Moms Best Hot Product Party.

 Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Moms Best Hot Product Party.
It was a great opportunity to put on my big girl clothes and play socialite for an evening with fellow bloggers.
The food was delicious…although I noticed that lovely, dainty girls seem to make a habit of only eating one-third of their desert.  
Hmm…maybe I should learn that trick?  I only ate one-third of my third desert.  Does that count?
Aside from talking and eating we were able review and offer feedback on up and coming products for kids and moms.
Oh my, the products were ah-mazing! 
I jotted most every website down on my napkin.
I swear I totally need to find someone to help me make an app for real life pinning.  
I just about hopped on this bike and rode it out the door but I decided that would be in poor taste.

 It wasn’t an “all play, no work” evening.
The most important purpose of the evening was to benefit the Riverside Rape Crisis Center which was where most of the products were donated.

Then each blogger was invited to write down any thoughts and words of encouragement to victims of rape.
It was a lovely and meaningful evening.
*To see more of the products featured and vote for your favorites go here.
*Photos courtesy of Leah Naomi.*


  1. This was a lovely post – thank you for sharing!

    When we give of ourselves for the benefit of others, the return is 100-fold. This was clearly a wonderful experience for everyone.

    I missed seeing images of the desserts for the full visual enjoyment! Wink-wink!

  2. Ok, 1/3 of 3rd dessert is fine for now, maybe go for 1/3 of the 2nd dessert next time, and so on and so forth! Hahaha!

    What a worthwhile way to spend an evening meeting people with the same passion and dedication to their craft with a huge plus of helping those who have been victims of such a a horrifying experience. Glad you ladies went out and did this! Kudos to all of you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can pin real life photos from the Pinterest iPhone App.
    You take a picture, and you pin to the boards on your Pinterest account.

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