Living room latest and a quick framing project.

Last week I had the pleasure of having Wendy from Shabby Nest and her photographer over for a photo shoot.
One of the things on her bucket list was to write a design book (yes, she’s got big ticket dreams on her bucket list…kudos girl!).
I felt very honored to be on her photograph list.
So when you clean your house for hours you’ve got to pull out your camera and document the momentous occasion.

One of my decorating challenges in this room is the mantle area.


Our home 2 1/2 years ago.

When I designed the mantle I wanted clean, modern lines.
The thing I didn’t take in to account was the tv. Because there is cinder block behind there the outlets had to be installed super high which meant if you want to mount a tv you’d have chords dangling from the top down. One of my pet peeves is seeing chords slithering out from behind a tv.

The tv had been on a metal lawyer’s bookcase to the left and we had a mirror on the mantle but it was beginning to feel like too many rectangular items lined up against the wall. So to break it up slightly (for the time being) I put the tv up on the mantle and hid the chords behind pictures and vases. It still looks like prison line-up against the wall but it works for now. In the spring I’m planning on doing some built-in shelves around the mantle so everything has a place.

For a quick project I emailed this picture I took (with my phone) of the Arizona desert last year to Staples.


I had them blow it up big (they call it an “Engineering Print”) and for under $5.00




… I had a large picture to disguise the black chords.

At the same time I was framing my picture I saw a very similar project on Chris Loves Julia that turned out  fab!

So here’s our latest living room set up…









  1. AHHH You have the ikea blanket that I want and has been sold out for weeks!!! So jealous!!!!!!!! I have some of those pillows though. Your home is gorgeous!

  2. awesome!!! Of course, now you know you need to give us your sources for the mirror, bookcase, etc., right? :) LOVE how this looks!

  3. Hi!! Can you give me a little info on the curtain rod over your bay window? I love that it is continous and used with clip rings. It would be perfect in my bedroom, which has been curtainless for way too long as I watch for the right solution!

    • I found that curtain rod at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is great because it has elbows accessories (optional) which allow it to fit in a bay window. Then I used simple ring clips. I also used the same rod in my masterbedroom, Arizona house. They are really great! Hope that helps! :)

  4. Jennifer Concidine says:

    Can you tell me where you found the wooden marble ramp? Awesome. I would love to have this in my house.

  5. Can you tell us where you got the white shelves for your photo display? Or did you make them?

  6. I love your living room, it is beautiful. Where did you get the curtains? Thank you!

  7. Michelle!! I love your blog!! Do you mind sharing the source for your area rug and grey pillows?? Thank you! :)

  8. What are the paint colors in the family room. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Hi Michelle, I really love, love the black and white throw pillow but I can’t find that fabric anywhere! Is it store bought or can i go purchase the fabric and where?
    Thanks much, loving forward to your response!


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