaline.

  121. Very cool! I want one.

  122. Im a water baby so of course my favorites are the underwater shots of surfers. What a talented artist!

  123. I adore all of the underwater shots of the surfers. My favorite is between sets.

  124. I LOVE all of them! Favorite is Piersunset. But sumnerleft is also beautiful!

  125. I love them all. I do love Hawaii so they are all reminiscent of those lovely islands. I like Shack and the Turtle race.

  126. First off LOVE the bathroom.

    Also Love the waiting for sets print. My husband was born and raised in California. Then served a 2 year mission in Costa Rica. He would love this art for his surf room/home office.

  127. First of all, your cousin has insane talents!
    I love soaring pelican and Scripps evening.

  128. Beautiful! I like Horseshoe.

  129. Wow, stunning! It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but I would pick Sumnerleft. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  130. I like Between Sets and Cruising Turtle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Wow, those are really interesting pieces! I really like “swam” and the picture just below sumnerleft, but I think sumnerleft is my favorite!

  132. sumnerleft is my favorite and would look awesome in our bedroom! He does beautiful work.

  133. Jennifer says:

    Such beautiful work. What a talent! I’m really loving Cruising Turtle!!!

    j e n s t e t at c o x dot n e t

  134. I love the Splash print. Lots of beach bums in our house.

  135. Anonymous says:

    no wonder i love his work…i love norman rockwell!

  136. I love them all. So beautiful! The Sanderlings print really speaks to me.

  137. I love the windansea color oil painting! Reminds me of when I lived in Hawaii’

  138. I love the 10 feet print!!!!! All of her prints are amazing!!!!

  139. Love the Cove!

  140. His work is great…makes me want to get to California promptly. My favorite piece is “orange board,” it makes me feel like I am there!

  141. My favorite piece is ‘starfish’, although I really liket the one with the turtles (can’t find the name). I am from Cali and I miss the beach so much! Trying to figure out how to decorate my home in the Midwest with a nod toward the coast without going overboard!

  142. Anonymous says:

    Love the Swami watercolor. I just went to Swamis for the first time this summer. It is my daughter’s father in law’s favorite surf spot!

  143. Love the wave in the cove!

  144. Way cool art! I love Coconuts!
    Thanks for sharing!

  145. Love building left

  146. Sumnerleft is just amazing, but so is 10 ft and Wet Cobbles. They all make me want to take a vacation!

  147. Jesse’s paintings make me want to move ocean side! So long Ohio!? Nah. Love the Moorish Idols in the Wildlife section. Beautiful colors.

  148. Hi, please enter me in your wonderful giveaway! I love all of Jesse’s work! It is hard to choose but I like Paige…it looks so real, all of his work is as if we are on the beach with him..Great works of art, such talent.

  149. I just posted on Facebook about the giveaway!

  150. I just twitted about giveaway
    Great Giveaway Check it out

  151. Blacks Shadows is beautiful!

  152. The pelican. Absolutely beautiful!

  153. I love Ponytail and Pipe Girls. Love them!! Jesse is so talented, his work is beautiful.

  154. I love the picture undershot! It’s awesome. Great giveaway!

  155. I just did a post on my design blog for this giveaway and your cousin’s fabulous art!


  156. All of his stuff is incredible! I’m loving Sumnerleft and it would look perfect in my bathroom.

  157. I seriously LOVE “Silver Almond!” My husband is from Hawaii and we currently live in a land-locked state–so anything that takes him back to the ocean is amazing!

  158. Wow…. he is fantastic. tough call- but I think I would go with the surfers!

  159. Wow… her artwork is stunning! It’s probably because I have an obsession with the ocean (and her artwork really is stunning). My favorites are “silver almond” and “takeoff.”

  160. I like tower25 the best, but they are all pretty amazing.

  161. Sumner Left is fantastic. Makes me feel like I’m floating in the waves.

  162. I love waimea light. It is just so peaceful.

  163. I love Silver Almond. Very great work.

  164. What amazing work – how can you choose a favorite? I think my top 4 favorites are ‘drop’, ‘building left’, ‘tourmaline’, and ‘bird rock’. They all make me want to take a nice vacation down to SoCal.

  165. woww this is brilliant… I like Cobbles but I love all of them.

