New house numbers project and a giveaway!

This week I’ve teamed up with Proctor & Gamble and The Home Depot to bring you a new project and giveaway opportunity.  At the first sign of 50 degree weather this year I wasted no time and headed outside to get a jump start on quite a few home projects that have been on my mind all winter.  The first was my garage door makeover where I painted trim and glued it up, then I cut some more trim and painted it up to make a frame for my magnetic board, and today I’m showing off my new house numbers project.

Modern, my house is not but if I had my druthers it would be.  To fix that I gave it a little hit of modern with my new house numbers.

PicMonkey Collage1

To tackle this project I picked up some (free) paint stir sticks at Home Depot and cut them down to size.  Next I stained them and glued them on to a board that I spray painted (to blend in with the white pillar it would lean against).  Then I added my house numbers that I found from Design Within Reach and there you have it!





To see more check out this video I did on Studio 5.

Thumbs up?   So what does this and all the projects I just mentioned have in common? Sweat, work, mess and paint. The Home Depot and P&G want you to get you ready for your spring painting projects. They’re giving away a Swiffer Sweeper, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original and a $25. gift card to The Home Depot.   Blank Doc for Picmonkey   Now I’ll be honest, this ain’t no ipad like I’ve given away in the past but seriously, I use these items daily and several times a day at that.  I would be lost (or have a much dirtier home) without them.  Plus they are in my arsenal when I do any painting project.  The Swiffer Sweeper is SO much better than a broom because it traps those tiny pieces of dirt that usually get left behind making my floors much cleaner.  And the Magic Eraser…the are heaven sent! I used to use really heavy, toxic cleaners on my shower surfaces, oven, stove, etc. but the Magic Eraser has replaced all of those.  The other thing that is so blessed about this Eraser sponge…remember when I posted about the red stool that has left marks all over my counters from being rammed so many times?   PicMonkey Collage   I tried soap, cleaning chemicals, finger nail polish remover and nothing worked,  Then I tried the Magic Eraser and it took it right off! Even on marks 6 months old, no problem!  “Magic” is an understatement.  It’s also great for any little paint splatters.

You can find all of your painting supplies, including the Swiffer Sweeper and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, at The Home Depot near you. Be sure to visit for more painting and DIY tips.



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Good Luck!

Procter & Gamble provided the prize for your consideration, as well as any prize provided as part of a contest.  I have been compensated to talk about this giveaway. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Love the style of those house #’s :) xo Kristin

  2. Those numbers are amazing. And I love that you paired them with the stained paint sticks. Interesting and modern. :)

  3. Love it! What color is the stain you used?

  4. TOTALLY stealing this idea! :) you’re a genius!!

  5. super clever and cool..but, you always are! lovely idea, and they look great next to your new curtains!

  6. Okay, where have I been?! Your blog rocks! I am so glad I found it and can’t wait to explore around some more! I am now following you on Pinterest!

  7. I love the house numbers and your DIY curtains. I am LOVING, loving, black and white stripes outside. Soooo Pretty! Great Job!

  8. I love your house numbers! What a great idea and a great look!

  9. I am totally digging those house numbers! I think a little punch of modern like that is a great way to update a not-so-modern home, without overwhelming it and looking out of place. Nice job!

  10. Put little bumper pads on the stool!! They will change your life!

  11. Love that house number plaque! You make everything look so easy to make…..sigh.

  12. I am totally in love with those house numbers!!! My husband and I are so sad that the town we moved to does not have a home depot. On any given weekend we would make trips there and now with it being an hour away it would have to be an extra special item for us to want to go there. Which to me is worth it because we love HD so much…but others think we are crazy!

  13. I love this! What a great project! And you can use it inside too, if you have special numbers!

  14. Love this idea! We have a primarily white exterior and this idea is a perfect way to still be able to use nickel numbers without them blending in. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  15. Definite thumbs up! I love this look!

  16. Love, Love the numbers… I’m a newbie to your blog and love everything I see. Just curious is there a picture of your front door with your brick color? We have the same color brick and I’m struggling with coming up with accent colors to go with it from the door to trim ect. Just from the picture of the numbers I think I can see possible green as well?

  17. Julie B. says:

    Love this! I’ve horded away the Home Depot version of these numbers for over a year now, waiting to find a way for the silver to actually show against our light colored house. I’m totally doing this tomorrow. Do you mind if I asked what you used to glue the numbers down?

  18. Love this! I made this last weekend and am curious as to how you attached it to your house?

  19. Hey Michelle!
    I copied you and did the house numbers as well. Here’s my version..

    Thanks for the good idea :)

  20. Love the house numbers, but $24 for each number is a little spendy for me for a DIY project. Stealing this idea, but will be looking for some cheaper numbers. Any other ideas from anyone?

  21. Crud. Am I the only guy here? As a closet pinner, I am going to have to do this too. I too like those numbers but as a single dad I can’t see spending that much. I found another set of numbers that are about $8 each on Amazon (The Hillman Group 843213 5-Inch Number). I’m going to check hardware store first while I go pilfer some paint sticks. BTW, glad I read these comments cuz I didn’t realize that you glued the numbers to the wood. Thanks for sharing!

    • Quick update, checked and those same numbers are $4.50 each. Just in case there are others out there pinching your pennies.

    • Thanks for sharing! I actually glued the stained paint sticks on a board then pre-drilled and screwed the numbers on. :)

      • I purchased the same numbers as you, however can’t figure out how to get the numbers to screw all the way down? The screws my numbers came with are fairly long, and once screwed in they leave a gap between the numbers and the board:( can you share how to fix? Thankss!

        • Yes, we actually had to size and purchase new screws at Home Depot that would be the perfect size for our boards. Then we screwed a hole through the back of the boards and fit it right in. You can also purchase screws that you can break off according to the size you need. Hope that helps!

  22. Hi there! My husband and I were wondering what you cut your paint sticks with? Thank you! :) such a great project!

  23. i would love to feature your project on my blog if this would be ok with you please let me know

  24. What a fantastic project. I’ve posted this idea to Pinterest/homedepot on the “Doors & Windows” pinboard. Thank you for the inspiration.

  25. This is FAB! Very high-end looking. I’m Pinning :)

  26. How did you physically attach the house numbers to the wood? do they come with small screws or is this a glue situation?

  27. Oh sorry, I just saw that they come with mounting hardware. Great idea! Can’t wait to try this

  28. Where did you get your light fixture for your front porch? I LOVE IT!

  29. Love it and am planning on replicating it myself soon! What are the dimensions of the board underneath and the length of the cut paint sticks?

  30. So beautiful! I love the numbers!

    2 questions: WHat glue did you use & how did you adhere the sign to your house?

    Great job! I bet you are the envy of everyone on your street!!


    • Thanks Goldi. I used an outdoor glue that comes in those tubes you have to stick in one of those accessory guns. To attach to the wall I just used a nail and picture hanging hook. Hope that helps! :)

  31. This is exactly what I have been looking for! Our house desperately needs a address number make-over and this is perfect! Love the use of paint sticks-genius! Thanks for the inspiration! Pinning this one for sure!

  32. I love your idea, where did you get the numbers?

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  34. they look awesome , Iam going to tell my husband,

  35. Hi. I saw the tv program a couple of days ago online where you showed how to do this, but now I can’t open it. I just wondered if you would reply with the brand of waterproofer you showed on the tv show.


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