Laundry Room Makeover and Start Clean in ’14

For over two years we’ve been maneuvering the chore of cleaning clothes in our basement laundry dungeon.
It’s cold, claustrophobic, a little creepy and not that much fun to be in.
And when I say “not that much fun” I mean I would rather eat a gigantic bowl of brussel sprouts then be in there doing laundry.
As well as being a laundry room it’s also doubled as a dumping ground for storage and 2 refrigerators (one of which just broke).


Making this space over has been in the works for a  while but when the Home Depot asked if they could help us get some polishing details in order I was like shee-ya!

First up, shopping for some of my favorite P&G laundry room essentials.

PicMonkey CollageYes, I always kick up a heal and give a flirty pose at Home Depot, doesn’t everyone?

Next up, add some diy and inexpensive shelving using mdf and 1×2’s from Home Depot.


Caulk, primer and paint make a carpenter what he ain’t.



They’re fairly utilitarian but oh-so FUNCTIONAL!

IMG_0701 with logo

The ceramic (faux) wood tile flooring was installed a few months back but it makes such a huge difference in contrast to the concrete that was here.

I can’t tell you how nice it is for everything to have it’s own space.  I just makes getting chores done so much more efficient.

Laundry with logo

I’ve always been a Bounty Paper Towels, Tide Detergent and Downy fabric softener fan but I recently tried Gain for the first time and it’s good stuff

(plus the smell is so yummy).

Siffer Bissel.jpg wth logo

I’ve also tried several steam mops in my day and this Swiffer Bissel one rocks.  I feel like other ones will pump some serious steam out all at once then go dead for a minute while they try and re-charge for another steam blast.  This Swiffer one keeps a pretty steady and consistent steam supply, now if they could just figure out a way to make it cordless.  Cleaning with steam…I love it!

IMG_0728 with logo

before and after laundry

The Home Depot, Procter & Gamble and I want to help you get your own spaces clean this 2014 with their “Start Clean in ’14” campaign!

We’re working together to give one lucky reader some awesome loot which will include:

Start clean in 14

· $200 The Home Depot Gift Card
· Febreze Air Effects Linen & Sky
· Bounty Select-A-Size
· Charmin Ultra Soft

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This is paid sponsored post. I received cleaning products to feature but all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Home Depot, my second home! I need new hardware for my kitchen and built in cabinetry.

  2. I would use it to purchase supplies for our kitchen remodel.

  3. Wow! Such a change. Love it!

  4. I’d buy lights for our new home!

  5. I am in desperate need of mutiple materials for small home repair and cleaning projects!

  6. Hi Michelle,
    I’m loving the changes you made to your laundry room! I’m loving the pop of color with your rug…and who can go wrong with shelves??

  7. i’m dreaming of my garden during this cold january, so i would probably save most of it to spend during the summer. but, i also have my eye on some paint and shelving for my basement re-do.

  8. If I won, I’d put the gift card towards upgrading to a cool, more aesthetically pleasing, and quality mailbox and upgrade my house numbers as well!

  9. Lakitia A. says:

    If I had an extra $200 to spend at the Home Depot, I would use it to buy materials to update my boring, builder basic kitchen.

  10. I would use the gift card to buy supplies for our own home DIY reno. My husband and I plan on remodeling our house staring this spring!

  11. Veronica S. says:

    Looks great! Makes me really want to get started on redoing MY laundry room!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway :)

  12. I too am in desperate need of some organization in our laundry room! Love how simple and easy this was! Looks great!

    xo, Ash

  13. Cute!

  14. I currently have a laundry dungeon and would love to give it a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  15. with a $200 gift card to home depot, i would probably get around to buying the shelving for my sons closet remodel… that of course would force me to clean out said closet.

  16. Redoing our laundry room is on the list for this year for us. The existing wood floor is totally water damaged. I love the tiles you used here but my favorite is the green garbage can! Much cuter than the old coffee can I use for lint.

