Pom-Pom Garland.

Hi Friends! Today’s DIY project is brought to you by one of our fabulous contributors Anu from Nalle’s House.


Take it away Anu!
Today I have a craft that is perfect for using up the leftover yarn you may have in your stash.  It’s a fun pom pom garland that would be perfect for a child’s room, baby/bridal shower or party.

I love adding handmade touches to the spaces I decorate so this little pom pom garland found its home in my sons’ shared room.  It’s hanging from the bunny shelf above my older son’s bed and is a not too matchy-matchy mate to his baby brother’s knit bunting (you can find the pattern for it here).  I love the fact that I was able to customize this garland to tie in with the room’s colour scheme (blues, greys and a little persimmon). 

My mom is a talented knitter and I remember making pom poms with her when I was little.  This is the technique I used to make pom poms back then and now too:

Pom Pom Garland

cardboard (e.g., a cereal box)
yarn in various colours
How To
  1. Cut two circles from cardboard making a smaller hole in the centre (like a donut).  I made my circles using a round object, but a compass would work too (my outer circle was approximately 1.5″ and the inner circle was approximately 0.5″)
  2. Cut a piece of yarn 2x the length of an arm span (e.g., I held a doubled up length of yarn between my outstretched arms – a very technical measurement. :) )
  3. Put the two cardboard circles on top of each other and begin wrapping your yarn around the face of the circle going through the centre circle (see 2nd picture below).  To get started wrapping, it is helpful to make a slip knot to hold the yarn in place (see first picture below).
  4. Once you have gone around your circle 1.5 to 2 times, you can start cutting the yarn.  You will want to cut through the yarn at the edge.  This is where the two circles come in handy – You can poke your scissors in between the two cardboard circles to make sure you are cutting the yarn loops exactly in the centre resulting in an even pom pom
  5. After the loops are all cut, tie the strands together.  Use the space between the two cardboard circles to slip a piece of yarn around and make a knot leaving some extra yarn
  6. Gently slip the cardboard circles from the cut strands and you are left with a perfectly round pom pom!
  7. Repeat this for as many pom poms you want to have on your garland (I made 18).
  8. Tie the pom poms to a string spacing them evenly.  I braided three pieces of the yarn together for my string, but you could really use any string or even twist some yarn together.
  9. Lastly, hang your pom pom garland so you can admire it. :)
I hope this garland has inspired you to get your craft on!  Oh, and did I mention that this garland  would also be a great way to snazz up your wheels? :)
I would love for you to come over to Nalle’s House.  You can find more of my DIY projects and crafts here.
Thanks again Michelle for having me here today!
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***Children should always be supervised around objects with strings, cords, etc. Some decorations could pose a choking or strangulation hazard to children.***


  1. Anu, you’ve done it again! Such a cute idea and pretty simple! Love it!

  2. Great concept! Thank you for Sharing this! It is so easy and looks so professional! Will be doing this for my nieces room! thanks for the inspiration Michelle and Anu!!

    Have a great day guys!

  3. LOVE!! How do you attach the poms to the braid?


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