One of my new favorite stores.

I’ve been preparing to share with you our new basement.
It’s almost ready but not quite.
One of the things we have a lot of are new shelves…lots of new shelves…7 to be exact.
As of right now they are looking just a tad sparse.
The Mr. would like nothing more than to fill all the shelves with all his old college text books but I just can’t imagine anyone will ever pick up “Globalization and You” for a late night, fireside read…not even him.
So I’ve been searching for a few little knick knacks to polish off the styling of the shelves.
I recently came across a site that is new to me called Dot and Bo and I’ve been goo-goo over a lot of their stuff.

dot and bo collage

So what are your go-to stores for cutsie-toosie accessories and furnishings?


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I’m loving this website! Believe it or not but one of my favorite stores to get super cute home decor accessorizes is Meijer. Here in Michigan this is a large store where I can buy my groceries, stuff for the car and home stuff. The last few years they have had some pretty cute things and I always go down the home decor aisles before I do my grocery shopping. Also, Home Goods, Marshall or TJ Maxx is always a go to place for decor!

    • Isn’t it the best! I’ve wasted way too much time on there pinning things to my wish list. If I’m ever in Michigan I’m going to call you for a shopping date to Meijer. Sounds AH-MAZING! :)

  2. Cute site. I’m so excited to see your basement!!! I’m big into house projects but not much of a blogger – I jump into a project and then along the way think, “Oh, I should have taken a before picture.” But even with my lack of before pictures, when I get the bulk of a project done, I look around and think, I need new lamps, blah blah blah. I have all sorts of projects that are mostly done but are not finished so I haven’t shared. (Maybe I should just share my progress and then get people’s ideas for finishing touches!)

    • Hi Sarah,
      It shouldn’t be long now for the basement! Just need to photograph and add a few more finishing touches. It’s funny. I’ve been blogging for several years now and I still forget to take before pictures half the time. :)

  3. I’m love everything- especially the lamp! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  4. I’m a TJ Maxx/Marshall’s kind of gal! :) I also love scouring local consignment and thrift stores for bargain treasures – I have found the most unique things for my home by going secondhand! Dot & Bo looks like a great store – can’t wait to explore their site a little more!

  5. I really like Dot & Bo. Bought some Christmas presents from them! I still love thrift stores, fleas and antique malls. Most of my “where did you get that?” Questions are because of those items. I also like Homegoods of course, and small local boutiques around town. I used to go to quite a few when I lived in Sugarhouse. Another favorite is a Facebook group in my area where we buy, sell or trade. Lots of good deals there! And anytime I’m in a different city, I check out their local stores and thrift stores. I’m heading for a getaway this week to NYC and I have a few places on my list to hit!

  6. ’m so excited to see your basement!!! I’m big into house projects but not much of a blogger


  1. […] looking for new, fun home decor websites. A few weeks ago, I came across Dot & Bo through a blog post on 4 Men 1 Lady. I really like the variety and selection. I love how they organize everything by different styles […]

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