  166. He has an awesome website. The colors are fantastic. I really love starfish.

  167. I love them all, but my favorite is “Horseshoe”.

  168. Angela A says:

    Beautiful! Windansea Colors is my favorite

  169. These are so great! It reminds me of our trip to Hawaii that “Make A Wish” sent us on last year…the one that brings back memories is “silver left” :)

  170. I love these paintings!! I have always dreamed of living near the beach, ONE DAY I will, In the mean time I could hang one of these paintings in my home!! I love the Tower24 photo. It has a nice pop of color. What an amazing artist!!

  171. Wow – awesome pieces. I love Big Rock with the mix of blues and greens.

  172. i would love to have a painting for my sons room. I am from SoCAl and have tried to make my home more cottage beach style to help me feel home out here in Utah.

  173. Julie G. says:

    They are all so beautiful! My favorite is Blacks Shadows. It reminds me of our vacation to Hawaii several years ago. The colors at sunset were just amazing.

  174. Bit late to the game but I LOVE Pipe Photogs.


  175. I tweeted about this giveway today. I’m B3HDtheBLOG on Twitter.


  176. I also posted about this giveaway on my Facebook fan page (B3HDtheBLOG is the page name).


  177. Wet Cobbles is my favorite! Very nice prints and I may just order one anyway!

  178. I posted on my facebook page as well. Beautiful!

  179. He’s a wonderful artist!! I love checkered flag!! Even if I don’t win thinking about getting it for my boys room!!

  180. Amazing work! Makes me homesick for Calfornia. I love the baby sea turtles!

  181. I sooo love COCONUTS, it reminds me so much of my home (Philippines)!!! :-) I’ll probably buy it even if I don’t win!

  182. These are gorgeous. I love the pop of orange in “Tower 25”

  183. I could not find it on line but the third print down with the trees and ocean- love it. Also love the call box for some reason. Gorgeous prints!

  184. I love Race, Starfish, Coconuts and Wet Cobbles! All of the artwork is amazing!

  185. It’s hard to decide, but my favorite is “piersunset”. Beautiful colors! (I also tweeted it to my feed @perezlopeznet)

  186. Great art, I love tower 25… Love the orange pop :)

  187. Those are all gorgeous paintings :) I love the Coconuts, piersunset, cove, sumnerleft and swami! (obviously I’m having troubles deciding on a favorite at the moment!)

  188. I love Trestles. Water and the beach are a huge part of my life and would have a piece that reflects that in my house

  189. April D. says:

    His paintings are amazingly beautiful- so life like it’s almost like photography. I really love the Cove print. shelbymaui(at)hotmail(dot)com

  190. My fav is building left, but they are all amazing!

  191. Love all of them. My husband keeps telling me he wants some “surf art for his office. This would be beyond perfect. I love so many of them , but I LOVE the Drop, Takeoff, and 19 guys:)

  192. Beautiful pictures!

    I also love you bathroom design – classic and fresh.

  193. Really great work. Love Waimea Shorebreak!

  194. I live on the East Coast – Chesapeake Bay area – and we’re accustomed to seeing art work reflecting the boats and bay life. But Jesse’s work captures the unique vision of the surf and soul of island life. “Waimea Light” could only be captured on canvas by one who lives it.


  195. wow. i love his work! i love his painting coconuts. it makes me wish i was at the beach.

  196. His work is amazing! I have so many memories of Hawaii.

  197. WOW!!!! I want all of them, super talended. If I had to choose, The cove.

  198. Oooh love them. They make me smell summer even from my cold rainy office. I like The Cove, or the Turtles, or Takeoff, or 19 guys, or anything with a giant splashy wave in it too.

  199. Martha Lopez says:

    He’s really really good. I kept going back to Wet Cobbles.

  200. Favorite piece is “quad”

  201. I absolutely love “Between Sets”

  202. I love the last one with the surfer playing guitar- it reminds me of my high school days watching the boys surf after school- Thanks for posting them they are all beautiful

  203. WOW! Seriously talented cousin you have! I couldn’t decide between PierSunset and Trestles.

  204. My husband and I just got back from a weekend at the beach and these are making me wish I was still there. My favorites are “Solo Pelican” and “Piersunset”

  205. Looking at his pictures reminded me of growing up on the southern California beach. I love “Woodies” but would be pleased to own anyone of them …

  206. Love anything having to do with the beach. Tired of all beach no ocean! Love the Swami Steps for a surfer friend!

  207. Anonymous says:

    Tower25 is great! the pop of the orange. I love it!

  208. Beautiful work! My favorite is the underwater surfers scene.

  209. Anonymous says:

    I like them all, but mt two favorites are the one of the turtles and the of the cove.

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