New pantry door installed.

 Our new pantry door just got installed!
(Actually it’s been on for a month and I’m just now finding time to take pictures).
The old layout had no pantry at all so it was important to definitely make room for one with the new layout.
 Please excuse the un-organization in there…I’m getting around to it.
Jeff Lewis would have a stroke.
I’m loving the barn door set up! 
 I lugged home this 8 foot track and barn door hardware from a quaint little hardware store called
  Silver Star Hardware.  They have the cutest little dog running around in there that plays fetch…perfect for keeping curious little boys entertained.
 Then I painted a solid core door with chalkboard paint.
 The track is pretty nifty.  
It uses rubber wheels in the track instead of metal ones so it doesn’t 
screech every time the door slides back and forth.
Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you my latest acquisition and how I used it on the door.


  1. I want a chalkboard pantry door…and a much bigger pantry!!

  2. Love it!

  3. very cool! do you happen to know what brand of track you purchased? i have been looking for one like that for my son’s bedroom closet door but haven’t had any luck!

  4. AM totally into barn doors. Trying to figure out where I can install one…guess that one is on the wish list.

  5. That’s way cool! I’m jealous of anyone with a pantry.

  6. I love it, because I love barn doors and I love pantries. I have neither one. :( What was that room before? My kitchen is so small I cannot even make room for a mini pantry corner … or I’d have to give up the table, but we like to breakfast at that table???
    Painting it with chalk board paint is very clever!

  7. oh I love it! A chalk board barn door – what a great idea for a pantry!

  8. That is absolutely amazing!!!!

    XO Lori

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love your entire house and thanks for sharing it all with us .
    wondering if you knew the brand that the barn door is
    later jen

  10. How nifty! I like that you painted it with chalkboard paint.

  11. Love it! Great combo of barn door and chalkboard paint.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering what color stain did you use on your hardwood floors?

  13. very cool! It’s so fun seeing these little bits of your home come together!

  14. This is really very cool!

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