  17. I would love to win this! I need major cleaning and re-organizing in my laundry room as well!
    yours looks great now!

  18. i would start buying materials for my next project!

  19. Ashley Davis says:

    I would love to organize our garage! We are in desperate need some some shelves and storage in there!

  20. If you’ve got to do laundry, might as well have nice surroundings!

  21. LOVE IT!! Where are your metal roll-around baskets from? Our laundry room is always a mess and a CRAZY layout…I need to come up with a plan to ‘make it work’ for us!

  22. My laundry room (which is in my master closet) could use some help. A cabinet, some shelves, a couple of hanging rods…$200 would go a long way to making that happen!

  23. I would use the Home Depot gift card to get our nursery ready for our baby on the way!

  24. The laundry room looks so much better, and I adore that flooring!

  25. Lyndsey Favero says:

    I would do some serious cleaning and updating to our basement laundry room.. it is in desperate need of a spruce up!! :)

  26. looks great!

  27. My laundry room is in need of some serious love…why do they turn into the dumping ground?? We are ready for a clean start in ’14!

  28. beautiful laundry room:)

  29. I would use the money to replace the carpet in front of my laundry room. We spilled bleach on it, and it ate right through the carpet all the way to the backing. Hasn’t been in the budget to replace it yet.

  30. Make my “entry” work better

  31. I’d give anything for my laundry dungeon to look like your “before” photo! It looks like an awesome improvement though :)

  32. I need $200 for home depot! I would give it to my brother, he just bought his first house!

  33. I have been for laundry baskets like yours forever! Wherever did you find them!

  34. My fiancé and I just bought our first home, and needless to say, some parts need work. I love looking at your blog for ideas! A $200 gift card would help us out immensely to help us spruce up our own Laundry Dungeon!

  35. I love how much brighter and happier your laundry room feels. Have you considered a large framed picture to lean onto the wall to cover the plumbing hook ups? It isn’t really functional per se, but it would certainly glamor-up the space.

  36. Oh my gosh, that tile is beautiful! I want to do this in my bathroom and hopefully I’ll have enough saved by the end of the year to start the project.

    Your DIY shelves gave me a great idea for shelving on my kitchen’s lonely walls. Thank you for the inspiration! The makeover is lovely.

  37. I need tile for my little entry. I also need a bathroom sink. So I would be run to Home Depot if I won. :)

  38. I would use that extra $200 on new flooring for my great room!

  39. Love, love, love your post and your rolling hampers!

  40. i’d use it toward a washer and dryer because we are building our first home!

  41. I’d use it on buying tiles to start a new backslash project in the kitchen!

  42. I’d use the $200 to purchase much needed wood and caulk to finish up some projects for the wife.

  43. We have so many projects that we could spend $200 on! The area that frustrates me the most is the garage and it’s lack of organization or good storage options. Some shelving and bins would go a long way! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  44. Lynn Randolph says:

    Laundry room looks great!!!

  45. Lynn Randolph says:

    Oops…. I would work on my laundry room.

  46. I am currenly upgrading our bathroom… the home depot gift card would be a great help!

  47. My laundry horror show could totally use the same treatment yours got!

  48. Cindy Heinz says:

    Love this clean and simple refresh! If I won the $200 I would build shelves in a closet that is in very desperate need of some organization (& currently has no shelves!).

  49. Cool sauce. But you left out the obligatory shot of the swiffer pad all full of dirt!

  50. Looks great, love those laundry baskets!

  51. I would use to towards painting my kitchen cabinets!

  52. I would buy more pots and plants for my Spring garden. I know that we’re in the throws of Winter but Austin’s Spring is around the corner and Home Depot is the perfect place for garden gear!

  53. Looks great!

  54. Michelle, your laundry room looks great! Funny how a few minor changes can brighten up a room. Love all your projects.

  55. I need to finish a wainscoting project!

  56. If only a laundry room make over also included a laundry room that does the laundry for you!! So never ending! It looks great! Love the baskets love the rug and the floor is killer!

