Kitchen, Living, Dining Reveal.

Making it through a renovation is kind of like catching a fly with chopsticks…
if you survive it you can accomplish anything.
I would have never believed a renovation could be as stressful as it was.
It completely turns your life upside down and oh, do I have some stories to tell.
It’s been a long, laborious and expensive lesson project.
None the less, this house has a become a home.Without further adieu…

BEFORE pictures.
 This is a shot when we first walked through the house and renters were still there.
Then they moved out and we moved in…well kind of.  After seeing what this place would need we moved our stuff in the basement (as well as all over the house) then we moved in to an apartment while we reno’d.
Big thanks to Michelle Rasmussen of Wondertime Photo for taking all the “After” photos.
Gray Veined Statuary Marble Slab (Honed): Italia Granite and fabricated by MGS By Design.
Soapstone Slab:  Italia Granite and fabricated by MGS By Design.
Calcutta Marble on Fireplace: Italia Granite and fabricated by MGS By Design.
Stenciled wall: Birch Tree Forest by Cutting Edge Stencils.
Sink and Facet: Kohler.
Three canvases: Size 30 X 30 by Wondertime Photo.
“Wash Your Hands” sign here. Yellow frame from HomeGoods.
Black Hanging Light Fixture: School House Electric.
Chandelier: Z Gallerie.
Hanging Pendant Lights: Home Depot.
Clock: IKEA.
Toledo Stool at Computer: Industry West.
Black Counter Stools: Overstock.
Dining Table: Craigslist (Refinished by Natty By Design).
White chairs at table: Room and Board.
Light Gray Curtains: Pottery Barn.
Dark Gray Curtains and rods: Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Campaign Side Table: Kohls.
Sofas: Rowe.
Slipcovers: Custom Covers.
Ikat/Chevron Pillows: Skoope.
Striped Pillows: Joss and Main.
Monogrammed Pillows: Stitches by LouAnn.
White Mirror Above Fireplace: Vintage
Side Rectangular Table: Vintage
Silver Lamp: Crate and Barrel.
Picture Frame on Side Table: A Fine Line.
Area Rug: Stainmaster’s “WundaWeve Comfortably Chic.”
Black and White Throw: HomeGoods.
Round Mirror in Entryway: IKEA.
Shelf and hooks: DIY.
Benches: Urban Condition, marble fabricated by MGS By Design.
Front Door: Home Depot.
Wall Paint: Shade is White Cloud by Benjamin Moore.
Cabinet and Trim Paint: Shade is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.
Gray Door and Stencil Paint Color: Shade is Half Crest Moon by Benjamin Moore.


  1. Just beautiful! Now you can sit back and enjoy your new space.

  2. It’s beautiful! I would never have thought this was the same house as the before picture. What a transformation!!

  3. Look fabulous! Wondering where your cabinets are from and if you plan to add a television to the mix? Or is there one that is very well hidden?

  4. Amazing transformation! Love it!

  5. Gorgeous makeover! Swooning over your beautiful kitchen and living room. The subway tiles, the marble countertop, the sputnik chandelier, the throw and the pillows are some of my favorites! Both spaces feels inviting, fresh and chic. Well done!

    P/S: Come by and enter my photographic giveaway if you like!


  6. My goodness! That is absolutely gorgeous! You have fabulous taste!

  7. Oh my gosh!! This is unbelievable, great job!

  8. Truer words have never been spoken than that first paragraph! We are smack dab in the middle of a main floor reno to our 100 year old home and the stress might be the death of me.
    Your home is absolutely beautiful. And if you can make it through that process, you can make it through anything!

  9. I’m sure it’s been a long, hard road for you. Moving is never fun, not to mention renos, and you’ve done an exceptional job at making this a lovely home. Enjoy!

  10. Wow! That is gorgeous! How do you keep all that white clean with your 4 little men?!

  11. Outstanding! You surely created a diamond. You are extremely talented and have an awesome eye!

  12. I just squeed aloud with joy! fantastic!

  13. ohmygosh — michelle — i have no words! it’s absolutely stunning! you did it!! what a huge undertaking, I don’t think I would have been able to make the good decisions you did. Well done, girlie…I know that is a home you and your family will love for years!!

