Projector stand to drink cart.

 Bar carts have come back in vogue and they scream “chic”.
Kind of odd that I admire them since I don’t drink.
Via Everything Fab.
Via House of Turquoise.
Via Habitually Chic.
Last week we hosted my son’s first birthday so I thought, why not make my own (non-alcoholic) bar cart using my old audio visual cart that I picked up at a school auction?
(Actually, I have several of these a/v carts that I use for everything from nightstands to end tables all over my house).  Admittedly, I have a little problem that when I find something I like I sort of hoard them up.
 So here’s ONE of the carts that I decided to transform.
Gave it a coat of spray primer in a can.
 Then a coat of Rustoleum’s bright yellow spray paint.
I found this lovely wrapping paper (another thing I collect hoard) at
World Market that I thought would make a pretty base.
 Of course it wouldn’t lay flat so I had a two pieces of plexi-glass cut at Ace Hardware for under $10. each.
I almost opted to have mirrors cut for a really chic look but since this was a kid’s b-day I was afraid of the broken aftermath.
 Viola, paper lays flat and is also protected from any accidents or spills.
Plus, I can change out the paper in the future.
Then I loaded it up with all sorts of fun sodas, seltzers, fancy-schmancy waters, juices and treats.
Make mine a double!
BTW, today is the last day to enter our giveaway for a piece by Jesse Miller.  
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  1. Adorable.

  2. Turned out great! I’ve had this on my to do list FOREVER! I love how you just get it done. People keep asking me why I have a baby changing table in my family room. They think I might have some news, but no, just another unfinished project:).

  3. Love!!!

  4. I love it! Not only am I sort of obsessed with bar carts, but I also hoard World Market gift wrap! In fact, I started a 3-part series of tutorials on my blog last week to start to put it to use.

  5. I far prefer your cart over the liquor cart versions. You can also substitute poster art or maps (olde worlde versions or nautical, etc) for the wrapping paper.

    Beautifully done!

  6. Adorable! You are so clever :)

  7. Love this idea! So cute.

  8. This is a great idea, and I can totally see using this on a patio for parties. Fun.

  9. Fantastic, I love the idea of the cart as a nightstand also!

  10. Genius, genius, genius! The peppy yellow color is fabulous! What a perfect way to roll the party to you.

  11. what a cute idea!

  12. Love it! Love the paper better than mirror too–you can switch it out as often as you please!

  13. Love it! It looks great!

  14. Can you buy the German Rittersport Schokolade in the U.S.? I’m from Germany and the typical name jumped to my eye.
    Have a nice week!

  15. I love this! I need to find a cart I can keep on my patio for summer parties. Great idea!

  16. Where would one start keeping their eye open for a cart?? I need to make one of these STAT!!! Help a girl out please!!!
    Did I mention that cart is stinkin adorable and such a brilliant idea!!!???

  17. This is ridiculously genius. Like you, I love the bar cart look but am not a drinker. I love the idea of transforming this to a family/kid-friendly item!

  18. Beautiful! Good job as always.

  19. What a great idea! love the yellow too.

  20. Love this! You are so creative! I’ve been admiring the bar carts here recently too, but I’m also not a drinker… but, I guess it doesn’t have to be an alcoholic bar, huh!

  21. I’m totally in love with this. I love the yellow!

  22. I absolutely love this idea! My husband is a teacher…maybe he can buy one from Megan

  23. HI!! adoro tu blog. Desde hoy te sigo y te invito a que me sigas en: mamaartista

    Un saludo. L+

  24. Who knew a project cart could be so versatile??! You did a great job! Love the colour

  25. I love this idea and your execution is beautiful! Now if only I could find a cart.

  26. What kind of tile is the black and white floor… or is that a rug?? Where did you get it from???

  27. This is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s! I made one out of discarded wood and painted it a bright teal but have yet to blog about it. You just reminded me…

  28. Very nice! Love the color – so fresh and upbeat :)

  29. Ok, I did it. Wrote a blog post about the one I made about two weeks ago and which yours reminded me to do. Love your happy yellow one!

  30. This looks fantastic! I love the bright yellow color and the more industrial flair in comparison to those fancy, dainty ones up top.

  31. LOVE it! Great color choice. I found a utility cart at a flea market and sprayed it glossy white to be a bar cart in my kitchen.

  32. Love this idea! My 22 year old son is getting his first post-college apartment and this would be the perfect housewarming present! Have to get on that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Love what you did with the drink cart! Great (and thrifty) idea.

  34. I love this idea!! so versatile and I have to say my fav part is the decorative paper, especially since you can change it up :) well done!!

  35. Liking those A/V carts used in new and fun ways!

  36. This is a beyond genius idea! I have seen these carts all the time at the di. I am now going to start collecting them as well. My husband will be thrilled. My mind is swimming with ideas! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!
    Happy Thursday!


  37. this is so adorable! totally useable for a outdoor garden party too! easy to move around.


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