Living room rug options.

I’ve been looking for a large rug for my living room.
Jute and sisal rugs are all the rage.
They provide a natural fiber floor covering all while providing a lot of texture.
I have a couple of jute floor mats at my door entries from World Market.
I absolutely love the look but they are a bit rough on crawling baby knees.
Doing an entire living room probably isn’t the best kid friendly option.
I have also been considering Flor’s “Coming Along” carpet squares in tan.
They look like a natural fiber but they’re made of nylon which means much softer under foot.
Then I came across this loop carpet at Home Depot.
It’s by Martha Stewart called Hillwood.
It also looks like a natural fiber but it’s nylon and SUPER soft to the touch.
I only need 12 ft by 9 ft but it only comes in 15ft so I’d have to buy much more than I need which means CHA-CHING! I’d also have to pay to have the edges bound which can run anywhere from $1.-$2. per linear foot. Ugh.
Any suggestions?
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  1. I don’t have any great suggestions for you, as I am looking for the exact same thing. I need 2 rugs–one for my former living room turned office and one for the dining room. They are open to each other so I think they need the same rug so that it looks cohesive. They also need to be big–most likely 8×10 in each. I’m considering FLOR reverb tiles in oatmeal. I just don’t want it to end up looking like hotel carpet…keep us updated if you find anything good that doesn’t cost $$$!

  2. Could you use the “leftovers” in other areas of the house? Maybe a bathroom, guest room, kitchen, front door … ? You’d get more than one rug and one room handled in one shopping trip! :)

  3. Have you gone to a local flooring store yet? I work for a flooring store and we can almost always beat Lowes or HD on price comparing apples to apples. I am guessing that the price on the HD board is uninstalled without pad? We have several 12′ sisal looks for cheaper than that price that are installed with pad. Shop and support your local businesses! Also where I work we charge $3.25 a lft to bind but you find your own binder it is cheaper.

  4. Go for the FLOR product. As a mom of boys myself, I love it because “if” a stain happens…HA! IF..hahaha…you take that square out, put in a new one and Presto Chango it looks marvelous again! Martha would be gorgeous, but it sounds like you have already went way over budget. My 2 Cents.

  5. We just bought this wool jute rug from pottery barn for our living room and it happens to be the most comfortable thing I’ve set foot on.

    And it looks like the jute that’s all the rage.

  6. Having done the jute with four kids under four and a dog….doesn’t work due to staining factor and you are right rough on knees. We couldn’t do loop (sisal knockoff) because the nails of the dog will pull it up. We laid 1000 square feet of random (quilt like pattern) carpet tiles from Found them online and we were able to pick an “odd” lot for cheap. Great lasted us five years and now our tenants love it for the durablility too.

    Now we are doing dash and albert in indoor outdoor, pricey but well worth it.

    Just my experience!

    Good luck.

  7. Sheri morrison says:

    Here is a post of a lady who lives in your neck go the woods that found a lady that binds carpet from her home. She got a 12×13 rug bound for $50.might want to check that out. Good luck.

  8. Get the Martha rug and have it bound. You’ll be glad in the long run, I think. It will wear well and give you the look you want.

  9. If you go with FLOR order their samples first just to confirm you like the rug. We did this and discovered the tiles were very thin and not the colors we had hoped. I am glad I spent the $3 per tile versus ordering the boxes of carpet tiles.

  10. As luck would have it, I just bought a rug 20 minutes ago because RUGS USA is having a 60% off sale for Easter! I got a $699 trellis rug for $279.40 with free UPS shipping! Here’s the link to the jute rugs: Hope you find something you like!

  11. We bought a sisal look-a-like rug (9×12) from Shaw for a very affordable price. It’s soft underfoot and I think they even use recycled materials to make it.

  12. My mom bought me a big Jute rug at NPS for like $40 have you been there? Never know what you will find. The rug was originally from Ballard Designs.

  13. Michelle- I did a jute 6×9 and it was awful….it ended up getting a stain which my husband, trying to help, used oxi-clean on and ruined! Really, though, it was that the jute fibers got all over us.Really annoying and not fun to play on. ALSO- I found a sisal looking rug and had it bound at a carpet store. It ended up being like $250 for a 11×13 rug. It is thin, though, but works great. My bro-in-law and his wife have FLOR tiles and they are soooo thin, too. So, if you got a thicker FLOR tile it might work or a HIGH quality jute that didn’t shed. Just sayin’! Hope you are enjoying UTAH:)

  14. Is Ikea in your area for you to at least use as a point of reference for size – color – price?

    Upscale consignment shops might also have a really wonderful rug – someone decides to change their color theme and a perfectly good area rug goes into consignment…

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  19. I saw this rug at West Elm:

    It has the jute look but was surprisingly soft to the touch.

  20. I’m sure you’ve thought of this– but what about going to a local carpet place and getting remnants? My dad is a builder and my parents are always going to his usual carpet places to get remnants and having them bound for big area rugs. Just a thought! I love the look too.

  21. There’s a binding that you can apply yourself. I read about it once; it’s supposed to be a fraction of the cost.

  22. Didn’t read all the other comments first, so sorry if already been suggested. But you could look at FLOR and use their modular tiles. Also allows you to get a subtle pattern b rotating the tiles.

  23. I called a local carpet store and got a large very high quality PLUSH remnant, that they bound for me. I got a 12×10 rug for 200 bucks. It is hit and miss, we checked a few stores until we found exactly what we wanted. There is something called instabind, it should work with a low pile rug and it needs a lot of hot glue??? I checked into it and decided to have it bound for 2 dollars a foot.

  24. I am looking for the same carpet and found one at RONA for $170. I cannot remember the size of it and I am not sure if Rona is in the USA though?

  25. Hm, don’t have any major suggestions but can weigh in on the Martha Stewart carpet… love that line (we have the Winterthur in our basement and it’s amazing!) but this loose pile will pick SO badly! You can already see it picked on the sample board… I loved it as well (because it looked like jute) but just couldn’t stand the thought of kiddo shoes and toys or doggy toenails picking the heck out of it. Just some insight! But I agree… definitely wouldn’t do regular jute for the baby! Have you Googled wool jute alternatives?

  26. Rebecca says:

    It might be a little late, but I wanted to let you know that if you go to, and look at the Shaw Queen line, natural boucle is the same carpet. I know because I too loved the MS hill wood and sky lands, Fortunately, for me, I live near Dalton, GA. (headquarters for Shaw) I called this company, spoke to Kay Murphy (so nice!), she matched up the carpets and the price quoted is almost half the price of HD. They bind the carpet there and will ship. Call Kay at 866.929.0017. Hope this helps!

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