Repainting the cabinets…progress.

Monday, Memorial Day, I spent the entire day taping, masking off and plasticizing (word?) our kitchen and two bathrooms in preparation for refinishing and painting our cabinets.
I will compare it to labor.
It was painful.
Hours and hours of work with no end in sight.


Tape falls off, kids put their hand through things… it was one of the most tedious and annoying tasks I’ve done.


 Then the cabinet master came…enter Ryan Reader.
He worked his magic with some seriously toxic lacquer based paint (which I’m sure has got to banned in California) and sprayed those puppies up.
Ok, guys, I know I’ve sung my praises for things before but this guy takes the cake.
No, really takes the cake!
You know when you buy a piece of furniture and it has the factory finish that can only be achieved in a factory?
I don’t know how he did it but that’s what my cabinets look like.
They are smooth like buttah.
I can’t stop caressing them. Call me creepy.


My house smells to high heaven but my cabinets look fantastic.
Stinky as in we’ve been staying in a hotel, then that got costly so now we’re camping out back in a tent. My men think it’s an adventure.
There ain’t nothing I won’t do for good design folks (almost nothing).


Recognize this bathroom?
It’s getting a knew counter, faucet and coat of paint.
I know, I know…why on earth would we demolish what once was a perfectly beautiful set up?
It had major issues which I’ll elaborate on soon.
Until then…this is what it looks like now.


This gray makes my heart sing!
If you need your cabinets done up right (built or refinished) contact Ryan Reader.


  1. It looks amazing!! I wish I wouldve thought of this before I hand painted mine!

  2. Okay, those look amazing! I would love an update down the road on how they are holding up. (And on how long it took for the smell to finally leave!)

  3. This looks great and I don’t think it’s crazy for you to caress the smooth feeling cabinets. You love them now, so you should appreciate there make-over.

  4. Beautiful as usual…
    I’m in the market for a white kitchen…what color will your cabinets be?

  5. Can you post this fella’s info our kitchen cupboards need this mans help STAT!!! Thanks!!

  6. I am glad all the hard work is paying off! I can’t wait to see the finished rooms.

  7. What color are the bathroom cabinets?

  8. Awesome! How did you secure the towel hooks to the tile? i need some of those!

  9. Oh my word , this looks beautiful. I read the post where you shared your thoughts and it opened my eyes.
    I hand paint all my cabinets myself and they hold up really well but this finish you have now is so amazing.

  10. That does not sound like fun, but the end result looks amazing!

  11. Kate Johnson says:

    Hi- my sister is going to have her cabinets painted and can’t decide what kind of paint to use. You said this was a lacquer? How is it holding up this time? Thanks!

  12. Love the new facelift you’ve given the cabinets. That said, I browsed your projects in the hopes to find what the name of the flooring was however came up empty handed. IF possible would you mind sharing it as its exactly what I have been looking for to do one of our bathrooms. Also, the colour of grout use, would be of help as well. Thank you so much. -Brenda-

  13. I LOVE those drawer pulls… where are they from?

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