I was walking through Lowe’s the other day for a can of spray paint and I happened upon the Valspar color swatches. The colors just grabbed me. I picked one up then saw another, then another. Next thing I knew I practically had one of everything. I don’t know why…I’ve got about 6 color fan decks stashed in my closet. Just something about seeing them all in front of me.
I was surprised how much I was drawn to the pinks. I’ve never decorated with pink my life. No need. No girls. Buy why does pink have to be associated with girls anyway? There’s just something about a pop of hot pink. At any rate my house needs some color. Yes, I love my neautrals but I NEED some color.
I’m feeling a colorful project on the horizon.


  1. good luck on your new project! and every girl needs a little pink in her life :)

  2. Pink used to be just for baby boys – if you can believe it! And blue for baby girls. How things change . . . . I love a nice pink dress shirt on a man. Run with it! All the cool boys will rock some pink from time to time.

  3. Yes, I have been here and done this. I am the only female at my house – very few opportunities for the use of pink. I sprayed a small collection of china animals in shades of pink to set on my dressing/vanity table – they’re white now. I reserve pink for pedicures, lipstick, summer sandals, and custom designed tops and jackets. I love fuchsia…

    Have fun with it – maybe your own pink step stool, a small collection of vases sprayed in pinks?

    Please show us when you’ve chosen your favorite manner of expression – we ladies living in house full of men need to share these great ideas!Have fun!

  4. I usually stick to neutrals too, but lately (for some unknown reason) I have been drawn to color and really bold colors too. I have been on a roll, with painting and my wardrobe choices too.

  5. i love neutrals as a base but a pop of colour is always refreshing!!

  6. I love pink! I agree…every girl needs a little pink in thier lives. Best of luck with your new project!

  7. Oh I have been wanting to put lots of COLOR in our home now, since our kitchen reno. I have been combing the paint stores and samples, and I can’t wait to experiment….lots of mediterranean, southwest, Italian, Mexican blend of colors… can’t wait to start painting on the samples…. ENJOY YOUR COLOR MICHELLE….J in Oro Valley. :)

  8. I’m having a love affair with pinnk lately, too…and luckily, my husband is a fan. Praying for your sister-in-law Cali, she’s been on my heart since reading about her.

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