More handyman specials.

As promised, here are a couple pictures of the other small bookshelves Mr. Handyman made for me. He made two like this that are identical and flank both sides of the sofa in the den where I hide my junk. I’ll never understand why in the world builders don’t build basements in the desert. I get it that the ground is hard but a cool, dark basement is exactly what a desert home needs. As a result of no basement, I have to come up with creative storage solutions around the house.

I made simple slipcovers to cover shelves. I’m no seamstress but it hides the plywood. Ace hardware cut a piece of glass to top the shelf for about $10.00. They look much better in person and could use a little embellishment…another thing on my to-do list.

After posting about my den I had quite a few questions about quite a few things.
Yellow paint: Dragons Lair (Behr)
Wallpaper: Blue Mountain, Pattern: BC1582135
The Lamp was a thrift store makeover I did. Read about here.

This darn den almost had the better of me at one time. In attempt to do something cool and inexpensive I approached my husband with a cool pattern I saw on a headboard. He tried hard not to roll his eyes.

We taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped and taped.

Then we went back and cut away pieces of the tape to reveal the pattern.

Next we painted over the whole mess of tape.

At midnight while the paint was still semi-wet we started to remove the tape. Tiredness got the better of us and we decided to call it a night and finish the other half of the wall in the morning.

Big mistake! The paint peeled off all the way down the drywall. Builder came checked it out. “Oooppps! Look like our painting contractor never primed this wall.”
I cooled down and accepted his offer to have his crew come and sand down the wall and return it to new. I was too burned out to start over so we wallpapered the wall.
(Here’s my “DUH!” advice: when taping and painting it works best to peel the tape off when the paint is still a little wet. You avoid risking the paint drying to the tape and peeling off).


  1. That wall is amazing, it looks like a lot of work though. I’m getting that weird thing where you see dots in the connectors…is it just me?

  2. I see the dots in the connectors too. The wall is truly amazing. Laying it out is quite the project.

  3. Hi Michelle!

    Crystal sent me….. love your geo wall!!!

    Your blog is beautiful and inspiring!

    Stop by–love to meet you!


  4. wow! a lot of work. you have such an eye for interior decorating

  5. looks great.

  6. The wall is amazing! While I do love the geometric pattern you started with, the wallpaper gets me every time, Love it!

  7. I can’t believe you did all that amazing work and had to start all over- how frustrating!! The right side is just gorgeous.
    Love your blog. :-)

  8. Love the idea! I have left the tape on too long as well. It was a nightmare!

  9. That wall looks amazing! I have definitely made the same mistake with tape :) I love your blog and all of your great ideas!

  10. Omg! I did this too but instead of taping lines and cutting away the pattern, I actually taped of the exact pattern onto the wall with overlapping squares. I guess this is my duh moment! Your way looks much ‘easier’. Although, as we both know, neither is exactly easy!

  11. That’s too bad all your hard work was for naught but the wallpaper looks incredible too :)

  12. Oh this is fantastic and I’ve been inspired! What color is the yellow on that wall? I love it!

  13. It breaks my heart that you ran into a huge snag in this project. I’ve been considering something similar around my kitchen island. I’m not sure if I should try a stencil or just painters tape.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I do hope you had the wall sized before you applied wallpaper, otherwise the sme thing will happen when you go to remove your wallpaper.

  15. I made a cutie little cover for my shelving unit too! Not as cute as yours but I still love that everything is tucked away out of sight! :)

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