I reserve the right to make color mistakes.

 Our master bedroom got new carpet.  
We chose a super soft carpet from the Tigressa line called “Uriel” from Giant Carpet One Floor and Home.
While I loved the the look and feel, I hated the “Bell” color.  
Funny because the same color went down in the other two rooms which looks great, but not in this room.
I even tried living with it for a few days…nope.
It’s gotta be the paint color. 
 So what do you do when you choose the wrong color?
It’s not so easy to change as picking a wrong paint color.
But, actually it was.
Giant Carpet One Floor and Home has a “Hate the color? policy.”  
(It’s not actually called that but that’s what it really is).
If you don’t like the carpet they’ll exchange it for free, no questions asked for 90 days!
 I went back all embarrassed and ashamed and asked if I could change the color to something with more gray in it.  Paul was super sweet and didn’t even give me a guilt trip.  You know how customer service goes out the window when you make someone go above and beyond their normal duties? Not Paul.  He even told me that people make carpet color mistakes all the time (although I kind of thought he was fibbing just to make me feel better).  Not only that, they have a 10 year Ever-Guard stain warranty for any stain! Permanent marker, vomit, nail polish, grape juice, oil, you name it, it’s covered.  
If they can’t get the stain out they’ll replace it! 
 Color: “Acorn”…much better.
Call Paul, he’ll give you the carpet hook up (801) 277-8003 
(and he didn’t even pay me to say that).


  1. wow, what a difference a color makes! love it!

  2. I love the color of you walls though! Gorgeous!

  3. Now that is great customer service!! I’ve never heard of such a policy from a carpet company. Lucky you!

    The new greyer carpet looks great with the paint.

  4. That is pretty incredible that they will swap it out clear and free! My carpet gets installed on Friday this week! I hope it looks alright… because my walls and a similar grey and the carpet is closer to the bell! Yikes!

  5. Wow the new carpet makes the room look so calming. Please share the color of the wall paint.

  6. That is an amazing policy! I wonder how many exchanges they get a year. I agree the second choice is oh so much better. Live and learn!! Lucky you to have a Carpet store with that policy, Kathysue

  7. WOW! So glad you could keep your beautiful wall colors and I adore your NEW ‘NEW’ carpet! :) Great before and after pics…

  8. Michelle– What great customer service! And the weave of the carpet is SO pretty!


  9. It looks SO good, glad you found a carpet company who understands a woman’s prerogative :)

  10. I know we are talking carpet but…When did the little one get so big? you just had him!

  11. The new carpet looks so much better with the wall colour! Good call on picking a beige with a bit of grey in it.

  12. In the first few pics I thought the first choice looked nice but then when I see the 2nd one you went with I do like it much better! Funny how color can make such a difference and thank goodness for companies who realize that and have a great exchange policy!

  13. O my goodness! I love the second choice! It compliments the wall color so well! I want new flooring so bad. I’m so excited to see what you do with your new house. If you have a minute stop by and see my new shelves…


  14. The second choice looks fantastic and your carpet company is the best!!! I love that they stand by their customers and it will only bring them more business.

  15. Nice swap! Thank you so much for posting this. We are about to move back to AZ after 4 years in TX and want to re-carpet our AZ home before our return (it has been rented out while we’ve been away). Guess what? There is a Carpet One store there with the same awesome policy. Sweet!!! I’m going to have to rely on hubby’s carpet choice because I’m 8 months pregnant and can’t fly back there before our move. This place is nice “insurance.” 😉

  16. Wow, that’s amazing! What a great co! I love the second color… very soothing.

  17. There is one near me too. Any chance you remember what carpet you chose both times? Like both for different rooms

  18. Please tell me what that wall color is. I love it!

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