  14. Wow. Seriously. Wow. Gorgeous!

  15. Wow, so beautiful! What a transformation! So gorgeous! I love the colors your chose, and materials work so well together. Great job! I love your floors! Would love to know more information about the flooring you chose and why. Lovely home!

  16. Holy Moley. Its a complete difference. Very american minimalistic. For me a little too white (a shocking orange rug would look fab), but it looks a million times better than it did. You should be so happy and proud of the new space. Enjoy!

  17. A-MAZING! well done. love your style!

  18. That looks amazing! Love the clean look and the wide open feel

  19. Beautiful!!! I love it!

  20. Wow, so unbelievably gorgeous! Love it!

  21. Such a calm and breathtaking space! Great job!

  22. WOW. so stunning in everywhere. so enjoyed this post. you did SUCH a great job. hope you are really enjoying it!!

  23. The most revealing evidence of a well developed design vision is witnessed in viewing a setting wherein the balance of understatement is such that nothing added and/or nothing removed will improve the purity of the vision.

    Congratulations – you’ve arrived.

    Truly beautifully done!

    Your final result – a space in which one can enjoy clear thought and enjoy uncluttered living certainly outweighs the labor pains of this experience. You and your family will not simply ‘live’ in this space – you will THRIVE in this space.

  24. Oh wow! What an amazing “after”. It looks so fresh and modern, great job!

  25. A.MAZ.ING! I LOVE it!

  26. Oh my goodness!!! I bet the renters would like to move back in! SO Beautiful!!!

  27. Beautiful!! What a transformation!

  28. Your new space is breath taking. Enjoy !

  29. WOW… simply wow. Will you discuss what exactly what it so stressful? I am contemplating a reno and want to know I may be in for.

  30. WoW. Very beautiful. Love your style. But my favourite is the tree wallpaper wall w/ the photos black and white photos!

  31. That’s an amazing transformation! Love the entire open feel to it. Very inviting. Well done Michelle.

  32. You have to be so happy! Definitely worth the wait :)

  33. Beautiful! Now, tell the truth. Do you love your marble counters, or do you hate me for saying, “Get the marble! Get the marble!”?

  34. WOW.

    I’d love to have a sliding chalkboard door for my pantry!

  35. Wow, wow,wow! Beautiful, as expected, you did an amazing job!!!! so adore your fireplace, mine needs a ton of work. I love theo whole open floor plan, great for kids. Just wondering about your pretty wing backs? Where are they now?! I’m sure you have more reveals under your sleeve! Will be waiting! :-)

  36. Oh my and oh wow! If we had more light here I would love to have a home decorated in shades of white, i’s so serene.

  37. Hooolllyyy cow! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I love that rectangular end table and that fire place is beyond gorgeous! Nice job :)

  38. I love the before and after. Quick question: what paint finish did you use on your wall, cabinet, and trim, i.e., eggshell, satin, semi-gloss? Thanks.

  39. Absolutely stunning! I just ordered your ikat and chevron pillows for my new studio. Such great inspiration.

    Also, going to try my hand at your DIY sunburst mirror later this week 😉

  40. Such an amazing job!! It looks so fresh, and organized, and comfortable! Perfect for family life and entertaining friends.

  41. WOW! Amazing! Can I ask where you got your wood floors from? We live in UT and are looking to replace our carpet with new flooring. Thanks a ton!

  42. looks amazing, not even the same space, which is a nice thing!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Stunning! I would also like more info. on your floors

  44. This is such an amazing before and after! What a labor of love. I found your blog through a mutual friend Emily Loveland. Beautiful Home!

