Projects happening around our house and a $5500. giveaway!

That’s no typo!
You read that right…$5500 giveaway!
But first, I’m going to tease you with some house  projects we’ve been working on.

2 1/2 years ago we remodeled this house. Even though it turned out to feel like a completely new house there were a lot of things left undone, unpainted, undecorated and unattended to. We were exhausted and done. Who cares that the baseboards were uncaulked and unpainted? The budget was blown and our inner remodeliva’s were tired.

Fast forward a couple years and the wind is back in our sails.
We’ve attacked projects with gusto! Perhaps a little too much gusto.
We start the next project before we’re half way done with the first.
A nasty case of remodeling ADD.

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to…


Two of our men share a room but quarters are tight with two dressers and two extra long twin beds.
So time to build up!Bunk Beds 4men1lady

I have always, always, always wanted a bunk bed.  Being an only child there was never a point. I’m living out my dreams through my boys now.
A year ago I found not one, but two chrome swing arm lamps at a consignment store for $20. each. I didn’t have a need or spot for them at the time but I knew I wanted to build a room around them. The day has arrived.  Check out the little nooks carved out for an alarm clock and books.
Happy dance…oh yeah, happy dance…oh yeah!

Next up..the basement is D.O.N.E.! We scored a Black Friday gonga deal on the tv and just need to decorate.


I found the chair at a different consignment store for $60.  I’m loving the black and brass details!


Delta, Delta, Delta and I help ya, help ya, help ya?!
This Delta wall faucet in the basement bath makes me swoon every time I see it.
More details later.


Bathroom light…woot! Woot!

Black doors, chrome Emtek knobs…DRAMA!


Our outside lights have been the most difficult design decision EVER! I have studied and considered thousands of outdoor lighting options and narrowed it down to 2 that I liked.


The first was discontinued, the second was priced for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
Then were came across a box that we never did open from moving which contained two of these barn lights that we had from our Arizona home. One was red one was black. A quick paint job and voila.

I can’t wait to show you this beauty when we’re ready for a full bedroom reveal.


Let’s just say, I know a guy.

Of course, me and my chalkboard addiction.


Ok, now for the good stuff…

Last week I shared with you the wall shelves I built.


Our shelf wall have been entered in to the Home Depot and P&G’s Season’s Cleaning contest!
You just hop on over to their site, vote for your favorite mini-makeover project (mine) and you’re entered to win a $5000. gift card AND $500. in Merry Maid services!
I know! That’s seriously like the best giveaway EVAH!
You get to vote once a day and please show me some voting love.
If you win you get $5500. in stuff.
If I win, I will get $1000. gift card to the Home Depot so I can share with you more cool projects.
Plus, I have serious phobias about being the Biggest Looser, only being the Biggest Looser isn’t a good thing in this case.
So please vote for me so I don’t have to go to counseling for coming in last .
P&G THD Seasons Cleanings How to Vote


  1. the bunk beds! i loveeeed bunk beds growing up. but i love that these are going to be separate so you can’t feel the other person!

  2. How I would love to jump over and vote for you!!! I live in Brazil. I often have store and craft envy and try and make do with what I can make, create or substitute, but there just isn’t anything like the good old U.S. of A for DIY! Love your Site.

    Donya Kesler

  3. What the crap, Michelle! There are a million new things going on at your house. I can’t wait to see them all!

  4. First, cannot believe you got those swing arms for $20. They are fabulous. Secondly, those teases bring me to tears I love them so much. I truly wish you could come to my home and help me. That there is some awesome – awesomeness! Can’t wait to see the full reveals. And those basement floors, just stop it. the bunk niches too. kay, i’m done. Love it when you get your design groove on! it’s some darn good stuff, lady!

  5. Looking REAL good! Love that blue wall ….

    Voted for you! Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  6. JoeyfromSC says:

    You have great taste! lol..Congrats on your shelf wall being nominated! I voted:) I really love your blog btw!

    Happy Holidays!!


  7. Ack!! I am so excited to see each of these projects. I don’t do well with this kind of thing. I’m not a patient person. Haha!

  8. Hey!! Love the whole site!! You are one saavy woman! Where did you find the plans for the built in bunks? This is EXACTLY what need for my 2 boys!!

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