  57. Oops, forgot to say that the Home Depot gift card would totally help me continue with my mini kitchen remodel and perhaps move onto my laundry area too.

  58. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway. If I had $200 from Home Depot, I would work on replacing some broken door knobs around my house.

  59. I love all your reveals! And this is no exception. I was just wondering … did those awesome laundry hampers come from the home depot as well? I really like them.

  60. If I had 200 at Home Depot, I would pick up some door hardware and a few rugs for my entries.

  61. I love that tile!!

  62. We’re planning a laundry room make over too, so I’d spend it on new shelving and paint

  63. I could do a lot with $200 at Home Depot! The first thing on my list would be our hallway coat closet. It really needs some help!

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  64. sarahincola says:

    Looks good!

  65. This is cool, I am currently stalled in my laundry room makeover. This would give me the kick in the pants to finish it up already!

  66. Oh boy, what wouldn’t I do?! The bathroom is next up on my to do list so I suppose paint and shelving would be in order. Love the laundry carts you have!

  67. What a difference! It’s the small things that make the biggest impact.

  68. Stephanie says:

    oh geez there are so many things i could buy at the HD with $200 but i would probably spend it on new door handles

  69. We are looking to build shelves in one of our closets so I’d use the money for that!

  70. I love the shelves.

  71. Ivette Serrano Wirth says:

    My Master bedroom needs blinds and window coverings so bad! This would be fantastic! Thank you!

  72. Beautiful transformation! It must be so much nicer to do laundry in such a clean space. Although I for one would take brussels sprouts over laundry any day – but I think they’re delicious :)

  73. Thanks for the inspiration. Our small laundry room is next on our winter “to-do” list! For some reaosn small spaces are harder for me to decorate. It’s almost as though there is so much pressure to make them as functional as possible combined with being visually pleasing.

    I am in love with the faux wood tile. We just put some in our new foyer and I wish I would have known about it when we did our main bathroom! Even next to our real hardwoods you can hardly tell the difference between the two and being able to use dark grout is key with kids and pets.

  74. My laundry room is dungeon too! There is an old chest freezer that’s not plugged in taking up a large corner and unfinished, cold cement floors. With a little help from HD I could turn it around too!

  75. Found your blog a few weeks ago and love, love, love it! I am in the “Starting Clean” mode…think it has something to do with putting all the Christmas stuff away!

  76. Loved it.. Looks so big and neatly organized. I got inspired to do something like this in my laundry roo too :)

  77. I love buying my cleaning products at Home Depot. I’d use the $200 to help us get our pantry organized . . . it’s a mess.

  78. It looks awesome! My laundry room is in our garage and it needs some serious help! Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Dee in BC says:

    I could use a new faucet in my kitchen ( my laundry room is functional). My hubby would say we need to finish fencing our back yard.

  80. a laundry room redo is on the top of my 2014 list…this giveaway would really make it happen!

  81. I absolutely love Gain and especially the Lavender one! It’s the only laundry soap we use. Oh and I just have to tell you, I LOVE your printed leggings!

    • Oh and I would spent the gift card on some landscaping for my desperate from yard that has been wi out plants for like the last 2 years lol

  82. Hi, I just found your blog today and Im really liking all of your projects.. cant wait to read more. Love the way you did the shelves in your laundry room.

  83. I would use the gift card for some re-organizing projects around my house. Shelves, baskets, etc.

  84. Valerie J. says:

    I would get some paint and sconces!

  85. If I win this gift card I am totally sprucing up our bathroom. We need storage and functionality in the space and a nice hamper for laundry.

  86. Where do I start? :) New curtain rods, blinds, and lighting are at the top of my list!

  87. I’d use it for the materials I need to insulate my attic better. Turns out those nice can lights left big gaping holes in the insulation, which is bad for the roof.