  45. Unbelievable Michelle!! What an amazing transformation. I love everything about it and LOVE the vision you obviously had when you first walked through it to turn it into what it has become. Truly stunning on all accounts. What a wonderful space to share with your family. I think it was well worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. And now, I want to move in. :)

  46. Amazing Michelle! I simply love everything about it! But what I love the very most, is the vision you obviously had when you walked through it the first time and saw what it could become. I think that is true genius, and you nailed it on all accounts! What a wonderful, open space to share with your family. I think it was well worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. And now, I want to move in. :)

  47. Amazing Michelle! I simply love everything about it! But, what I love most, is the vision you obviously had when you walked through it for the first time. I consider THAT pure genius, and you nailed the remodel on the head in every, single way. Bright, open and beautiful. What a wonderful space to share with your beautiful family. I think it was well worth all the blood, sweat and tears. And now, I want to move in. :)

  48. Oh my goodness. It’s so beautiful! My favorite parts are the light fixtures, the tile, and the new fireplace surround. But really, there’s nothing that isn’t downright fabulous! Beautiful!!!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on a job well done! You have great vision! Now please don’t hate me but as beautiful as this space is I am missing some of the character of your AZ home. It just seems a little too stark for me. But I am sure you guys LOVE it. To each their own right? Congrats again.

  50. Michelle!
    This looks incredible! Congrats on an amazing job well done. I love the computer desk area, the microwave in the island, the pantry sliding chalkboard door and the colors. Absolutely stunning home :)Thanks for sharing!

  51. What??? You are a magician! That is absolutely amazing! I know I didn’t live through the torture of the renovation, but it has to be so worth it. Gorgeous!!!!!

  52. Oh my word….all that insulation!!!!!

    Love the new look, so much more happier IMO.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Amazing!! Really love it, so fresh and bright!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Hi Michelle, just a quick question, do you guys have a tv? it looks amazing, but I coldnt work out where / if the tv was hidden. Great job! Love the open plan loving

  55. This turned out amazing! Great job! I know how stressful renovations can be. We’ve just renovated our bathroom, so I can only imagine what renovating the whole house would be like! Congrats on surviving!

    Question- I LOVE your floors. Can you share the name of the flooring and/or stain you went with?

  56. I think this is beautiful, but I’m wondering how practical all the white is for a family? I just keep envisioning sticky jam hands on all those lovely white spaces…

    Is everything just scotch-guarded to within an inch of its life?

    It truly is beautiful, I just can’t envision anyone actually LIVING in the space!

  57. Holy Cow!! What a transformation. I can’t believe that’s the same house.

    My question too…as others above me ~ how do you keep the sofas clean with 4 boys/men?

  58. AMAZING!!! Now i want to start a remodel,looks so amazing and love the transformation.

  59. Amazing! You have incredible vision. Congratulations on an colossal project and a gorgeous outcome!

  60. Stunning transformation Michelle! I don’t know how you were able to envision the renter’s paradise turning into that beautiful space. I love the open and airy feel…it truly feels like a family home now.

  61. Wow. Wonderful. You must be so over the moon. SO much work and it’s all done! I love it, Michelle. I love the whole layout and how you did the stencil wall. So fun to see this.

  62. it’s breathtakingly beautiful! The before and after is such a stunning change and I honestly cannot believe it’s the same space. FABULOUS job!

  63. Gorgeous! Could you share info about the flooring? Kindly, please?

  64. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely Amazing job Michelle.
    Hope to see you answer 2 questions (posted in comments by others too)
    1. Do you have a tv for your family?- hidden?
    2. How do you keep white slip covers- how often do you have to wash?

    Thanks again for sharing- YOU ROCK!!!

  65. This is the most incredible re-design ever! I can’t believe you conceptualized and made a reality every inch of this. Wow!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  66. Really nice Michele and what a difference it made to the room!

  67. Wow! What an amazing space! I hope we’re brave enough to try something like that one day.

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following..I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute Swedish décor inspiration, check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at

  69. Ah-mazing.

    You must just twirl around in there with happiness.

    (p.s. too bad the surfboards can’t be incorporated some how.)

  70. Michelle, your home is seriously stunning! You have chosen the perfect white colors. I’d love to feature the paint colors you used in your kitchen and living room on my paint color blog. You wouldn’t have to do a thing, just let me know if you’re interested!

