Panic attack and a tv appearance.

Phew! This week I’ve been constantly thinking, “if I can just get through the week then I’ll be golden”
I’ve had a lot on my plate and the cherry on top that has caused me to wake up every night in a panic (current time: 2:06am) is that I lost my youngest child this week while at the zoo. Amongst the chaos of the bird exhibit and kids everywhere we got separated. I’m amazed how many terribly dark thoughts when through my mind literally in a matter of seconds when it happened. My mind went to the worst as I ran around frantically screaming for him.  It wasn’t more than 5 minutes when some angel brought him to guest services and we were reunited.  We had more than one angel watching over us that day (thank you, thank you) and I can’t help but think it couldn’t have been a much worse scenario.  One that I NEVER want to repeat again.  With my sleepless nights I’ve been Googling ways I can not loose my kids again (pay better attention would be the first).  I’ve ruled out the animal backpack with a tether (not a good look for a kid over 5) then I came across kid GPS systems which I can’t wait to share with you in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, I went on Studio 5 yesterday to dish about my modern numbers project.  You can see the video below.

Brooke asked me what upcoming projects I had on the horizon and I mentioned I’ve been trying to convince my husband that we need an outdoor playhouse!  (We’re going on 2 months of negotiation talks about this playhouse).  Nothing like a little live television pressure, right?  So that’s what I’ll working on this weekend (trying to convince him, not actually building…YET).

Happy weekend all!


  1. You are such a natural on TV!!!

    So glad you found your son, I cannot even begin to imagine how terrifying that must have been. Makes me want to hug my boys and never let them go.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I lost two! of my kids in the mall once. My oldest pushed his little sister away in the stroller and I couldn’t find them between all of the clothing racks. We were probably only separated for about three minutes time, but I was already seeing myself being interviewed on the Today Show the next morning for losing both of my kids while shopping… Glad everybody is okay :)

  3. Studio One says:

    It’s good to know that you are certainly not alone in having this experience and I think your statement about having an angel watching over you is the absolute truth! I do not know of one mother who has not had a situation with her children where she knew to look up and to whom to give thanks! Please take a cleansing breath – you deserve it!

    I am extremely interested to view your results of research for the GPS system! I’ll ‘stay tuned’!

  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. My grandparents lost me at the beach when I was 5. They both thought the other was watching me, and when I looked up and didn’t see them, I freaked out and just started walking down the beach looking for them. It was probably a good 20 minutes before a nice older lady noticed I looked lost and took me to the lifeguard stand. Luckily, my grandparents had the foresight to always make sure I knew the name of our hotel and our room number. The lifeguard took me back and when I got back to the room, there were 3-4 policemen and my grandmother was on her knees praying. Nothing bad happened but I can’t even imagine how scary that was! Anything in the world could have happened to me, but thank the Lord it didn’t. I look forward to reading about the GPS systems!

  5. I haven’t missed your post on the GPS system have I?

  6. Hi Michelle, I’m glad he was ok…that is a mother’s worse nightmare and I too would have started to think the worse. I haven’t missed your post on the GPS system have I?

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  8. Hi there,

    I’m trying to watch your modern House Numbers video but no matter where I try to view it it says content unavailable? I got all my supplies but would like to watch the video before tackling the project. Also, what color stain did you use? Was it Special Walnut by any chance?

    Stacie Paz

    • Yes, I used special Walnut. I think the videos expire after a certain amount of time. Bummer. But the tutorial on the blog is pretty straightforward. Let me know if you have questions about anything in particular that I can answer. Happy to help.

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