  88. With $200 I would replace the ceiling in our living room. It is cracked in multiple places and needs an overhaul….good thing it’s a super small room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. love all your choices

  90. There are quite a few projects going on in our house! We’re in the midst of a Master Bath renovation, preparing a nursery for a new baby, and Operation Organization :) to get the house ready for baby number 2. This spring my husband has plans to build a small shed in our backyard to store some things like a generator, lawn mower and other lawn equipment to get it out of the garage. My problem would be picking which project to use the money for :)

  91. Finally finish my stairs! Removed carpet, got it half completed and stayed the same for a year :(

  92. Everything you do looks amazing!

  93. Oh man, with $200 I could actually finish off the minor updates we want to make to our horrendous 50’s kit built kitchen. That would be A DREAM

  94. I need lumber and plumbing parts for a bar cart that I want to build!

  95. I’m looking to do just this in our dungeon of a laundry room/basement area. Kid on the way may delay those plans a bit.

  96. thank you for the giveaway!

  97. build the entry way table i’ve been putting off!

  98. I would probably do a laundry room dungeon make over with $200 to Home Depot too!

  99. Love the new space! Definitely a more cheerful place to do laundry. Love the rug and laundry baskets on wheels? Where did you find those?

  100. I would be *so* excited to spend $200+ at Home Depot! What *wouldn’t* I do? :) We also want to re-do our laundry room so I think I’d start with floors and a new utility sink – and Home Depot has good options for both! Here’s hoping!

  101. $200…well I could do quite a bit. I would either buy all new hardware for our doors or use it to help jump start a kitchen remodel. Love the laundry room!

  102. Loving those shelves. With $200, I’d probably buy a new light fixture for our bedroom.

  103. I just bought a house, this would be sooo helpful!!!

  104. I would love more shelving and organiziation in my laundry…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tile.

  105. I’d use the $200 in my laundry room too. I need to move my washer & dryer, but doing so requires some electrical and sheet rocking.

  106. Love the floors! I would use this gift card to start some renovation projects on my own with the first home we just bought!

  107. if i won it would go towards a new washer and dryer…

  108. I’m dreaming of a laundry room redo too!

  109. I probably love cleaning as much as the next person 😉 but these would still be great gifts to win!
    Especially that GC :)

  110. Jacqueline I says:

    An extra $200 would go to getting finishing for our house that is being built (toile paper roll holders, towel bars etc)

  111. We are redoing our bathroom/laundry room and could really use the extra money toward that!

  112. I would save the $200 for a few months because I am going to be selling my condo and hopefully moving to a bigger one in the spring. And I have a feeling I will be making lots of trips to Home Depot then!

  113. We need additional storage in our home office. I am thinking the $200 bucks just might get us a few cabinets we could install above the desk area!

  114. Love your makeover! I think $200 could help me finally get to my bedroom!

  115. Love the tile and how clean everything looks!

  116. If I had an extra $200 to spend at HD I would buy some floor cleaning products, wood for shelves, bathroom and kitchen pulls, spray paint, a new fridge, and a new hall light. Perhaps I should prioritize if I win – thanks!

  117. I would buy anything related to organization!

  118. We could really use a new door to our deck and $200 would help put a dent in the bill!! :)

  119. Wow it’s amazing what some shelving can do! Great job!

  120. With $200 from Home Depot I would buy the materials to a coffee table I have been eyeing, and then immediately give the project to my handy brother to complete. haha

  121. Great job!

  122. Oh, to finish the master bedroom and grab a gigantic container of Tide! I LOVE Tide!

  123. My closet is in desperate need of some organizing…so I’d love $200 to Home Depot!

  124. Finish my projects

  125. I would do some kitchen upgrades, starting with lighting and pantry shelves. And WOW, your laundry room came out really good!

  126. I need a NEW mailbox. In a bad way.

  127. Victoria C says:

    We need a new ceiling fan in our bedroom….ours broke last night and I need the hum to help me sleep. Some paint for my dining room would be nice too.

