Reducing allergens in your home.

*I am a Filtrete Brand blogger ambassador and was compensated for this post.  All opinions and selection of additional products used in this project are my own.*

This season has been BRUTAL on my allergies.
I think I sneezed at least 30 times in a half-hours time at my son’s game.
Any my eyes…don’t even get me started on those. I’m about to scratch them right out they itch so bad.
My 3 year old told me my eyes were “bleeding” the other day. Of course they weren’t but they were completely red, swollen and bloodshot from allergies.
Luckily I have a couple weapons in my back pocket when it comes to minimizing allergens.
The first is my trusty neti pot which I use religiously morning and night. If you don’t know what one is, Google it.

The second thing that’s really important is using the Filtrete Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter.

I know what you’re thinking…you’re being sponsored to say that. It could be a total placebo effect but I honestly believe it helps improve our indoor air. Filtrete air filters help reduce allergens such as pollen, dust and mold spores in your home’s air just by running your heater or air conditioner. With homes becoming more energy efficient they are also becoming traps for pollutants. Did you know indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality?


Here’s a side by side shot of our old air filter compared with the new.


It’s probably one of the cleaner air filters we’ve pulled because we use our heater/air conditioner least in the spring but none the less, you can still see the amount of dust and crud that gets trapped in a filter which you could otherwise be breathing. Uh, no thank you.


The other benefit of regularly changing your air filters is that it helps capture some of the dust in your home.

 Read more about Filtrete Air Filters on their site, Facebook and Twitter.

My new fave mascara.

You’ve probably gathered that I’m no fashionista.
Having 3 men under my supervision has depleted any time I have to play dress up, curl my hair or doll myself up everyday.
The one thing I am particular about is makeup. I look like the walking dead without it.
If it’s just a quick trip to the store I might gamble and think I can go incognito with just a hat but I always seem to run in to someone and regret that decision.
I can’t live without my foundation…not a lot…just to even out my tone…never leave home without it.

The latest makeup craze…it’s all about the eyelashes. Some look great but some are just way too fake for my liking.
I’ve considered eyelash extensions but let’s face it…I’m lazy, would miss my next appt, then have tini-broken lashes.
I was recently invited to a makeup party and was introduced to my new favorite mascara.
It’s called 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique and it’s pretty awesome.
Here’s how my lashes normally look with my grocery store mascara (major airbrushing included):

PicMonkey Collage

Check out the difference with the 3D Fiber Lashes:

PicMonkey Collage2

The 3DFiber Lashes comes with two applicators…


You first apply the Transplanting Gel (which is pretty much black mascara).  Next you apply the Natural Fibers (which is fibers made from green tea).  Last, you apply one more coat of the Transplanting Gel.  Voila!  Super long, super thick lashes.  No, like they made a SERIOUS difference.

I’m not making any money by plugging Younique…I’m just in love with this stuff people and I wanted to share it with you.  I am hosting an online party with my new friend Brooke who writes the popular blog: Mom Explores Michigan who also fell so in love with it that she is now selling it.
You buy, I get mascara.
So buy away, but no pressure (maybe just a little). :)

Go here to see more.

Container gardening.

I’ve always been a wanna-be gardener.
Problem is my green thumb is more like a black thumb.
I swear you can hear plants scream when I come around so I pretty much gave up on the whole concept.


On a recent trip to Target, all their planters were 50% off…and they were all so pretty…so I decided to give my gardening skills another try.


 I loaded up my trunk,  hit up Home Depot for some plants and made my self a front porch container garden.


I even remembered a trick I cataloged in the back of my mind.  I think I tend to kill plants, not by neglecting them, but giving them too much TLC.  Ice cubes are a perfect solution for someone like me who tends to over-water.  You can measure the perfect amount of water plus the plants gets waters slower as the ice cubes melt which means less run-off.
(Listen to me talk like I’m an expert.  Ha.  This is all in concept mind you).

4men1lady2 weeks strong and so far so good.


The Mr. also tried his hand at a mini-backyard-farm in the form of two DIY planter boxes.
You may remember this Instagram pic from May:


Fast-forward to July and his experiment is going strong!


He planted about 5 different seeds and only the corn and pumpkins took root.

PicMonkey Collage

He’s the cutest farmer I’ve ever seen (although Chris on the Bachelorette is a close contender).
I don’t know what he’s whispering to those plants but he’s saying something…I spied on him the other day.

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