New / old front house lights.

Happy new year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and all the rest…
Has it really been since Christmas that I last posted?
Well, it was a good little break.
Kids were home from school for the past 2 weeks and we spent some good old quality family time together doing a little playing, a little traveling, sharing a nasty cold, a little arguing, a little getting on each other’s nerves…just normal family stuff.
But now it’s back to normal life. We’ve been making some fun progress on the house that I can’t wait to share with you.

First up, I FINALLY switched out the 35 year old broken lanterns in the front of our house.  I haven’t been able to make a decision about outdoor lights for the past 2 + years so we’ve just left up the ugly ones.  Nothing like a hosting a holiday party to make you jump in to action.  Keeping up appearances at its finest.


In our Arizona house I put up this red outdoor barn light in our bathroom from Barn Light Electric .  When we moved I took it with me.


I liked the light so much that I purchasedan identical one in gray for my backyard patio but we moved before I could install it.
I totally forgot about them until I found them in the shed last month (a common problem of hoarders like myself I suspect).


The temperature reached the high 40’s-low 50’s one day last month (not ideal conditions for spray paint) but I decided to press my luck and attempt spraying them anyway.
I first gave them a quick scuff-up with some sand paper.
Next I spray-primed them and let them sit for a few hours.
Ideally, I find it best to let them “cure” for about 24 hours before applying paint but I was in a hurry as a storm was coming.


I sprayed them a glossy black and oooo-la-laaa did they look purdy!
Until Mother Nature decided to toy with me…


Big drops of water began to fall from the sky (insert panic and naughty words).
I quickly rigged a make-shift tent out of saw horses, umbrellas and clamps…disaster averted.



(How do you like all that saw dust on the garage door windows)?

Here’s how far the house exterior has come…



Not the best shot being in the dreary cold of winter when everything is dead but still leaps and bounds than what it was.
See our diy garage makeover tutorial here.
See more of our exterior makeover here.


More projects on the horizon!


  1. Michelle, this looks so good! You’re entire exterior makeover has made such a world of difference. Just the inspiration I was looking for.

  2. It looks so good- makes the house soooo much more updated! Love breathing life into the old beauties :)

  3. Love! The lights look perfect on the exterior. I’m pumped to see the other projects you’ve been working on, especially the bathroom. The teaser photos you posted a while back are killing me! Thanks for all the awesomeness you continue to deliver!

  4. Fun and different light! I sent you an email, hoping it didn’t go to junk box…I’d love to have you in my series next month (just one spot left!) but understand it can be crazy! Just discovered your blog and I love what you share!

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for reaching out. I went back and checked my spam and I can’t seem to find the email. Can you re-send? I’d love to participate. smhinckley at yahoo dot com.
      Thanks hun!

  5. Love love love the new lights!

  6. Love how this turned out!

  7. That looks fabulous! What an amazing difference such a small change such as new lights can make! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome projects in 2014!

  8. Oh my Michelle, you are just what I needed! We have been fixing up our 1968 SLC rambler for a year now. The exterior has me nervous and then I saw your exterior. I have already used some of your interiors as inspiration (thank you thank you) We have the same roof and brick color. I love your green. What would you think of Charcoal, white trim and copper accents? I think that is what I want, but without many examples working with multi colored brick, and my lack of confidence in my designing abilities, I’m a little paint shy:)

    • Girrrrllll! You are speaking my language! Charcoal, white trim and copper would be stunning. Neutral yet bold and classic. GO FOR IT! Send me pictures too. If I had my druthers I would paint the brick but the Mr. isn’t on that same page. Thanks for you comment. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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