Pillow fight!

 I just received some new pillow covers from Skoope Home and couldn’t be more thrilled!  I seem to have acquired quite a collection of pillows over the years that I paired them with.  Skoope pillow is on the far right with the Ikat design.  Choosing was muy difficult.  She has tons of great patterns to choose from.  
(Black pillow with monogram is from Stitches by LouAnn).
 I had her do the reverse side of the ikat pillow with the gray chevron fabric.  
I also ordered the pink ikat cover.  To my surprise my boys thought the pink ikat was “super cool”.  They’d be careful…they might come home to pink bedspreads one day.  The gray striped pillow is from Joss and Main.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t order a couple more.  Someone please email me if they spot any come up for sale on any other site? (Throw is from HomeGoods).
To all you who keep wondering when I’m going to post pictures of our new home remodel…they’re on their way.  My girlfriend, Michelle of Wondertime Photography is coming to visit tomorrow and she’s bringing her camera!


  1. Can’t wait to see the rest of your home!

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOVE your choice of pillows! I’m shopping around for a white slipcovered sofa. Any chance you would share where you purchased yours? It is a wonderful shape and doesn’t appear to be too low, as I’m finding many to be.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you please tell us how your sis-in-law is doing?

  4. I especially love the chevron patterned pillow. I also love to work with the repition of the Greek Key – it can be very soothing and understated in the same manner that the chevron accomplishes with its lines. The combination you have here, set near the gloss of the lamp, makes for a wonderfully contemporary statement – very nicely done!

  5. Loving the pillows. I have been searching for a source for some pillow covers and have come up empty. Thanks for the link.

  6. yay! can’t wait to see some home reveal pics!;) love the pillows.

  7. This all looks great… looking forward to seeing the upcoming photos, I think we have the same style haha. I’m your newest follower!

    xxo, Jenn


  8. Homegoods (TJMAxx) had a TON of great chevron pillows exactly like this! Gray, brown, burnt orange, eggplant, black and white and probably some more colors. I bought two sets :). 24.99 for 2!

    Cyndee ><>

  9. how much does she charge for those pillows?? i checked out her shop, but couldn’t find a price listing for her covers. i looove her work!! wanna know if i can afford it :)

  10. I like the happy ikat. Checking out Skoop

  11. Hi,
    Where is your GREAT white couch and the end table and lamp in the picture from? Love them all!!

    Thanks for any information you can provide!

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