I have a secret.

 Monday I featured a giveaway for a Jesse Miller art print (go here to enter).
I have three of them framed in my main bath.
I had a few of you asking where I found the great frames.
I agree, the frames ARE great.
However, I have a secret.
My fantastic frames are actually medicine cabinets disguised as picture frames!
I know! Why didn’t I think of that!?
They are from the brilliant minds at www.ConcealedCabinet.com and they were nice enough to send me a couple to review.
The verdict is in…I absolutely love them! 
We shrunk the main bath down in order to make more space in other areas of the house and as a result lost tons of storage space.
 These are perfect for hiding all our toiletries and no one has any idea because they are disguised as pictures (well, I suppose they know now).
My thinking was that each boy would have their own cabinet however, there was a pipe behind the wall in third space on the right.  So I was able to get a frame without a cabinet to keep the look consistent.
 I even thing they look great with no picture at all 
(that is if you can keep your bathroom clutter looking pretty and organized).
They are very sturdy as well…solid wood from North America.
I just love when style and function come together!
The cabinets come in several sizes, styles and colors.
Check them out here.


  1. That’s pretty genius if you ask me!

  2. Love these!

    A friend and I made our own version at my house, but the inside definitely looked DIY;). With my lack of skills, buying one is the better way to go:)!

    They look great and no one would be the wiser!

  3. Amazing! And you don’t have to worry about clutter if you use them as frames. So so smart. Love it!


  4. That is the most genius thing I have seen in a long time! Love it! :-)

  5. I love these! But are they really $299 each? That’s crazy. I was ready to hit buy now until the price showed up.

  6. Why didn’t I think of that?!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love this, thank you for sharing!

  8. Genius! Pinning with the hopes that one day I’ll make some. :)

  9. ahhh! That IS brilliant!!!!

  10. what a great idea! The artwork is fantastic too.

  11. Wow, those are beautiful! I was ready to buy three, for my three kids…. but that would cost nearly $1000! Yikes. Wish I could, though. I love the idea.

  12. What a fantastic way to add storage space and decoration at the same time!!! It’s good to know I have options for our bathroom that has limited storage space.

  13. those look totally awesome! I love the hidden storage, done in a fun way!

  14. Brilliant! I love that idea.

  15. wow!!! what a great idea! i may or may not be using this sometime in the future!

  16. Brilliant idea! I love making necessities stylistically appealing!

  17. Wow! These would be perfect for my bathroom but at $300, they are WAY out of my price range.

  18. That is INSANELY clever, I LOVE this idea. Ack, why didn’t I think of this either? I love that there are genius people in the world. Takes the pressure off my brain for it to think of nothing, apparently. LOL.

  19. I have to say ditto to all of the above!!! how brilliant! This is just sleek and elegant!

  20. Those are all amazing! That is some serious talent. I think I would pick cruising turtles… The colors are awesome!

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