Getting our shed organized.

This month we shared our shed makeover with you…

shed final with logo

We were so pleased with the turnout but it felt a bit like a partial makeover because when you opened the doors…


It was a disaster inside. I walked in to find something a few weeks ago and actually twisted my ankle tripping over my son’s scooter, ran in to a wall of boxes and pulled down some Easter baskets on my head.  Then I threw a minor tantrum…you know when you are so beyond annoyed and mad that you yell like a bear and start throwing things…yep.  That.

It was so beyond the point of needing to get organized.  We first cleared everything out and took inventory of what we had and what we could donate.


 One of the problems I have with projects is it takes me about an hour to hunt down everything I need before I even start.  Tools are literally scattered everywhere.
Basement, garage, boxes in the shed.

I spent about $50. on a couple of peg boards and assorted peg board hooks from ACE Hardware and covered this wall.


Best money I ever spent.
P.S. You can buy an assortment of pegboard hooks on Amazon for the cheapest price I’ve seen around.

Shed organization

There is something so gratifying and freeing about being organized and knowing where things are.  I’m ready to tackle the rest of my house.

Check out some of our other projects using pegboard:


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Happy Peg-boarding!

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Dreaming of Terrazzo Floors.

I’m ready to roll my sleeves up and work on a whole new house.  If only moving wasn’t such a hassle.  Today I’m planning out the floors for my new house (which exists only in my dreams right now).  When it comes to floors, wood or tile are the main go-to’s.  It’s always fun to push the envelope and experiment with something new…or in this case, old.  I’m talking about Terrazo floors which have been around forever but aren’t usually the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they are considering flooring.

Terrazzo is a process that consists of mixing small pieces of marble of other aggregates in to concrete or epoxy.  It became really popular in the 1960’s and 70’s.  I can remember as a kid the Salt Lake City airport used to be all speckled Terrazo floors and I loved it.  But then they remodeled.  I have not idea what’s there now but obviously nothing that made an impression for me to remember.

Terrazzo was really popular in mid century design but it is really making a resurgence because of its low maintenance, durability and clean sleek look.







my-paradissi-bathroom-with wood-Christine-Remensperger-Haus-B








As for me, I love it!
Are you a fan?

Hudson Bay Blanket

O Canada.
How we love thee.
You’ve given us Ryan Gosling, maple syrup and hockey.
How can we ever thank you?
But I have to say, in my humble opinion, one of your best additions ever was the Hudson Bay Wool Blanket
(blanket traded by the Hudson Bay company between Canada and North America in 18-19th century).
It has influenced design (and warmed cold toes) around the world.

Yesterday, after I dropped my last little man off at his first day of preschool,


me and my teary-eyed self wandered around town until it was time to pick him back up and see if he survived.
You can imagine my excitement when I found a vintage Hudson Bay Blanket at a consignment shop in my wanderings.
It was like a consoling gift from Heaven.

For now it’s hanging out on my son’s bed


but oh the possibilities…


Via Atlanta Homes Magazine



Via Apartment Therapy

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Via Animal Print Shop



Via Vogue Living.



Via Apartment Therapy


Via Country Living


Via Selectism


Via One King’s Lane

Here are some different versions of the classic Hudson Bay Wool Blanket.


1. The Bay.
2. Faribault.
3. Pendleton.
4. Woolrich.

P.S. My little man did great on his first day.  For the past 11+ years I’ve been at home raising three little men.
I’m emotional seeing this sweet time come to an end but I’m immensely excited to see what this new chapter holds!