  128. Another amazing makeover! Thanks for sharing!!

  129. A well-organized laundry room is a MUST and yours is AWESOME! Home Depot is my FAVORITE home store. I’ve become friends with quite a few employees…gotta love it when they know your name!! $200 would AHHHH-mazing and I can finally get my floating shelves completed for my MBath! :)

  130. I would put shelves up like your…Love them and really need to do this project…Thanks

  131. I have my own “Dungeon” of a laundry room, loved what you did with yours. It gives me…Hope! With the Home Depot Gift card, I could cross some projects for 2014 off my list!

  132. Definitely put it toward new lighting for the dining room

  133. I would use it on my laundry room too. It can use a lot of work.

  134. With $200 I would get a whole home humidifier. Thrilling, I know. :)

  135. Paint! And probably a few other things 😉 I’ve been thinking about splurging on some wallpaper, too! By the way, LOVE the laundry carts and rug

  136. I’ve always been a Bounty and Tide girl myself! I love that you take on so many projects yourself. Gives me confidence to stop waiting on my hubby to do projects and just do it myself!

  137. Shelves for the boys bathroom! Totally!

  138. I got’s golden thrones to buy baby!!

  139. I still haven’t put knobs on my kitchen cabinents…painting them first might be nice, too!

  140. With an extra $200 to Home Depot, I would purchase some blinds for our living room, and maybe a gallon of paint!

  141. Would love some cabinets to go over my washer dryer, or a new master bedroom closet system – January is organizing time!

  142. Storage!!!!

  143. As a military wife who just received new orders, I’d love the gift card to make a difference in our soon-to-be new home.

  144. I’m swooning over your herringbone (TILE!) flooring! I’d love to build a bookshelf with lower cabinet/drawer storage with $200 to the Home Depot.

  145. Kim Strom says:

    I need to put new flooring in our laundry room!

  146. Elizabeth says:

    find a new project to tackle :)

  147. Storage!!!

  148. Love the basket. I would use the gift card for garage organizing products.

  149. Love the new laundry room with all the storage! As we rebuild our house, Home Depot trips are becoming daily outings so a gift card would be put to good use.

  150. Heather W says:

    So nice! Love your floors!

  151. With a $200 gift card I could finally start the task of making over my laundry room! It desperately needs it. Love the ceramic tile and your makeover is great! Might have to try that steam mop too!!!

  152. I’d buy some paint and paint my guest bedroom!

  153. Andrea Anderson says:

    We would build a pantry and paint the kitchen.

  154. Kathlene Stakely says:

    We need new light fixtures for our bathrooms! Oh, and paint, too!

  155. I really like the floors. The Laundry room looks great!!!

  156. Ashley A. says:

    I would use the Home Depot card toward kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. We’re gathering our supplies to paint and update the cabinets. :)

  157. Breezi@not your average fairytale says:

    There are so many things on my wish list and to-do list…. paint, new rugs, blinds, window treatments…. *sigh*

  158. Love the rug, in the room of white, makes it less of a “dungeon”

  159. Great changes made for not much money, way to go! I sure could use some more storage and it would be great to get them from Home Depot! Thanks to Home Depot, P&G, and you for the chance to win!

  160. Paint for the house and plants for the back yard.

  161. Wow! It’s amazing what a few changes can do. Good work

  162. Jillian Lys says:

    I’m currently starting my laundry room makeover! However, my washer and dryer live in the garage. :'( So I could really use the gift card to give my space some extra oomph! 😀

  163. Your house looks amazing! Hope I win the Home Depot gift card! Thank you for your blog!

  164. With the gift card I would buy those cute rolling laundry baskets you have…are they from HD?

  165. We’re about to lay new hardwood so a Home Deopt gift card would go towards supplies for that project.

  166. I would use it for a laundry makeover too! Love the term “laundry dungeon” – cuz that’s what it totally feels like!

    I need to know, Michelle: the rolling baskets! Where did you get them!? And also your awesome graphic red rug. Love it. Please share!

