My three sons.




  1. They all look different but the same at the same time! The little cutie is a perfect mix of the two! So cute- I remember when I used to have baths with my brother and sister too!

  2. Each one is precious, but there is something about the middle kiddo’s (sorry, I can’t remember his name!) smile that is so infectious–pure joy!

  3. LOL that is so great! You must frame that whole succession of photos.

  4. Love this. Your boys are so sweet…at least they sure look it here 😉 Michelle, this is off topic… But was it you that posted about a young trio group from Hawaii that does song covers? It would have been many moons ago…..??

  5. Precious!

  6. Michelle they are adorable!

  7. They are adorable- what great shots!! You should definitely have them framed, the 2nd is my favorite. Just so you know- I have a giveaway happening on my blog this week for a $200 gift card to Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and West Elm.. I’m sure you could do something pretty wonderful with it burning a hole in your pocket! I’d love if you entered!

  8. My goodness how times flies! The baby is such a big boy now!

  9. Adorable!!

  10. qué divertido! :)

  11. OMG are they just the cutest boys ever!

  12. Hilarious and terribly cute!

  13. Hilarious and terribly cute!

  14. Hilarious and terribly cute!

  15. Hilarious and terribly cute!

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