Outdoor shed inspiration.

When you can no longer park in the garage because it’s filled with bikes, skateboards, strollers and tools it’s either time to sell it all on Craigslist or get a shed.  
A shed it is.
My sweet husband warms up to most every hair-brained idea I come up with.  However, my mention of putting a chandelier in the shed for lighting was a “Not over my dead-body am I doing that!” type answer.
Apparently he hasn’t seen my inspiration pictures…



Is that still a “no” honey?

BTW, Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. Those sheds are amazing.. although they look a little more for show than practicality.

    We built ours from scratch in order to match the look of the house a little better.


    Good luck!

  2. Be careful what you wish for. I wanted a potting shed and ended up with a two story, two car garage in my back yard. The good news – one wall has a nice potting bench with sink and window. My husband got a work bench and “powder room”. The good news – the attached garage is all mine now too.

  3. I cringed when you said shed! But these are just lovely.

  4. i suddenly feel the need to have a shed in my backyard. Or maybe a play house? Or a “tea” house? Lounging house? For sure a something house. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Wonderful little buildings – I especially like the version with the roofline windows to add more natural light.

    I expect that if you proposed an expanded floorplan to include favorites for The Mr. – the additional space could quickly become a man cave – and include a chandelier…

  6. You make an excellent point…

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