Living Room / Dining Room.



  1. Would you mind sharing the color of your living rooms walls? Thanks!

  2. Wow, your house is gorgeous. I am curious about your light fixtures. Do they give off enough light? Would you share where you bought them? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Natalie,
    Our light fixture gives off so much light we actually had to put it on a dimmer to difuse the amount of light. I absolutely love it though!

  4. P.S. It’s from Z Gallerie.


  6. Wow, wow, wow. Your home is amazing. You have incredible style.

  7. Just discovered your blog tonight. You remind me of us, except you actually finish the projects you purchase. Not us…they just sit in our living room in various states of disrepair. Right now our home looks like a 50’s reupholstery project :) Any chance you know of a cheap reupholsterer in Phoenix?


  8. Your home is absolutely stunning! I’m getting ready to re-do both of our bathrooms (nothing major, just painting and redecorating) and I’d love to see yours for some inspiration!

  9. The light fixture above your table . . I’ve been lusting after for a few years now. And those canvas images of your boys. . . my heart aches! Loves it. Loves it all

  10. Your home is absolutely gorgeous!!

  11. Okay seriously you are amazing! I need you to come makeover my house!!!! Im a new follower :)

  12. simple & sweet
    following you!


  13. What a beautifully done open ariy living space, but yet some cozy. And so brave for white with two small boys!

  14. Do you have your paint colors posted somewhere???? I’m in love….

  15. Hartleys-Check the FAQ’s.
    Thanks for reading!

  16. I want your house!

  17. I love your house! It is so gorgeous. If you have a moment to email me the size of those pictures in your living room I’d love to know. I love the square. I want to do that with my kids pictures too!

  18. What kind of floors are those? I am currently looking for new ones and there are so many options.

  19. I love your dining room chairs! So modern and clean. Mind if I ask where you got them?

  20. Allison,
    Chairs are from Room and Board.

  21. This is truly one of the most beautiful living rooms I’ve seen in the world of blogs. I’m definitely following you and I invite you to do the same!

  22. Michelle,
    I love all of the work that you have done in your home. My favorite is the living room and your DIY ottoman is FABULOUS. I would love to feature you on my blog…would that be okay with you? Just starting it up, take a peak if you are interested. You are truly a design inspiration!

  23. So beautiful! I’d love to know what that paint color is.


  24. beautiful!

  25. I am in love with your living room, it’s so beautiful and comfy looking. Can I you tell me what size the photos of your children above your sofa are?

  26. In Wonderland,
    28 X 28 are the canvas sizes.

  27. wow you have a stunning home

  28. I LOVE your home!! I am looking for paint colors and would love to have you send me the colors of your livingroom and bedroom. THANKS!!!! My e-mail is

  29. i LOVE your blog…would you happen to know where I can find similar shelves that you have below your tv? i LOVE the cute storage:D

  30. B-Shelves from IKEA.

  31. Jennifer B. says:

    Could you tell me where you got your striped pillows? If you made them, could you tell me where you purchased your fabric? Your house is so beautiful!

  32. Jennifer B.
    Fabric is baby blanket’s from Target’s Dwell line.

  33. My question is how do you have white with boys?! haha, I have 3 boys ages 5, 3 & 10 months & I cant bring myself to do anything in white even though its my favorite :/ We have leather since its wipeable but its so dark i hate it!

  34. your house is so pretty! so clean ! I love the pictures on the wall of the children x

  35. I love your furniture and wanted to know where you got it. We are looking for furniture for our family room.

  36. I just discovered your blog and love your home! Can you tell me where you got your large rug? We are putting hardwoods in our LR and I need a big rug.
    Thanks! Amy

  37. love your chalkboard wall ….. i just completed a large wall in our kitchen and found some wicked cool and easy to use CHALK INK MARKERS !! Ya know the ones they use at Starbucks…. You gotta try em…they are so cool and look so just perfecto!!!

  38. Love your living room!!!!

  39. Hi Michelle!
    Just discovered your blog the other day. Your home is gorgeous – I absolutely love it. We’re working on updating our condo and your house is such an inspiration, there are so many great ideas. We’re in the beginning stages of re-doing our floors, would you mind sharing what type/finish of hardwood floors you have in the house? They look exactly like what I’ve been looking for. Thanks so much!

  40. I really enjoyed touring your home and appreciate viewing the beautiful setting you’ve created. Michelle, I’m sure you are an inspiration to many who struggle with design and style!

  41. I love everything! I have family room envy. Where did you get your furniture and/or slipcovers? Also where are your window panels and hardware from? Thanks! You’re amazing!

  42. Love your family room…it it so gorgeous!! Love the wall color mixed with all the white…yummy!!

  43. Hi Michelle!
    Where are the end tables and lamp from?


  44. Michelle- Love the canvas art of your children. Where did you get them done?


  45. Hi there – I found the photo of your living room on Pinterest. My husband and I are looking for ideas to reconcile my “traditional, classic” style & his “modern, clean, functional” style. Your living room just might have saved our sanity!

    Thank you a MILLION times over!

  46. WOW! Just found your blog and love, love, love your style! I have five kiddos and have to know just how you keep you white furniture white?? Are you constantly washing your slipcovers (. . . or are you constanly washing the children? lol.) I MUST know so I can convince my husband that we CAN live in a home furnished with the white and light. Thanks!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Can you please let us know where the couches are from? they are great-looking for something just like those!!

  48. Sofa are by Rowe then I had custom slipcovers made.

  49. Michelle,
    Having trouble matching th paint on your wall, I read you first got the color from a glidden paint chip, if so do you remember the name? The formula on your page couldn’t be matched by Home Depot because they don’t use that base anymore. Thanks JP

  50. Nancy Youree says:

    Hi what do you use to keep your floor with that shinny feel. Love your home. Good job girl
    Oops– can you delete the previous one with my public email please.

  51. Helen Alvarez says:

    Love your living room! COuld you please email me your wall color ?

  52. Helen Alvarez says:

    Love your living room! COuld you please email me your wall color ? Helen at

  53. Would love to know the wall color of your livingroom walls! Thank you!

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