  71. i may have just thrown up in my mouth a little when i saw this because it is so FREAKING AMAZING it makes me sick!!!! you are one seriously talented lady. amazing job!!

  72. It’s so beautiful, Michelle! I can just imagine all the hard work you put into it. One of my favorite things is the subway tile extending at the end of the cabinets from floor to ceiling. Wonderful job!

  73. Gorgeous!

  74. I can’t believe the vision you had when you bought the home. Truly amazing! Your kitchen lights are on sale at HD now, I shared on my blog today: Love them!

  75. Beautiful, Michelle! What vision you had when you moved in to see what it could be. Your kitchen lights are on sale at HD..shared it on my blog today: Love them!

  76. I love your ZGallerie light fixture. We have the same birch stenciled wall in our playroom we are designing right now and I love that light, but worry about if it is bright enough? The room is small (12×12) but dim, so I worry about if that light would be bright?

    Thank you!!!

  77. Mrs. in Training…
    About the Z Gallerie light. It is REALLY bright. In fact, I’m thinking about putting the light on a dimmer so I can tone it down a bit. I don’t think you’ll be disapointed.

  78. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I just ordered it :) I will definitely link back to you as inspiration when I post our final pictures!

  79. WOw! just came over from Rambling Reno’s – such a great transformation, you must love it! Hope those boys are keeping it white :)

  80. LOVE it!! crazy about the chic black and white palette and how contemporary, stylish, and inviting this family space look!

  81. Shannon Blogger Homes says:

    You must be so happy! What an absolutely beautiful renovation!!!

  82. Emily Reel says:

    WOW!!! So impressed! I LOVE the colors, the new layout, the stone…and pretty much everything about this space. So contemporary and clean. Thanks for sharing!

  83. I just recently came across your blog, and had to say your space is amazing! I really like how you played up textures and absolutely love the clean palette. Out of curiosity, may I ask if there’s a specific style or name for your raised ceiling? Or did you ask your contractor to vault your ceiling to a certain point? I really like this solution, because it would give height and alleviate my concern with the heating/cooling costs from vaulting a ceiling all the way to the roof line. Thanks for any information you may give!!

    • Good question. I don’t actually know the style of the ceiling. Ceilings in older homes are so short. We followed the roof line about three feet which is why it’s angled then leveled if off flat. Kind of confusing. Thanks!

  84. Just came over from YHL and quickly subscribed!! This space (and all of your spaces) are absolutely gorgeous!! My mind is going a million miles a minute trying to see what I can do to make my house this pretty! Haha! My only questions is… With 4 men, how in the world do you keep all that white clean??? Anyway, just wanted to let you know that this is definitely a new favorite blog :)

  85. Popped over from YHL. LOVE what you have done with your reno! I love the clean lines, airy feeling. One question, how has the white upolstery held up to all the men? I love the look of a white couch, but then hesitate thinking of all the dirty, messy hands reeking havoc with it?

  86. Hi!´I´m soledad from Argentina :) Love your renovation!!
    The thing I like the most is your pantry´s door!! Could you show some more about the hanging systems? Where did you find it? Or it´s custom made?

  87. I was wondering about the barn door pantry? Where you purchased it and what is the saying on it? Did you add that yourself?

  88. Any problems having hardwood flooring in your kitchen? I absolutely love hardwood flooring in kitchens, but am always told not to do it. Has yours held up?

  89. I love your space! I read your interview on MGS by Design’s blog, and I was curious about your thoughts on marble and soapstone after living with it for a few years now. We have a small galley kitchen and have narrowed it down to these two choices but can only use one (or else I’d do both like you!). If you could only use one, which would you pick? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

    • Both are a bit high maintenance. Soapstone scratches and chips easy but for some reason it doesn’t bother me. The marble stains easy and that really bothers me. From a look standpoint I absolutely prefer the marble over the soapstone. From a maintenance standpoint I prefer the soapstone over the marble.

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