  167. I would use the gift card to buy wood to build raised garden beds! I am hoping to get a garden started in the spring and would love the monetary help! :) LOVE your blog!

  168. Oh I love that ceramic wood look tile! I really want to do my main floor in that but I’m worried it will be the avocado appliances of this decade. So instead of flooring if I win I’d follow your example and give my laundry area some love and attention!

  169. Meghan Kemphaus says:

    I would use it to paint the kitchen and entry of our new but old house!

  170. I need to make over my laundry room terribly. Could use a gift card to Lowes

  171. Carmen Goddard says:

    I would use the gift card to spruce up my back yard :) thanks for the chance to win!

  172. I would give my son a boys room.

  173. Paint…something and anything!!

  174. My laundry room is sad. It could use a face lift.

  175. I love how you installed the flooring. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  176. Pam Fisher says:

    $200 to Home Depot….fabulous. I need a new stove and that would help quite a bit. Love the laundry room, we redid ours last year. It is one of the cutest rooms in our house. Fun!!

  177. Amber Lee D. says:

    love your floors…and those great laundry baskets…where did you find those?

  178. Annette Regester says:

    I would put new floors in my laundry room like yours!

  179. jennifer ward says:

    I too have a dungeon basement and would do the exact same thing!!!

  180. Love tide & Downey!!

  181. I’d get new flooring for our laundry/mudroom!

  182. We are building a house and have a ton of fixtures and supplies left to buy!

  183. Getting my living room in order with the proper accessories for better functionality!

  184. So lovely!

  185. Rebecca Melton says:

    In love with the flooring!

  186. Katie Wilson says:

    This looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to try the Swiffer Steam Cleaner. Also, I love your rug!

  187. Looks great! The green tile in my laundry room has got to go!

  188. I would use the money in my laundry room! Love the shelving you did.

  189. Jilliane Doughtiw says:

    A couple little shelves go a lonnnnnnnggggg way!

  190. I’ve been wanting to put that tile in my mud room/laundry room for forever. Looks great!

  191. Kelly LaPlante says:

    We want to make built-in bookshelves! We would love to have this gift card to do it!

  192. I would love organize some closets! A gift card would be awesome. And we are a Tide & Downy family! :)
    Thanks! Susan A

  193. We are in desperate need of new winter gear storage solution, so that’s what I would work on!

  194. Leslie H. says:

    I would love to complete some unfinished projects!! Thanks for the chance!

  195. I would finish up the many projects I only have half finished!

  196. Some paint to redo the living room!

  197. Home Depot is where all my money goes, so this would be very helpful!

  198. Fix the ceiling in my bathroom. Replace 2 door knobs. Lightbulbs. Love Home depot. Love your blog, thanks for all the great ideas.

  199. This looks amazing. I’m coveting those wire baskets on wheels. Love them!

  200. We are in the process of finishing our basement – Home Depot is our second home right now! $200 would be a blessing!

  201. I love the floors! They are amazing! What a great giveaway. My laundry room functions and looks just fine but its so builder boring. I’m ready to make it over.

  202. Basement, basement, and basement- no questioning.

  203. Spray Paint!

  204. Ooooh – I love it! Interestingly enough, I’ve got all those same supplies in my garage, waiting for the laundry room makeover I had big plans to start *ahem* last summer. I hope to get on it soon – and this giveaway would really help things along!! Many thanks!

  205. Wow that looks great!! I really need some shelving above my washer and dryer too! Or cupboards!

  206. Love it! I’d put that $200 towards either a backsplash in our kitchen, or a laundry room makeover – ours is entirely 1970’s paneling, scary!

  207. Kim Harayda says:

    Looks terrific & love the pop of color in the rug!

  208. Lindsay Hutchins says:

    we need to add a few more sets of blinds in our home. That’d be first on my Home Depot – to do – list!

  209. Buy stuff for our guest bathroom remodel

  210. with a $200/- gift card I would use it towards the deck project pending for more than a year.

