My Eiki!

I am the proud new owner of an Eiki Overhead Projector!
I scored it at a school auction for $5.00.
Oh yes, I got a serious eye roll from the Mr. when I staggered in carrying this thing in both arms.
I realize I’m no Van Gough but I knew my Eiki could help me fake it.
As you may remember, this is my new chalkboard, pantry barn door…
In a house full of four men, we’re currently working on manners at the dinner table (a lifetime endeavor I’m sure). So I printed some manners on a transparency and shot them up on the blackboard.
Then I traced the letters on the board.
Manners 101.
Who’s rollin’s their eye’s now my dear?
Oh yes, I will be having some fun with my new/old Eiki.
BTW, I’ll be talking about making the kitchen a “Sweet Escape” on Studio 5‘s show today!


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  2. Wonderful idea, genius :)

  3. looks fantasic, love you did a blackboard pantry door!

  4. That turned out so great! And $5…what a steal:)

  5. OMG i love it! I’ve wanted a projector for so long!

  6. What a score and that turned out great. How fun

  7. this is AWESOME SAUCE!!!

    what a great idea :

  8. It’s a great find and also what you did with it looks great … don’t tell any of your guests you own a projector, but let them think you can do those wonderful fonts without it. 😉 I have a white chalk pen for my kitchen and I find it comes off a little less when you accidentally come too close to the writing with your sleeve or something, so if your family wipes off your writing, maybe you want to try such a pen for your next piece of art to protect it alittle more! I LOVE it!

  9. LOVe. the pantry door is fabulous, and i love that you can get so excited over a piece of school equipment…NICE score, by the way! those things are $$!

  10. That is a GREAT find! I am so jealous. :) The possibilities are limitless!

  11. I love this! It looks great :)

  12. SCORE! I would love to have on overhead…and can only imagine the look on my husbands face! Your doors look great…especially with the gentle reminders of good manners! In a house with 2 teenage boys – and friends – I dont have much luck with the “no belching” rule!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You should pick up some chalk pens; they dry like chalk and you can wash them when you’re done. Especially with the overhead you’ll find it much easier to work with. : )

  14. You are so creative. That’s an amazing idea! Kudos!

    XO Lori

  15. Shazam! That is too cool for school….Now I need a barn door and an over head’re costing me money!!!!

  16. Sooo adorable! I love it!

  17. Fabulous!!!

  18. Michelle, you are amazing.
    LOVE the door!
    LOVE the chalkboard paint!
    LOVE the manners project!
    This is so fun and creative. I’m thoroughly impressed. :)

  19. i love this! i’m doing this! done! pinned!

  20. Love it! That is $5 very well spent :-)

  21. Your chalkboard door turned out awesome! I just discovered you this morning on Studio 5!!!

  22. Wow what a find!! I agree your chalkboard door turned out looking wonderful!!

  23. I love this! Congrats on the amazing score. I have two boys who have colored on nearly every wall in the house, so I’m cringing at the thought of someone scribbling on your hard work! And oh yes, pinning this for sure! Hope it works to eliminate the “body function” talk at the table ; )

  24. I am soo jealous! What a gem! Your barn door is amazing! I love it!

  25. haha, that’s great! I love it! Definitely a score for $5!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Genious, Michelle! Looks fantastic!

  27. OMGosh, that overhead sure takes me back!!

  28. look like in the research room

  29. Sorry hubs, Michelle wins this one! : ) Looks fabulous! You could do wall art with the projector to (like the tutorials from Ashley over at Handmade Home!). Great find.

  30. It makes me nervous that you spent all the time to make it super cute, yet you live with so many boys! Im afraid it wont last long. It wouldn’t at my house!

  31. I love this door and would like to do one like it for my pantry. Did you hang the door yourself? I would appreciate any info- where you got the hardware and door, any tips on the process of hanging/painting etc. I’ve been scouring your blog trying to see other info on this door and can’t find it. I apologize if you’ve already addressed it :-) Thanks, Jamie

  32. this is so brilliant!!! i love what you did to transform your house into a home.. all by yourself!!!
    very very inspiring..

  33. I love love love the last sentence written on the door. The whole idea is wonderful and really makes a statement in your kitchen.

  34. I don’t see a response to the above request about how you did your barn doors. Mainly wondering where you got the hardware. Thanks so much!

  35. I would like to know where you got the hardware for your barn door. It’s great!

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