Getting our spring cleaning on with Filtrete

*This is a paid sponsored post by 3M Filtrete Brand.  All opinions are my own.*

Living with 4 men isn’t always roses and cupcakes.
More like smelly sneakers and muddy t-shirts.
I love them to death but I honestly don’t understand how they can make such a huge mess in such a short amount of time.
I asked my oldest son to sweep the floor the other day and I caught him sweeping all the crumbs under the rug. Ugh.

Now that spring is finally here we’re getting our spring cleaning on.
I need to shake the grayness of winter off by scrubbing the grout with toothbrushes, getting the carpets cleaned and (spoiler alert) we’re even getting our cabinets re-painted. All that cleaning and painting means harsh chemicals in the home which gives me anxiety.  I used to burn scented candles to freshen a room but that is just a mask plus you can actually pollute the air with harmful toxins that comes from burning certain candles.  Opening the windows to let in the fresh air helps tremendously but that also invites dust and pollen in.

We don’t often think about our home’s air filters when it comes to a cleaning routine. Do you change them regularly and are you using the right ones? We used to buy the cheapest ones we could get our hands on but then I came across3M Filtrete’s line of air filters which provide a whole host of defense against your home.


Check out what my old, used filter looked like after just one month.


The Odor Reduction Filtrete Filter is supposed to be 65 times more effective than other carbon filter at removing odors from cooking, pets, mildew, cleaning chemicals, tobacco smoke and BOYS!

IMG_2060(Let me tell you, changing air filters is so much fun).

A week later and I actually do notice a difference, no lie! Do you hear the angels singing? We’re making a healthier home.
You should definitely consider Filtrete Filters as a part of your Spring Cleaning Routine this season.

For more information on Filtrete you can visit their website or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

DIY Tomato Cage Pot Planter.

My hacker friend has struck again.
Although I really do think it’s a sophisticated computer program doing a nasty little number and giving technology a bad reputation.
Oh how I love and hate computers.
Not to worry, I’ve got my brainy-act peeps on it.
If you see a few questionable things coming from me…forgive me, ignore it then send me a heads up if you can.
Good will prevail! (That’s not meant as a challenge hackers).

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen we’ve been up to our necks putting together an IKEA kitchen this past weekend for a condo project.
There was a lot bleeping when we installed a few things upside down then waited on hold with the Ikea help desk forever only to be disconnected.
The Mr. and I are still on silent treatment terms with each other but that will blow over as soon as we’ve settled down from the IKEA-rage
(which is very similar to road rage minus the road).

In the meantime, I wanted to give you another little Home Depot Patio Style Challenge teaser. There are several awesome bloggers participating and we’re all making our outdoor spaces look dope. Reveals begin today on the Home Depot Blog. You can also follow their Pinterest board to see highlights.
Onto the sneak peak…

You’ve seen tomato cages, yes?
But have you seen tomato cages that look like this?


This is just a few but they have them in almost every color of the rainbow!
I thought I was in Home

Your made. A Depot Heaven when I came across these.
A little snipity-jibit off the top…



Instant Terracotta pot holder.

Head on over to the Home Depot blog to see some more Patio Style Challenge reveals!

I’m raising people, people.

The other day I was asked what I did for a living.

My reply was a “homemaker and stay-at-home mom”.

I was surprised that I gave that answer instead of my other go-to answer which sounds way more glitzy and interesting.
I was also surprised that I was slightly embarrassed that I had claimed that as my job title…as if it weren’t credible or significant?
What’s with that homemaker / stay-at-home mom stigma?

As a homemaker and stay-at-home mom I manage finances,
Plan, budget, shop and prepare meals 365 days a year  for a family of 5,
I am an expert homework helper (and homework these days is tough),
I safely chauffeur up to 7 kids at one time all while staying cool and calm under absolute mayhemic circumstances,
I administer 1st aid at a moments notice without faining at awful, horrific sights,
I earn extra income by writing and managing a blog, as well as do real estate research,
I do the laundry of 5, mop floors, do dishes, scrub toilets, vacuum, dust…the list goes on.
Point: totally credible and significant.

If I get the list done for the day I feel successful.

There are some duties to the job description that you can’t plan for.
Things less obvious.

They entail stepping away from the to-do list and sitting down beside the child to marvel at the sight of the garbage truck arm flip a can high in the air, with ease and dump a week’s worth of trash in to the top.
Every. Single. Thursday.
It’s a job description duty that seems so easy but is so difficult because it requires presence.
Humans don’t do “presence” well.
Let the moments to be present pass and you’ve missed the whole reward and purpose of homemaking/parenting 101.