My DIY/Home Projects

DIY Sunburst / Christmas Card Holder.
DIY Nutcrackers.

Stenciled Wall.
Glass jar lanterns.
Easiest way ever to shred chicken.
How to spray paint successfully.
Tinkertoy Note card holder.

Paint Dipped Legs.
Easy fix for hanging dish towels.

DIY Sprinkler made of PVC pipe.

Medicine cabinet turned boy’s treasure box.

Gentleman’s Tea Party.

Mid-century bench makeover.
DIY shelf with hooks.
IKEA step stool makeover.

Teacher appreciation printable.

Easy chocolate trifle.

Audio visual cart turned bar cart.

Stenciled wall.

Art with an overhead projector.

DIY paper note chandelier.

Petal envelope Valentine.

Easy personalized Valentine.

Melted crayon Valentine.

Boxed Christmas goodies.
Mirror turned chalkboard.

DIY Backyard Bash.
Wash Your Hands” poster.
Courtyard Before and After.
Embellished baskets with enameled number hadware.

Den Bookcase.
Bookcase / End Table.
Picture Wall.


  1. Question….did you make your bed’s platform??? It is so amazing and it looks similar to your ottoman, so I thought I would ask!

    :) Blair

  2. So for my first time ever, I spray painted something, and it turned into a bit of a disaster. I just bought some high gloss white spray paint from Wal-Mart to paint an old wooden curtain rod. The paint was drippy and uneven. I swear I did a million coats and it just wasn’t good. Tips? What did i do wrong?

  3. Mindy,
    I’m sorry to hear your experience with spray paint. Here’s my tips for a good spray…
    1. Don’t buy cheap spray paint.
    Valspar, Rustoleum, Krylon are all good brands that I like.
    2. Prime first. You can buy primer in a spray can as well.
    3. When spraying always start out with a good light coat. Light enough that you can almost see the base of what you are painting coming through. Then let dry thoroughly and re-spray. You can do several coats but very, very light. This will ensure no drips.
    If you do get drips, wipe quickly or wait for the drips to dry, sand down and start over.
    4. Hold the can 12-14 inches away and use even sweeeps. If you hold the can too close you will most definetely get drips.

    Hope that helps. Happy painting!

  4. Any tips on re-painting fixtures? My husband and I bought a 3 year old condo with gold fixtures in the kitchen and dining room and polished crome and silver fixtures throughout the rest of the house. We would like to make them all look like polished crome or silver. Is this possible? Can you give me some DIY tips?


  5. Trecia,
    You can get your fixtures / hardware replated but that is expensive. Although not very cheap it may be more cost effective just to buy new. There is spray paint that claims to look like chrome but it doesn’t have the mirrored finish you may be after. Good luck!

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