Painting the garage.

Painting the garage project is underway.
The garage used to have 70’s plastic arches on the windows.
They cracked so were removed (thank goodness) and these long windows were left.
We had a piece of wood fitted to break up the space.
Last Saturday I painted the door with a coat of primer.
Amazing what a coat of white will do.
Already much improved.
 Next, a coat of gray to match the bay window.
Thank you for all your opinions and comments!



  1. Hoping you will share snaps of the completed effort – giving us a full view of the exterior. I am confident it will look wonderful!

  2. Anonymous says:

    IS your garage metal or wood?

  3. Garage is wood.

  4. Hey Michelle, I have a question, are u gonna paint your brick? My house was build in the 80s an I hate the brick an I’m on the fence about painting it

  5. Also the garage is gonna look great

  6. thanks for adding us to your blog roll, we’re honored!

  7. oh oh oh – that looks GOOD. i love the cedar shakes too. maybe you can pop on over to my blog and give me some outdoor pointers! im trying to figure out what to do with the outside of my house – right now its just so blegh..

  8. It looks amazing, Michele! I love that you separated the windows too. Oh the POWER of Paint!!

  9. it is completely amazing what a coat of white paint will do! drab to fab!

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