Old Flamingo Feature.

I have a small handful of stores I would consider my best kept secrets for finding unique and one of kind pieces.  The Old Flamingo is one of them (located in Millcreek, UT).  When you come upon dozens of pink flamingos all over the front lawn (or snow) you know you’re at the right place.
The Old Flamingo was opened in July 2011 by Peter and Missy Coombs who have quite a background in restoring homes and furniture.  The concept behind the store is that it is a haven for furniture artists to showcase and sell pieces.  They currently have 17 collectors and artists all selling their works.
Most all the pieces have been re-purposed.  I just love this conceptbecause I find it is particularly hard to find furniture that is quality.  Many furniture stores these days sell brand new pieces that don’t have the same detail, craftsmanship and durability that many older pieces have.  The Old Flamingo gives new life to well-built pieces at a fraction of the price (like this beautiful dresser above). 
They also offer custom furniture refinishing on your own pieces.  From stripping to sanding to painting, they can do it all.  I actually have a few pieces that I plan on having them tackle for me.  I’m good at painting furniture, but after seeing some of the detail and techniques they do it’s probably best to leave it to the professionals.
As well as furniture refinishing that also have all sorts of unique vintage and antique accessories that you can be assured your neighbor won’t have.
Lovin this this love seat…
I’m also seriously considering that white cart below.  
Would make a great bar cart, night stand, end table, or kitchen cart.
I would have taken that gray desk if I had the room for it.
They also have a huge selection of art from new artists as well as vintage pieces.
I left that old movie screen but am thinking about going back for it to host outdoor movie parties in the spring.  That white lamp is actually leather and I’m a succor for cool lamps.
How cool would that military chest be as a toy chest in a boys room?
I always get sticker shock walking in to stores that specialize in vintage pieces.
The prices at The Old Flamingo are VERY reasonable.
They also have a huge collection of vintage and antique mirrors.
Grouped together on a wall or above a stair case they would make a dramatic display.
If you want to get a unique gift for that special someone on your Christmas list this year then you have to check out The Old Flamingo.
Located at: 
2474 East 2300 South in Millcreek, UT
Open Mon-Sat: 10-6
Sun: 10-4.
(Holiday hours starting Nov 23- Dec 23,
Mon-Sat: 10-7
Sun: 10-4).
Like them on Facebook here to be informed on their latest merchandise.
*(Come back tomorrow for “Treasure Hunting Tuesday” to see the most awesome piece I scored at 


  1. I love that dresser in the second picture!

  2. Wow what a great store, loving that gray desk

  3. Wish I could shop there!! love the dresser!! I also wish we had shops like that in my hometown…. love your blog…

  4. I love the dresser in first picture so beautiful wish my hometown had shops like this… love your blog…

  5. My mom had an old cart like the one you admired at Old Flamingo, and here’s what I did to it. It was the perfect lightweight nightstand for my daughter’s small room. The post after this one shows how it looks in her room. (If the link doesn’t take you there, Googling it works too.)


  6. I live just down the street! I can’t wait to try this shop out, I so want your headboard!

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