Picture Wall.

My den is half way done. The other side of the room is perfect. This side is empty. I bought a zillion (20 to be exact) frames a year ago at Aaron Brother’s penny sale (buy one frame get another for a penny…[they run that sale in January and July]).
I borrowed my neighbor’s laser level and went to work.

I cut out paper the exact size as the frames to play with the placement of them on the wall.

Then I nailed away. My hubby cringed everytime I pounded another hole in the wall. (He just doesn’t know good design).

Then I hung away. You can see I don’t have any real pictures yet in the frames…that will be next.

This is my dream sofa that will go under all those pictures. It is from Red in Fred. Way out of my price range at this point in my life but a girl can always dream, right?


  1. amazing as usual!

  2. I love your den!!! You are creatively awesome!

  3. what is it about men and wanting blank boring walls instead of having a few holes in the wall…heaven forbid!

  4. love it….gregg did a wonderful job on a frame arrangement i wanted but vowed to NEVER do it again. those close multiple groupings are so hard to get just right! great job!

  5. have you considered blowing up a few photos, cutting them and using 4 frames for one photo? you don’t have to do it for all of them, but one larger “mosaic” photo in the corner would be rad.

    yeah I said rad.

    I love the symmetry. looks great!

  6. Love the wall! And the color, and I have a sofa that could be your dream sofa’s twin, and I found her on craigslist for $80… In pristine condition.

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