  211. probably scoop up a new grill cover bc ours was just damaged in the heavy snow we had – and maybe some nice area rugs for our apartment!

  212. Where did you find those large rolling laundry bins? I need those!

  213. I’d build those awesome bunk beds you built!

  214. Looks fantastic, great job!

  215. Stacy Gerdes says:

    I would put it toward replacing the carpet in our master bedroom which it desperately needs. Laundry room looks great!!!

  216. Wish I had a laundry room — I just have a closet! Looks lovely!

  217. Would love to win this one…I have so much to do to get my house organized!

  218. I’m so jealous, my laundry area is a total before…. and I just got married and it seems like the laundry quadrupled so I am down there more than ever!

  219. Shanalee Manwaring says:

    Love it.

  220. I would love to put it toward some wood grain tile for my kitchen and hallway!

  221. Alli Smith says:

    We would use it to decorate and build shelves for our bedroom and baby Zoey’s room!

  222. Lindsay H. says:

    I would love to finish up my laundry room. We’re about 75% done!

  223. I would use the $200 toward our bathroom remodel. The bathroom is my girls and guest bathroom and original to the house. Oh, how lovely it is! kidding!

  224. Love the rug and flooring! I would use the home depot card for rugs and flowers for spring :)

  225. Oh man…. so many things! Think I’d start with a Kreg Jig and put the balance toward a small compressor so that I can use my new air gun. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  226. I’d make over my very own laundry dungeon

  227. We would spruce up our laundry room too! We have a new (my first) baby coming in May so I will be in the laundry room much more ; )

  228. Finish my baby’s nursery – thanks!

  229. love your flooring! i would use the $200 at home depot for landscaping and gardening. ready for warmer whether and eating what we grow. thanks for offering this giveaway!

  230. I would use it to organize my garage. I’m afraid the neighbors are going to label me a hoarder with all the tools and ” in the works” projects I have laying around! I need better storage.

  231. I’d fancy a laundry room makeover myself!!! :)

  232. Lisa Leigh says:

    I would buy a new vanity top!

  233. I would buy supplies to DIY some of those types of shelves too!.

  234. I would add crown moulding to the master.

  235. Love Home Depot! I would buy paint and supplies for my family room.

  236. My laundry room is in desperate need of a makeover too, so $200 would help me out a lot!!

  237. I would definitely buy tile for our backsplash in the kitchen. The kitchen has been done for 3 years and still no backsplash!

  238. Kate Meriwether says:

    I would use the gc for my parents…..they do so much for me and this would help them out a lot!

  239. Paint, bamboo blinds, and maybe a new light fixture to makeover my laundry room.

  240. Annette Hummel says:

    My powder room is the next thing on my to-do list. Paint, a new mirror and a little elbow grease will go along way with $200!

  241. My laundry room (in the basement) is the only unfinished space in our house. $200 would go a long way to finish it out and make it pretty like yours!

  242. I’d pick up a new garbage disposal. Fun!

  243. I would love to replace my bedroom carpet with wood floors and re-paint!

  244. I could use so many items I don’t even know where to begin!

  245. I would buy some shelves for our tiny NYC living room!

  246. carol chew says:

    I would like to win this!

  247. Steph Nelson says:

    I would buy some cleaning supplies and orchids!

  248. I would pick up a new mirror for my bathroom.

  249. I have a long HD list, so it would either go towards new blinds, stuff to organizer our master closet, or the supplies to build a fish tank stand for the playroom. Thanks for the chance to win.

  250. I win…not only is mine a dungeon, I have “Brady Bunch” orange carpet in there. Thanks for the chance to win 😉

  251. I so could use some shelving to get some basement organizing done!

  252. Wood! We’ve got so much to trim out in our home, entryways with no door jams, empty closets, etc!

  253. Alicia L. says:

    my laundry is a dark corner in the basement. we store detergent bottles on the floor. would be nice to have a few shelves installed or a free standing rack for storage. $200 from Home Depot would be a huge help to make this vision a reality.

