Keeping stainless steel appliances clean.

A while ago I was complaining about how difficult it is to keep stainless steel appliances clean.  Someone commented about a stainless steel cloth they use to clean their SS appliances which uses no chemicals.  Whaaaaat? I had to try it.  I found these Ecloth microfiber cloths on Zulily and bought one.  You get them slightly wet then wipe away.  I was skeptical but low and behold they worked like a charm.  No more fingerprints! No using chemicals (which I love)!
  I’ve been wanting to get some more ever since I first saw them.
Today I just noticed that Zulily has them for sale again so I stocked up!


  1. i’ll have to check these out. i’ve used some microfiber cleaning cloths before, but i’ve never heard of one specifically for stainless steel. by the way, I’M a bit behind on my google reader list, so i’m just seeing your new site. It looks great!

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