Kelly Edwards Interview.

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Edwards, co-host for the hit television shows Tacky House on Style Network and HGTV’s Design on a Dime, about making over your bathroom for under $200. 

Here’s a summary of our conversation:
Talk to me about your top elements to making over a bathroom on a budget?
Kelly:  First I start with design style.  I think you should always stick with a classic design scheme. Your bathroom is one of the places you get the biggest return on your investment and you don’t want to have to spend money re-doing it later.  As far as paint goes I would stick with shades of white, gray and you can even throw in touches of black.  It’s classic and will never go out of style.  Then, if you want to add punches of color you can do it with accessories.  As far as tile goes I love subway tile on the wall.  It’s crisp, clean and classic.  Then penny tile on the floor gives the illusion of more square footage.
I agree, subway tile and penny tile is classic (in fact I’m planning on using them for one of my bathrooms).  How can you personalize that look when everyone seems to be doing the same thing?
Kelly: Architectural elements is key.  Instead of using a bathroom lighting fixture which can be harsh, consider using a library sconce on either side of the mirror or a table lamp on your vanity.
Kelly: Another thing to consider when re-doing your bathroom on a budget is to stay neutral with accessories.  I wouldn’t say I’m void of color in the bathroom but simple white towels are again, crisp, clean and classic.
I also highly recommend wallpaper bathroom.  It can introduce pattern in the bathroom and also natural elements if you choose a grass clothe.
Let’s talk paint.  Do you have any “go-to” favorite paint shades?
Kelly: I don’t have any particular suggestions on shade names because every bathroom has different lighting however, I tend to chose more brighter whites.  When choosing paint you have to consider all lighting sources.  Does the bathroom have a window? Remember the light in the morning is going to be different than the light in the evening.  If you choose a creamier white it may tend to look orange at sunset.  I suggest getting foam core and painting several boards different shades.  Then you can hold the samples up in the bathroom and compare how the color looks at different times of day then, from there, make your best selection.
What other tips and tricks do you have for bathroom sprucing?
Kelly: I have two suggestions for your shower curtain rod and shower curtain.  Your curtain rod is really important.  Instead of using a straight rod try a curved rod instead which will not only give you more room in the shower but also introduce a bit of visual interest.  Then of course, which shower curtain you choose allows you to play with style… modern, classic, festive, etc.
Favorite storage solutions?
Kelly: Baskets! Bathrooms can be stark and by using baskets you introduce a little warmth and texture in to the space.
Kelly: My last tip is don’t forget about the shower head.  You can literally turn your bathroom in to a spa bathroom just by changing out the shower head.
Thank you Kelly, it was great to talk with you!

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  1. Lucky you…how fun!

  2. entered! WOOHOO exciting!

  3. Good tip about the shower head. I realized that I’m not stuck with the “builder grade” one that we have now…I’d love to switch it out for a larger, “rain” style one.

  4. Such a great interview!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. just changed all of our shower heads, so cost effective!

  6. Michelle,

    Great interview! The shower head comment made me think twice too! We definitely have builder grade ones in our home… We’ll have to work on that! I think subway and penny tiles are a great combination, can’t wait to see how you do it!

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    just awesome.. you are so lucky
    interview was very interesting.. i like that.. carry on

  9. Such a great interview!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  10. Well it is a nice interview and i like it. Thanks for sharing this post.

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