  254. Emma Lamoreaux says:

    I would probably do a laundry room update as well!!

  255. 200$ at HD would go towards paint and supplies for our diy nursery and kitchen projects!!

  256. I would use it build a craft room/office! Your laundry room looks great!

  257. I need two new light fixtures for our home. Great giveaway!

  258. Really like to tile floor!

  259. I have a lot of great ideas in my head for my laundry but am failing in the launch. So far I’ve only whitewashed the wood ceiling and walls urgh I need a kick in the keester.

  260. Looks great, Michelle. Question – where did you find the rug and the rolling laundry bins? Love ’em!

  261. Anne Hockenberry says:

    What a relief to have a new laundry room! I would you the gift card for materials for a new wood shed.

  262. I would install new lights and new flooring!

  263. Great transformation. I would work on my front porch (light is out…could use some landscaping…curb appeal!)

  264. I would use it to buy organizing supplies and wood!!

  265. Amazing how finished a space can look with some simple shelving and a beautiful floor – great job!

  266. I’d put the money toward the floor and trim install that awaits… maybe a power nailer for the floor and paint for the trim?

  267. Ohh…this couldn’t come at a better time. We’re wanting to finish up our basement bathroom so the gift card would be great! Plus with a house full of boy, cleaning supplies are always in demand. Thanks for the giveaway!

  268. I would buy a new vanity and paint for our entry way bathroom.

  269. I would buy my husband a Kreg jig so that we could build ourselves from side tables

  270. I could definitely use some update to my shelving!

  271. I would give my laundry room a much needed makeover.

  272. Mary Happymommy says:

    We need new faucets so I would use the gift card for that.

  273. Jennifer Marie says:

    I think we would get paint to paint our living room and basemet.

  274. Jonathan Baker says:

    If I won, I’d spend it on some shelving to reorganize our closets.

  275. OH I would love to get a new front door for our home! The outside looks so horrible, and we get such horrible drafts coming in. I have to keep blankets in front of the door. Would love a new “normal” front door!

  276. I would buy paint to update my kitchen

  277. Jessica To says:

    I would buy painting supplies.

  278. saminder gumer says:

    i would use it to by some shelving because i need to get my place in order and it would free up so much space on the ground.

  279. Susan Christy says:

    I would buy a rug, curtains and shelving for my laundry room.

  280. Dawn Kasarda says:

    I love the flooring. It makes me thing of how cool a new floor would be in my washroom!

  281. Wild Orchid says:

    I would love to give my front porch a makeover with new lighting.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  282. Candice N says:

    We need to strip and paint our bathroom since it’s started peeling recently!

  283. I would put it towards a new washer :)

  284. Ashley Tucker says:

    I would buy paint and supplies for my house.

  285. would love a HD giftcard!! just moved into a new home!

  286. lauren t. says:

    I would buy shelving supplies and paint for my own laundry room makeover!

  287. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would buy rugs and lamps!

  288. we would use it to get ready for the Spring! We cannot wait to plant some plants this year.

  289. Diana Stanhope says:

    I would get new cabinets.

  290. I gotta fess up… your pic just made me realize I am a total moron. I never understood why they made the liquid detergent bottles with the nozzles that way… It always felt awkward to me to hold it up sideways and dispense detergent. Never occurred to me that it was made to sit on its side on the shelf for easy dispensing!! Wow.. sometimes things are so simple they are hard :). Love the Laundry room btw!!

  291. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I would get my bedroom and bathroom organized with an extra $200 to Home Depot! :) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! :)

  292. I too have a basement laundry dungeon! $200 would help me fix it right up!

  293. Tabathia B says:

    I would purchase some mini blinds, curtains and some tile flooring

  294. I’d buy supplies to fix up our yard

  295. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would buy a snowblower.

  296. Wonderful makeover…simple but successful.

  297. Love the functionality of those shelves and I MUST know… Where did you get that rug?!? Love it! Laundry is going to be way more fun in that room!

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