Nate Berkus Show.


  1. I just watched it on DVR and was so happy to see you on! GREAT JOB, the house looks amazing. Too bad he couldn’t have given your blog a shout out.

  2. That is so awesome!! You did great!! Even though I don’t “know” you, I felt excited that I knew someone on his show! haha

  3. How exciting! It’s nice to see that your creativity is so appreciated by others. You have a fan here! XO

  4. Great!!! I’m so glad you posted this since I taped the wrong episode!

  5. I LOVE this!!!! And I love you. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas. I bet it feels awesome to have Nate like it too!!! Wahoo!

  6. You did such a wonderful job! You look so relaxed in front of the camera and the presentation was fun and engaging! You Dear, need to be the Next Design Star! Cheers to you!

  7. you were FAB! found your blog because of this segment. love it.

  8. You were fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved watching every moment of that.

  9. How awesome!! You’re a natural in front of the cameras and your home looks great! Thanks for posting this – since I’m in Ireland for a while I don’t get to see Nate’s show anymore and seeing you show off your projects was a real treat! :)

  10. YAYYY!! Thats so excitinggggg!! You did great!!

  11. congrats – so awesome!!

  12. Hey there! I watched the segment, you looked great and your home looked great! I loved the “Call Me” on the chalkboard wall :) Good job. Love your stuff, Lady!

  13. Awesome !!! Congradulations !! :-)

  14. You did such a great job!! And the front entryway looks even better on camera!!

  15. Wow – what fun! Congratulations are in order to be featured on Nate’s show! You deserve it :)

  16. Congrats!! Your own is awesome! Too bad he didn’t plug your blog!

  17. Watched it yesterday!!! Ur Awesome!!! love all the tips u give on ur blog!!!keep em coming!!! =)

  18. First of all you look beautiful. Your home looks great. Congrats!

  19. yay!!!!! That was awesome! so excited for you! Your too cute!

  20. Fantastic!! You did a great job and you looked awesome. Such a great segment filled with lots of inspiration.

  21. As being your reader I know that what you do is amazing, but is is wonderfull that Nate thinks the same!

  22. You are a natural! Thank you for sharing it, I missed it and was bummed. I think Nate should have you as a roving reporter for the west coast to hunt out other ways to transform great finds into chic designs.

  23. OMG you are ADORABLE!!!!!

  24. You are adorable!! I LOVE the tour you gave us, you are a total natural on camera. YOU should have your own show!!

  25. I am soo glad to see you on the Nate Berkus SHOW!!

    Im excited for all of the wonderful opportunities you have gotten. You have certainly inspired me and I am so ready to tackle the projects in my own space!!!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  26. Great segment! You look so calm, cool and collected! Totally impressive!

  27. that is AWESOME! you were great on camera and i loved watching all of your projects, even though i’ve read about them too! very inspiring, you should have your own show.

  28. ummm AWESOME!!

  29. You looked great on camera and your house looks even better in the video!! Wow :)

  30. You were wonderful! Your foyer is by far the coolest foyer EVER!

  31. I love you Michelle. You did wonderful. Keep inspiring us. By the way, who was taking the video, whoever she/he is, they did a fabulous job. I think Nate should look into who the photographer was also. (LOL), Love, Mom

  32. I thought I saw you on a promo! Great job!

  33. First of all, you’re an absolute DOLL! Secondly, the house looks great and Im glad they gave you such a large feature. As others have mentioned though its a bummer that they didnt give people a link to follow your blog. Are they afraid of some competition?:)

  34. Congrats Michelle – your home is so beautiful and inspiring! Love it.


  35. GREAT!
    That is amazing, did he said anything about your blog too?
    Or was that all?
    Thank you for sharing this;)
    By the way you should made some video tutorials because it`s fun to watch you:)
    Lovely greetings…

  36. congrats! you did great and i love all your ideas!!!

  37. Yay!! You’re so cute “in real life”, lol. So awesome that you were featured on the show.

  38. That’s great Michelle! The house looked awesome. I kept waiting for them to mention the darn blog! so fun!

  39. Great segment Michelle! You’re such a natural on camera, I would’ve been so nervous!

  40. Quite as it’s kept, … I’ll keep that comment to myself, but you were fabulous! I just hate he didn’t mention your blog!

  41. High five girl! I already know how amazing your house is, but now so does the rest of the world! It was really great to finally hear your voice!

  42. The episode I watched Live today had a set of twins looking for stuff for their foyer. Was that the right episode?!?! I didn’t see you, Michelle?! Plus, I get it on Fox 10 and not NBC. I didn’t want to miss it. (P.S. I am on my work computer – so whatever is in the body of this post is not showing for me.)

  43. Yay ! Awesome, so glad it happened!

  44. Love it! You did such an awesome job!

  45. Congrats Michelle. You look great as does your home.

  46. so COOL!!! You did great!

  47. That was fantastic Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing it. We don’t get the show here in Australia :o(
    I thought they did well to cover so many of your ideas in a limited time. Maybe they need to come back and do a sequel for the rest of your inspiring ideas;o)

  48. That is so exciting, Michelle! I love the end, too!:) Great sense of humor!

  49. That is so awesome!!! You have such an amazing talent, I am so glad that it was showcased on the show!!!

  50. That is so cool! I love all the stuff they showed :)

  51. Congrats Michelle! You were great on Nate:)

  52. Awesome job! Your house looks great and I love the idea of making pillow covers out of napkins and blankets! Love it!

  53. Awesome awesome! Congrats! You were so cute on TV too!

  54. congrats…that was great…

  55. sooo cool to see you on tv michelle! way to go! how exciting for you. love it.

  56. look at you! (you need to host – you’re better than nate!)

  57. Michelle,
    I had no idea you were featured on the Nate Berkus show, CONGRATS!! You know I loved your home already but now, I’m sure, EVERYONE else loves you home too!! You always have such great ideas and have totally inspired me for DIY projects around my own home!! CONGRATS AGAIN, you have the best ideas!!
    -your LDS friend in Mesa!

  58. wow, wow and more WOW! You look and sound fabulous. What a great way to showcase your talents. Well done! x

  59. You did great! How cool :)

  60. Anonymous says:

    I saw you today on the Nate Berkus show. You were great, and your house looked beautiful. I love all your ideas and have been following your blog. Like others I wish he would have given your blog a shout out.

  61. Hi Michelle! You were fantastic in the ‘House Proud’ segment, such personality and amazing style! Congratulations on your segment, you are so darling!

  62. I saw the segment on the website the other day and immediately said “omg that’s three men & a lady” ha! it looked AMAZING and I loved it!!!

  63. That was awesome!!! The house looked fab and you did a great job…I would have froze in front of the camera, but you were a pro!!! I think someone deserves their own HGTV show : )

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